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2014  Adaptive Plasticity Model for Bucket Foundations

2014  Analyst A: Alternatives in Analysis of the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset

2014  Axisymmetric Shearing of Sand-Steel Interfaces under Axial and Torsional Loading

2014  Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations in Reinforced Soils

2014  Behavior of a Foundation on a Sloped Fill Reinforced with Vertical Bars under Repeated Loading

2014  Column Group Analyses for Stone Column Reinforced Foundation

2014  Deformation Response of Soft Foundation Soils under Tall Embankments - A Numerical Analysis

2014  Development of Foundation Systems for Solar Array at Owens Lake, California

2014  Drilled Shaft Foundation and Anchored, Drilled Shaft Soldier-Pile Wall Design for an Automated People Mover Guideway

2014  Effect of the Flow Rule on the Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations on Sand by the Upper-Bound Limit Analysis and Slip Lines

2014  Evaluation of Flood-Resistant Capacity of Scoured Bridges

2014  Extraction of Spudcan Foundations in Single and Multilayer Soils

2014  Factorial Numerical Analysis of Flexible Pavement Foundations with Emphasis on Groundwater Table Effect

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2014  Foundation Soil Response to Wind Turbine Generator Loading

2014  Geocharacteristics of Tabuk Expansive Shale and Its Links to Structural Damage

2014  Investigation of Monotonic and Cyclic Behavior of Tripod Suction Bucket Foundations for Offshore Wind Towers Using Centrifuge Modeling

2014  Long-Term Foundation Response to Repetitive Loading

2014  Rapid In Situ Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity for Granular Pavement Foundations

2014  Safety of Maglev Trains Moving on Bridges Subject to Foundation Settlements and Earthquakes

2014  Seismic Behavior of Offshore Wind Turbine with Suction Caisson Foundation

2014  Seismic Response of Bridges with Rocking Foundations Compared to Fixed-Base Bridges at a Near-Fault Site

2014  Seismic Rocking Isolation of an Asymmetric Frame on Spread Footings

2014  Sustainable Foundation Support of Community Memorial Hospital against Liquefaction Hazards

2014  Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of a Full-Scale Energy Foundation

2014  Transient Response Beam Buried Partly in a Nonlinear Foundation

2014  Waterproofing of Concrete Foundations

2013  Accounting for Earthquake-Induced Dam-Reservoir Interaction Using Modified Accelerograms

2013  Analytical Solution for the Consolidation of a Composite Foundation Reinforced by an Impervious Column with an Arbitrary Stress Increment

2013  Anticipated Changes to Los Angeles Building Code Due to IBC 2012: Impact on the Seismic Design of Building Foundations on Liquefiable Soils at the Port of Los Angeles

2013  Application of the Modified Goodman Model in Soil Nailing

2013  Bearing Capacity of Foundations with Inclined Groundwater Seepage

2013  A Case Study on Thermal Foundation Design for the Goldstream Valley Bridge—Alaska Railroad MP 432.1, West of Fairbanks, Alaska

2013  Characterization of Soil-Foundation Interaction for a T-Wall Flood Protection System in New Orleans

2013  Characterizing Low Plastic Fine-Grained Foundation Soils under Strong Earthquake Shaking

2013  Composite Tolerable Settlement and Horizontal Displacement Criteria for Reliability-Based Design of Foundations

2013  Consolidation of Column-reinforced Soft Foundations under Embankments

2013  Design and Fabrication of Precast Segmental Concrete Foundations in the U.S. and Erection in the Remote Arctic

2013  Differential Settlements - Case Studies of Settlement Correction by Specialist Foundation Methods

2013  Discussion on Superposition Empirical Formula of Ultimate Bearing Capacity Based on the Upper Bound Limit Analysis Theory

2013  The Effect of Input Frequency on Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction of Levees with Cutoff Walls

2013  Effects of Pile Cap Thickness on the Maximum Scour Depth at a Complex Pier

2013  Evaluation of Unknown Foundation Depth Using Different NDT Methods

2013  Field Comparative Tests for Studying the Vertical Loading Performance of Piles Due to Water Level Periodical Fluctuation in Foundation Soils

2013  Foundation Design for High-Rise Tower in Karstic Ground

2013  Foundation Design in Weathered Limestone - Where Will the Piles End?

2013  Foundation Engineering in the Face of Uncertainty, Honoring Fred H. Kulhawy

2013  Foundation Geometry and Load Testing Reduces Uncertainty for a Sports Stadium

2013  Foundation System for a New Grain Export Terminal

2013  Foundation Treatment Methods of Metro Station on Geological Sensitive Area

2013  Foundations and Storm Surge

2013  From Casagrande’s ’Calculated Risk’ to Reliability-Based Design in Foundation Engineering: The 6th Arthur Casagrande Memorial Lecture

2013  Geochemistry as a Valuable Tool in Forensic Engineering

2013  Geomechanical Model for Rock Foundation Settlement

2013  Ground Water Influences on Foundation Side Resistance

2013  Inca Foundations, Site Preparation, and Drainage at Machu Picchu

2013  Influence of Nonlinearity in Shield Tunnels on Seismic Response

2013  Issues in Evaluating Capacity of Rock Socket Foundations

2013  Laboratory Investigation and Analytical Solution to the Behavior of Foundations on Geosynthetic Reinforced Sands

2013  Linearization of Drucker-Prager Yield Criterion for Axisymmetric Problems: Implementation in Lower-Bound Limit Analysis

2013  Load Rating of Pile-Supported Bridges Susceptible to Scour

2013  Mass Concrete Foundation Design for Precision Manufacturing of Large-Scale Equipment

2013  Model Errors in Bearing Capacity of Vertically Loaded Foundations

2013  Modeling of Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in Response History Analysis - An Existing-Building Evaluation Case Study

2013  Monitoring and Mitigation of Movements Affecting Foundations on Expansive Soils in Colorado

2013  Multiple Resistance Factor Design for Shallow Transmission Line Structure Foundations

2013  Nonlinear Analysis for the Cooling Effect of Road Subgrade with Varying Spacings of Thermosyphons in Cold Region

2013  A Numerical Study on Artificial Fill Embankment with Liquefiable Foundation Using FLAC

2013  Observations on Some Shortcomings in Foundation Analysis and Design

2013  On the Uplift Behavior of Spread Foundations

2013  Reliability-Based Dam Erodibility Assessment

2013  Remediation of Grain Off-Loading Facility in Corpus Christi, TX

2013  Seismic Design of Bulkhead and Foundation in Stratified Soft Clay and Liquefiable Soils

2013  Settlement Calculation of Composite Foundation Reinforced with Stone Columns

2013  Simplifying Complexity

2013  Simulation and Control of Floor Motions in Structures

2013  Slope Stability under Cyclic Foundation Loading - Effect of Loading Frequency

2013  Study on the Seepage Field and Underground Erosion of a Loess Pipeline Foundation

2013  Theoretical Background of Axis-Radiate Infinite Element with Its Applications in Foundation Analysis

2013  Uncertainty, Reliability, and Foundation Engineering: The 5th Peter Lumb Lecture

2013  Use of Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses to Optimize Cement Silos Foundation Design

2013  What Is Foundation Failure?

2012  3D Seismic Response Analysis of Storage Tank on the Soft Soil Base

2012  Analysis on Blocking Impact of Right Platform of Xin’an River Dam Based on Saturated-Unsaturated Theory

2012  Applications of Drainage Consolidation Techniques Treating the New Reclaimed Land

2012  Assessment of Liquefaction Potential of Pond Ash at Panipat in India Using SHAKE2000

2012  Augered Cast-in-Place Piles in Limestone

2012  Back Matter

2012  Back Matter

2012  Behavior of Full-Scale Energy Foundations in Denver, Colorado

2012  Calculations of Axial Pile Capacity under Sustained Cyclic Loading for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

2012  Carbon Emissions of On-Site Equipment Use in Post-Tensioned Slab Foundation Construction

2012  Centrifuge Testing of Systems with Combined Structural Hinging and Rocking Foundations

2012  Coupled Thermo-Poro-Mechanical Finite Element Analysis of an Energy Foundation Centrifuge Experiment in Saturated Silt

2012  Design Guide for Rigid Foundation Systems on Expansive Soils

2012  Design Guidelines for Steel Pole Drilled Pier Foundations

2012  Design of foundations on Expansive Soils

2012  Design Procedure and Considerations for Piers in Expansive Soils

2012  Development and Interpretation of Geotechnical Contract Provisions for Design-Build Projects: Success Strategies for Owners and Contractors

2012  Dynamic Centrifuge Simulation for Soil-Foundation-NPP Containment System