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Found 38 Records with the keyword term of "Fourier analysis"

2014  Generalized Matching Boundary Conditions Based on Fourier Transform Technique

2014  Nonlinear Proportional and Rate Feedback Controller Design Synthesis with Experimental Verification

2013  Confidence Bounds on Design Variables Using High-Dimensional Model Representation-Based Inverse Reliability Analysis

2013  Lateral Stability of Imperfect Discretely Braced Steel Beams

2013  Simulating Spatial Averages of Stationary Random Field Using the Fourier Series Method

2012  Effect of Friction on Spurious Oscillations in Open Channel Modeling with Variable Bathymetry or Roughness

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Wave Model for Unsteady Flow in an Open Channel

2011  Head- and Flow-Based Formulations for Frequency Domain Analysis of Fluid Transients in Arbitrary Pipe Networks

2009  Boussinesq Model for Weakly Nonlinear Fully Dispersive Water Waves

2007  Fourier-PARMA Models and Their Application to River Flows

2005  Unified Method to Quantify Aggregate Shape Angularity and Texture using Fourier Analysis

2004  Application of Fourier Analysis to Digital Imaging for Particle Shape Analysis

2003  Hilbert-Huang Transform Analysis of Dynamic and Earthquake Motion Recordings

2001  Apparent Periods of a Building. I: Fourier Analysis

2001  Modification of Canal Flow due to Stream-Aquifer Interaction

2000  An Analytical Solution for the Stream-Aquifer Interaction Problem

1998  Analysis and Application of Eulerian Finite Element Methods for the Transport Equation

1998  Fourier Morphological Descripters of Aggregate Profiles

1998  Long Waves-Short Waves Resonance in Three Dimensions

1997  Irregular Wave Kinematics from a Pressure Record

1997  Reflection Analysis with Separation of Cross Modes

1994  The Continental Shelf: A Source for Naturally-Delivered Beach Sand

1993  Dynamic Analysis of Active-Control, Cable-Stayed Guideway

1990  Stability Limits for Preissmann’s Scheme

1990  Velocity of Particles Falling in Vertically Oscillating Flow

1990  Wheel Loads from Highway Bridge Strains: Field Studies

1989  Development of a Weather Adjustment Factor for Monthly Water Demand Forecasting

1989  Sedimentology of a Composite Inner-Shelf Sand Body Resulting from the Resuspension of Nearshore Sediment by Episodic, Storm-Generated Currents: Oceanside, California

1989  Vertical Response Data from the Dominion Road Bridge Test

1988  Wave Force Coefficients for Submarine Pipelines

1986  Some Applications of Fourier Series in Structural Optimization

1984  Analysis of Partially Filled Circular Storm Sewers

1984  Fourier Analysis of PG-FEM Channel Flow Model

1977  Earthquake-Induced In-Building Motion Criteria

1972  Iterative Method for Solving Rectangular Plates

1971  Analysis of Water Temperature Variations in Large River

1971  Fourier Analysis of Transient Wave System

1967  Time-Series Analyses of Water-Quality Data