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2015  Bearing Capacity of Circular Footings on Reinforced Soils

2015  Effect of Superstructure Temperature Changes on Intermediate Pier Foundation Stresses in Integral Abutment Bridges

2015  A Foundation Engineering Trip Down the Mississippi: Foundations for Mississippi River Bridges from Minnesota to Louisiana

2015  IFCEE 2015

2015  New Design Approach for Spudcan Penetration in Nonuniform Clay with an Interbedded Stiff Layer

2015  Rectangular Foundations on a Sand Embankment over Mine Tailings

2015  Study on the Seepage Field and Underground Erosion of a Loess Pipeline Foundation

2014  Adaptive Plasticity Model for Bucket Foundations

2014  Analysis of Seismic Settling Behavior of Coarse-Grained-Soil Subgrade

2014  Analysis of Track Critical Velocity and Track Vibration under Tram Loading

2014  Analyst A: Alternatives in Analysis of the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset

2014  Analytical and Numerical Studies of Geosynthetic Tubes Resting on Deformable Foundations

2014  Analytical Study for Geosynthetic Reinforced Embankment on Elastic Foundation

2014  Application of Jute Geotextiles for Rural Road Pavement Construction

2014  Assessment of Hydro Project-Related Geohazards Supported by RIMS-Like Systems

2014  Axisymmetric Shearing of Sand-Steel Interfaces under Axial and Torsional Loading

2014  Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations in Reinforced Soils

2014  Behavior Improvement of Raft Foundation on Port-Said Soft Clay Utilizing Geofoam

2014  Behavior of a Foundation on a Sloped Fill Reinforced with Vertical Bars under Repeated Loading

2014  Behavior of Bio-Mediated Soil in k0 Loading

2014  Behavior of Geogrid Reinforced Ballast at Different Levels of Degradation

2014  Behavior of Strip Footing on Fiber-Reinforced Model Slopes

2014  Behaviour of Prestressed Reinforced Foundation Beds Overlying Weak Soil

2014  Calibration of Failure Criteria for Bucket Foundations on Drained Sand under General Loading

2014  Case Study of Ground Improvement to Qianhai Reclamation Area, Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen

2014  A Case Study of MSE Wall Stability: Comparison of Limit Equilibrium and Numerical Methods

2014  Centrifuge Modeling of Soil-Structure Interaction in Energy Foundations

2014  Centrifuging for Penetration of Ellipse Suction Bucket of Breakwater into Clay Ground

2014  Characterization of Seasonally Frozen Soils for Seismic Design of Foundations

2014  Column Group Analyses for Stone Column Reinforced Foundation

2014  Comparison of Strip-reinforced with H-V Reinforced Foundation Using FEM

2014  Compensated Raft Foundation on a Preloaded Soil Improved by Vertical Drains

2014  Computation of Seismic Active Earth Thrust on Retaining Wall for c-φ Backfill

2014  Consolidation of Soft Foundations Treated with Composite Columns

2014  Countermeasure Against Liquefaction using Crushed Tile

2014  Current State of the Art in Jet Grouting for Stabilizing Soft Soil

2014  Deaggregation of Seismic Hazard for Two Ports in Mumbai Metropolitan Region

2014  Deformation Response of Soft Foundation Soils under Tall Embankments - A Numerical Analysis

2014  Design and Analysis of GeoWall Based on the ASCE Student Competition

2014  Design Charts for Foundation System Reinforced with Peripheral Vertical Inserts

2014  Development of Foundation Systems for Solar Array at Owens Lake, California

2014  Dewatering Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Fly Ash Slurry

2014  Drilled Shaft Foundation and Anchored, Drilled Shaft Soldier-Pile Wall Design for an Automated People Mover Guideway

2014  Durability Studies on Native Soil-Based Controlled Low Strength Materials

2014  Dynamic and Static Mechanical Properties of Loess Subgrade in Shanxi

2014  Dynamic Characteristics of a 3-Pile Group under Vertical Vibration

2014  Dynamic Response of a Saturated Half-Space with Impeded Boundary to a Moving Load

2014  Dynamic Stress Responses to Traffic Moving Loading in the Saturated Poroelastic Ground

2014  Effect of Gravel Layer on the Behavior of Piled Raft Foundations

2014  Effect of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation on the Strength of Cemented Sand

2014  Effect of Reinforcement Form on the Pullout Resistance of Reinforced Sand

2014  Effect of Reinforcement on Bearing Capacity of Foundations

2014  Effect of Soil Model on Contact Stress under Strip Footing

2014  Effect of Soil Type on Contact Stress

2014  Effect of the Flow Rule on the Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations on Sand by the Upper-Bound Limit Analysis and Slip Lines

2014  Effect of Volcanic Ash Utilization As Substitution Material for Soil Stabilization in View Point of Geo-Environment

2014  Effects of Biopolymer on Some Geotechnical Properties of a Sand

2014  Effects of Confinement on the Stress-Strain Behavior of EPS Geofoam

2014  Effects of Sleeper Shape on Lateral Resistance of Railway Ballasted Tracks

2014  Efficient Reliability Evaluation of Axially Loaded Piles in Spatially Varying Soils Using Importance Sampling

2014  Elastic Moduli Prediction of Synthetic Lightweight Aggregates

2014  Elasto-Plastic Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of an Earth-Rockfill Dam

2014  Elastoplastic Solutions of Cylindrical Cavity Expansion Considering the K0≠1

2014  Engineering Character of a New-Style Pretensioned Spun Concrete Nodular Pile

2014  Evaluating Geogrid Performance with Loaded Wheel Tester

2014  Evaluation of Flood-Resistant Capacity of Scoured Bridges

2014  Evaluation of Urban Underground Space Based on the Geological Conditions: A Feasibility Study

2014  Experiment and Analysis of the Seismic Characteristics of Liquefiable Ground under Near-Field and Far-Field Ground Motion

2014  Experiment Research of Bearing Behavior on Lime-Soil Pile and CFG Pile Rigid-Flexible Pile Composite Subgrade

2014  Experimental Investigation of Foundations on Sensitive Clay Subjected to Cyclic Loading

2014  Experimental Investigation of Sand-Nanosilica Mixture under Long-Term Unfavourable Environments

2014  Experimental Study of the Electro-Osmosis Consolidation of Soft Clay under Anode Follow-Up

2014  Experimental Study on Factors Influencing Isolation Effects of Isolation Piles Subjected to Surcharge Load

2014  Experimental Study on Ground Vibration Induced by Moving Trains on Test Line of Metro Depot

2014  Experimental Study on Horizontal Bearing Capacity of Cement-Soil Pile Reinforced with Fiberglass Geogrid

2014  Experimental Study on Resilient Behavior of Triaxial Geogrid-Stabilized Unpaved Roads

2014  Extraction of Spudcan Foundations in Single and Multilayer Soils

2014  Factorial Numerical Analysis of Flexible Pavement Foundations with Emphasis on Groundwater Table Effect

2014  Failure Behavior of Belled Pile under Combined Loads

2014  Field Experimental Study on Vertical Bearing Capacity of Root-Caisson Foundation

2014  Field Test of High Density Surface Wave Survey for Investigation of Railway Embankment in Permafrost Region

2014  Fluid Characteristic of Saturated Sands under Cyclic Loading

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2014  Foundation Soil Response to Wind Turbine Generator Loading

2014  Front Matter

2014  Front Matter

2014  Front Matter

2014  Full-Scale Field Investigations and Numerical Analyses of Innovative Seismic Composite Fiber-Reinforced Polymer and Reinforced Grouted Helical Screw Instrumented Piles Under Axial and Lateral Monotonic and Cyclic Loadings

2014  Geocharacteristics of Tabuk Expansive Shale and Its Links to Structural Damage

2014  Geo-Hubei 2014 244-255, Sustainable Civil Infrastructure, Innovative Technologies and Materials

2014  Geothermal Well Seals Subjected to Cyclic Heating and Cooling

2014  Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics

2014  Ground Improvement for Rail, Port and Road Infrastructure--From Theory to Practice

2014  Horizontal Pullout Capacity of Steel Chain Embedded in Sand

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity of a Biopolymer Treated Sand

2014  Impact Roller Compaction of Dry Sand in Laboratory Tests

2014  Improving Expansive Shale Behaviour Using Soil Replacement and Rock Fill

2014  Influence of Leveling Pad Interface Properties on Soil Reinforcement Loads for Walls on Rigid Foundations

2014  Influence of Parameters on Support Vector Machine for Landslide Displacement Prediction in Three Gorges Reservoir

2014  Influence of Polarity Reversal and Current Intermittence on Electro-Osmosis