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#  Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs, Research and Design

2014  ABV Procedure Combined with Mechanistic Response Modeling for Roof- and Surge-Loss Estimation in Hurricanes

2014  Analytical Element for Simulating Lateral-Strength Degradation in Reinforced Concrete Columns and Other Frame Members

2014  Application of Reliability-Based Robustness Assessment of Steel Moment Resisting Frame Structures under Post-Mainshock Cascading Events

2014  Are Some Top-Heavy Structures More Stable?

2014  Cast Steel Yielding Brace System for Concentrically Braced Frames: Concept Development and Experimental Validations

2014  Collapse Limit State Fragilities of Wood-Framed Residences from Storm Surge and Waves during Hurricane Ike

2014  Cyclic Response of Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frames with Unreinforced Masonry Infills Retrofitted with Engineered Cementitious Composites

2014  Effective Strip Method for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Framed Shear Wall with Steel Sheet Sheathing

2014  Efficiently Implementing Genetic Optimization with Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Taller Buildings

2014  Empirical Selection Equation for Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation Bearings Applied to Multistory Woodframe Buildings

2014  Experimental Investigation of Concrete Frames Infilled with rc for Seismic Rehabilitation

2014  Fiber Beam-Column Model Considering Slab Spatial Composite Effect for Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Frame Systems

2014  Free-Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Frames

2014  Influence of Solid Area Distribution on the Drag of a Two-Dimensional Lattice Frame

2014  Lateral Loading Behaviors of Lightweight Wood-Frame Shear Walls with Ply-Bamboo Sheathing Panels

2014  Long Term Field Measurement of Micro Meter Crack Response to Climatological and Blast Vibration Induced Effects

2014  Material Model Incorporating Buckling of Reinforcing Bars in RC Columns

2014  Moment Connection for Quick Assembly of Timber Portal Frame Buildings: Theory and Validation

2014  New Finite-Element Formulation for Buckling Analysis of Cracked Structures

2014  Numerical Study on CFRP Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Masonry Infill Walls

2014  Optimum Level of Shear Wall Curtailment in Wall-Frame Buildings: The Continuum Model Revisited

2014  Performance Evaluation of Portal Frame System in Low-Rise Light-Frame Wood Structures

2014  Predicting Seismic Retrofit Construction Cost for Buildings with Framed Structures Using Multilinear Regression Analysis

2014  Quantitative Insight into Rational Tornado Design Wind Speeds for Residential Wood-Frame Structures Using Fragility Approach

2014  Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of a Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frame

2014  Retrofit Options for Light-Frame Wood Stud Walls Subjected to Blast Loading

2014  Seismic Retrofit of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames with High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Infill Panels: Large-Scale Hybrid Simulation Experiments

2014  Seismic Rocking Isolation of an Asymmetric Frame on Spread Footings

2014  Seismic Vulnerability of Older Braced Frames

2014  State of the Art: Seismic Behavior of Wood-Frame Residential Structures

2014  Strengthening of Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames with TRM: Study on the Development and Testing of Textile-Based Anchors

2013  Acoustic Characterization of Porous Materials with a Rigid Structure in the Low Frequency Regime

2013  Aftershock Probabilistic Seismic Demand Model of Damaged Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Frames in California

2013  Assessment of Cyclic Behavior of Hybrid FRP Concrete Columns

2013  Bending Properties of Wood I-Sections Fabricated with Screws and Polyurethane Adhesive

2013  Collapse Test of a 3-Story Half-Scale RC Frame Structure

2013  Comparison of Seismic Experiments on Traditional Chinese Wood Structures and Light Wood-Framed Structures

2013  Corotational Model for Cyclic Analysis of Light-Frame Wood Shear Walls and Diaphragms

2013  Cross-Frame Forces in Skewed Steel I-Girder Bridges: Field Testing and Analytical Results

2013  Cyclic Behavior of FRP Concrete Bridge Pier Frames

2013  Cyclic Performance of Glued Laminated Guadua Bamboo-Sheathed Shear Walls

2013  Cyclic Seismic Testing of Composite Concrete-Filled U-Shaped Steel Beam to H-Shaped Column Connections

2013  Direct Displacement Design of Vertically and Horizontally Irregular Woodframe Buildings

2013  Dynamic Response of a Pressurized Frame-Membrane Lunar Structure with Regolith Cover Subjected to Impact Load

2013  Effects of Reinforcement Corrosion on the Performance of RC Frame Buildings Subjected to Seismic Actions

2013  Evaluating Fire-Damaged Components of Timber Bridges and Structures

2013  Evaluation of Collapse Potential and the Response Modification Coefficient of SCBFs

2013  Evaluation of Tsunami Loads on Wood-Frame Walls at Full Scale

2013  Experimental Study of Collapse Limits for Wood Frame Shear Walls

2013  Experimental Study of the Seismic Behavior of an Earthquake-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure Retrofitted with Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

2013  Finite-Element Formulation for the Lateral Torsional Buckling of Plane Frames

2013  Finite-Element Model Updating for Assessment of Progressive Damage in a 3-Story Infilled RC Frame

2013  Gravity and Wind Load Path Analysis of a Light-Frame and a Traditional Timber Frame Building

2013  Innovative Wharf Details: Elastomeric Bearing Pile-Deck Connection and Finned Monopile

2013  Integrity of Steel Single Plate Shear Connections Subjected to Simulated Column Removal

2013  Low Cost Shape Memory Alloy Devices for Seismic Response Modification of Light-Frame Wood Buildings

2013  Manufacturing and Modeling of SMA Composite Reinforcement for Enhanced Performance of Concrete Structures under Sequential Ground Motion Records

2013  Modelling the Roof-to-Wall Connections and Roof Failures in Residential, Wood-Frame Buildings under Realistic Wind Loads

2013  Multispring Hinge Element for Reinforced Concrete Frame Analysis

2013  Optimal Design of Horizontally Framed Miter Gates

2013  Parametric Analysis of Cross-Frame Layout on Distortion-Induced Fatigue in Skewed Steel Bridges

2013  Performance of Beam-to-Column Connection of a Well-Detailed RC Moment Frame Building under Pseudodynamic Loading

2013  Performance-Based Seismic Design of Midrise Woodframe Buildings

2013  Reliability Assessment of Damaged RC Moment-Resisting Frame against Progressive Collapse under Static Loading Conditions

2013  Representation of Damage Information for Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frames

2013  Research Needs for Seismic Rehabilitation of Sub-standard Buildings using Stiff Rocking Cores

2013  Response Sensitivity of Geometrically Nonlinear Force-Based Frame Elements

2013  Seismic Behavior of Building Frames Considering Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

2013  Seismic Behavior of Steel Buildings with Hybrid Braced Frames

2013  Seismic Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Using the Force Analogy Method

2013  Seismic Design Parameters for the Link Column Frame System

2013  Seismic Performance and Global Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Frames with CFRP Laminates Retrofitted Joints

2013  Seismic Performance of Low-Rise Wood-Framed and Reinforced Masonry Buildings with Clay Masonry Veneer

2013  Seismic Performance of Mid-Rise Hybrid Light Wood Frame Buildings and Influence of Diaphragm Flexibility

2013  Seismic Response of Midrise Light Wood-Frame Buildings with Portal Frames

2013  Self-Centering Beams for Seismically Resilient Moment Frames

2013  Sensitivity of Load Distribution in Light-Framed Wood Roof Systems due to Typical Modeling Parameters

2013  Shake-Table Tests of a 3-Story Masonry-Infilled RC Frame Retrofitted with Composite Materials

2013  Shape Optimization of Energy Dissipation Devices for Passive Seismic Control of Building Frames

2013  Static and Dynamic Disproportionate Collapse Testing of a Reinforced Concrete Frame

2013  Strength and Stiffness of Masonry-Infilled Frames with Central Openings Based on Experimental Results

2013  Structural Damage Diagnosis Using Interstory Drift-Based Acceleration Feedback with Test Validation

2013  Wind-Loading Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Timber Residential Buildings

2012  Analysis of Thin-Walled Straight Beams with Generally Shaped Closed Sections Using Numerically Determined Sectional Deformation Functions

2012  Analysis of Wood-Framed Roof Failures under Realistic Hurricane Wind Loads

2012  Behavior of Light-Framed Wood Roof-to-Wall Connectors Using Aged Lumber and Multiple Connection Mechanisms

2012  Blast Analysis of Integrated Framing Assemblies at Openings in Insulated Concrete Form Wall Construction

2012  Case Study: 220 kV Y-Frames for Southern California Edison

2012  A Case Study on the Use of Advanced Fiber Wrap Composites for Reinforced Concrete Repair of an Industrial Coker Reinforced Concrete Frame

2012  Casing the Joint: Cutting Corners with Stucco Trim ≠ Waterproofing Flashing

2012  Collapse Limits for Wood Frame Shear Walls: An Experimental Investigation

2012  Collapse Testing and Analysis of a Light-Frame Wood Garage Wall

2012  Design of Structural Braced Frames Using Group Optimization

2012  Development, Validation, and Modeling of the New Cast Steel Yielding Brace System

2012  Education by Design

2012  Elastic Stiffness Comparisons between RBS Beams with Either Flange or Web Reductions

2012  An Energy-Based Partial Pushdown Analysis of Robustness Assessment of Building Structures

2012  Evaluation of Force-Based Frame Element Response Sensitivity Formulations

2012  Evaluation of Racking Performance of Wood Portal Frames with Different Wall Configurations and Construction Details