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Found 64 Records with the keyword term of "Fourier transform"

2013  Integral and Closed-Form Analytical Solutions to the Transport Contaminant Equation Considering 3D Advection and Dispersion

2008  Analytical Elastic Solution Based on Fourier Series for a Laterally Confined Granular Column

2007  Amplitude Variability in Simulated Incoherent Seismic Ground Motions

2007  Fourier-PARMA Models and Their Application to River Flows

2007  Simulation of Nonstationary Stochastic Processes by Spectral Representation

2005  Substructure Simulation of Inhomogeneous Track and Layered Ground Dynamic Interaction under Train Passage

2004  Theoretical Interpretation of Impulse Response Tests of Embedded Concrete Structures

2003  Damage Detection in Concrete by Fourier and Wavelet Analyses

2000  The Application of Fourier Transform Heterodyne to Astronomical Interferometry

2000  A Simple Closed-Form Solution for Backcalculating Dynamic Foundation Coefficients

2000  Waves inn Rectangular Inlet with Reflecting or Absorbing Walls

1999  Conditional Simulation of Laboratory Waves

1999  Simulation of Homogeneous and Partially Isotropic Random Fields

1998  Comparison of Directional Wave Spectrum Between Buoy Data and SAR Image Data

1998  Methods for Soil Characterization from Images of Grain Assemblies

1998  Moving Loads on a Plate on Elastic Foundation

1997  Application of Satellite Images to the Detection of Coastal Topography

1997  Simulation of Multivariate Nonstationary Random Processes: Hybrid DFT and Digital Filtering Approach

1996  Analysis of Damped and Undamped Systems Using DFT

1996  Characterization of Granular Material by Low Strain Dynamic Excitation and ANN

1996  Characterization of Turbulent Scales in Atmospheric Wind by Orthonormal Wavelets

1996  Dynamic Effects from the Space Shuttle Liftoff

1996  Probability Analysis Method Using Fast Fourier Transform

1996  Semianalytical Solutions to Griffith Fracture Under Variable Pressure

1996  Simulation of Ergodic Multivariate Stochastic Processes

1996  Spaceborne Fourier Transform Hyperspectral Imager

1995  Measured and Predicted Stress Histories in Bridge Girders Due to Vehicular Loading

1994  Plane Orthotropic Layer by Transfer Matrix–Spline Boundary Element

1993  Dynamic Response of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Plates Under Distributed Impact Loads

1993  Simulation of Multivariate Random Processes: Hybrid DFT and Digital Filtering Approach

1993  Stress Analysis of Borehole in Poroelastic Medium

1993  Transient Lamb’s Solution for Surface Strip Impulses

1992  Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Ultrasonic Testing Signal in Concrete

1991  Detection of 2-D Nearshore Wave Patterns Using Linear Prediction and SAR Data

1991  Elastodynamic Green’s Functions of Orthotropic Half Plane

1991  Mechanical Behavior of Composites with Interphases

1991  Simulation of Multivariate Nonstationary Random Processes by FFT

1990  Characterizing Cyclic Water-Level Fluctuations in Irrigation Canals

1990  Green’s Functions for Elastic Networks with Rigid Body Motion

1990  Hydraulic Transients in Rock-Bored Tunnels

1990  Smooth Indentation of Finite Strip Reinforced by Rigid Inclusion

1990  Split-Step Fourier Algorithm for Water Waves

1989  Signal Separation Method for Tower Mode Shape Measurement

1989  Truncation Order of Fourier Wave Theory

1989  Wide-Angle Water Wave Models Using Fourier Method

1987  Maximum Entropy Spectral Estimation for Wind Waves

1987  The Runup and Reflection of Solitary Waves

1987  Unified Approach for Beams on Elastic Foundations Under Moving Loads

1986  Some Advances in CVBEM Modeling of Two-Dimensional Potential Flow

1986  Vortex Formations Behind a Circular Cylinder

1985  Computer-Aided Studies of Complex Soil Moduli

1985  Distortions Associated with Random Sea Simulators

1982  Comparisons of Numerical Random Sea Simulations

1982  A Directional Spectrum for Vector Processes

1982  Motion Characteristics of Floating Structures

1982  Symmetrical FFT for Migrating Waves

1980  Conditional Simulations of Ocean Wave Properties

1979  Digital Simulation of Nonlinear Random Waves

1979  Efficient FFT Simulation of Digital Time Sequences

1977  Beam-Plate System on Winkler Foundation

1977  Convective-Dispersion in Perennial Streams

1974  Earthquake Time Histories and Response Spectra

1972  Earthquake Interaction for Multistory Building

1971  Earthquake Interaction by Fast Fourier Transform