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Found 53 Records with the keyword term of "Fourier series"

2014  Exact Enforcement of the Causality Condition on the Aerodynamic Impulse Response Function Using a Truncated Fourier Series

2014  Optimal Groundwater Management Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm with a New Evolution Strategy

2014  Precise Finite-Element Model for Pulleys Based on the Hamiltonian Form of Elasticity

2014  Water Wave Radiation Problem by a Submerged Cylinder

2013  Emergency Response Optimization of Railway Dangerous Goods Based on the Fourier Model

2013  Hydrodynamic Simulation in Tidal Rivers Using Fourier Series

2012  Hybrid Water Demand Forecasting Model Associating Artificial Neural Network with Fourier Series

2011  Comparison of Models for Calculation of Diel Sediment-Water Heat Flux from Water Temperatures

2009  Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Boussinesq Equation

2009  Fourier-Bessel Series Solutions for Radial Response of Anchorage Performance of FRP Tendon

2009  Research on Concrete Vertical Precompressive Stress Field at Webs of Box Girder Bridge

2008  Analytical Elastic Solution Based on Fourier Series for a Laterally Confined Granular Column

2008  Spatial Distribution of the Average Air Temperatures in Italy: Quantitative Analysis

2007  Calibration and Validation of an Empirical Dissolved Oxygen Model

2007  Correction Factors in Series Solutions for One- and Two-Dimensional Boundary Value Problems

2003  Estimation of Aquifer Diffusivity from Stream Stage Variation

2001  Finite Fourier Probability Distribution and Applications

2000  Unsymmetrically Loaded Cylindrical Tank on Elastic Foundation

1998  Interference Assemblies

1996  Interference Assemblies

1995  An Application of the Fourier Series in the Analysis of Waterhammer in pumped Storage Plant

1995  Macroapproach Closed-Form Series Solution for Orthotropic Plates

1994  Comparisons of Directional Wave Analysis Methods

1994  Evolutionary Fourier Analysis of Wave Data

1994  Stress and Displacement of Thick Doubly Curved Laminated Shells

1993  Effect of Rib Eccentricity on Infinitely Long Cylindrical Shells

1993  Flexural Buckling of Pretwisted Columns

1992  Boundary-Continuous Fourier Solution for Clamped Mindlin Plates

1992  A Fourier Series Solution to Bottom Roughness Induced Stresses During Pipe Laying

1992  Refined Analysis of Load Distribution Factors for Bridges

1992  Stiffened Sheathings of Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells

1992  Stochastic Analysis of Seasonal Hydraulic Conductivity

1991  3-D Elastic Analysis of Three-Pile Caps

1991  Intercomparison of Truncated Series Solutions for Shallow Water Waves

1991  Variations on Higher-Order Shoaling

1990  Kinematics Prediction by Stokes and Fourier Wave Theories

1990  Optimal Design for Plate Buckling

1989  Fourier Series Expansion on Determination of Response Bound of Beam

1988  Cylindrical Shell Slice-Beam

1987  Analysis of Laminated Anisotropic Shells of Revolution

1981  Extended Velocity Potential Wave Kinematics

1981  Meridional Rib-Stiffened Shells

1980  Postbuckling of Orthotropic Plate Structures

1979  Combined-Load Buckling of Orthotropic Skew Plates

1973  Field Analysis of Torsionless Bridge Grids

1972  Dynamic Field Analysis of Torsionless Grids

1972  Linear Theory of Thin Rings

1972  Rapid Design of Orthotropic Floor Beams

1971  Field Solutions for Shear Grids

1970  Macro Approach to Discrete Field Analysis

1969  Analysis of Ribbed Plates

1959  Analysis Of Continuous Beams By Fourier Series

1957  Analysis of Continuous Beams by Fourier Series