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2015  Water Table Correction Factors for Settlements of Shallow Foundations in Granular Soils

2014  Building a Framework for Predicting Foundation Settlements on Granular Soil with Dynamically Measured Properties

2014  Distress Evaluation and Remediation for a High-Rise Building with Pile-Raft Foundation

2014  Safety of Maglev Trains Moving on Bridges Subject to Foundation Settlements and Earthquakes

2014  Theoretical Load-Transfer Curves along Piles Considering Soil Nonlinearity

2013  Analysis of Axially Loaded Short Rigid Composite Caisson Foundation Based on Continuum Approach

2013  Assessment of Building Damage Induced by Three-Dimensional Ground Movements

2013  Beam on Nonlinear Winkler Foundation and Modified Neutral Plane Solution for Calculating Downdrag Settlement

2013  Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Skirted Shallow Foundations on Sand

2013  Calculation Method for Settlement of CFG Pile-Net Composite Foundation in High-Speed Railway

2013  Feedforward Analysis for Shield-Ground System

2013  Interference of Two Asymmetric Closely Spaced Strip Footings Resting on Nonhomogeneous and Linearly Elastic Soil Bed

2013  Numerical Solution of Stone Column-Improved Soft Soil Considering Arching, Clogging, and Smear Effects

2013  Research on the Settlement Behavior of Ram-Compacted Piles with Bearing Base

2013  Settlement Analysis of Embedded Foundation Resting on Elastic Soil

2013  Settlement Calculation of Composite Foundation Reinforced with Stone Columns

2013  Settlement of a Structure Adjacent to Large Embankment Construction A Case History

2012  Analysis of Foundations Reinforced with Jet Grouting

2012  Application of the Meshfree Method for Evaluating the Bearing Capacity and Response Behavior of Foundation Piles

2012  Back Analysis of Road Foundation Settlement Forecast Based on Soft Soil Structural Damage

2012  Calculation Method for the Socketed Length of the Rock Socketed Pile by the Settlement of the Pile Top

2012  Column-Supported Embankments: Settlement and Load Transfer

2012  Cutter Soil Mixed Columns for an LNG Export Tank Foundation

2012  Empirical Method for Settlement Prediction of Single Piles Using Higher Order Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization

2012  Measured Settlements of Mat Foundations on Soft Clay with and without Reinforcement from Sand Columns

2012  Numerical Insights into Liquefaction-Induced Building Settlement

2012  Observational Method Using Real Time Surface Settlement Monitoring: The South Toulon Tunnel Project

2012  Settlement of Piles Founded in Spatially Variable Soils

2012  Settlement of Rigid Circular Foundations during Seismic Shaking in Shaking Table Tests

2011  Analysis of CFG Composite Foundation Settlement of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway

2011  Analysis of Settlement Induced by Dissipation of the Excess Pore Water Pressure Due to Piling in Soft Clay

2011  Calculation of Settlement of Composite Foundation with Rigid Piles under Flexible Ground

2011  Case Study of Settlement of a Foundation on Expansive Clay Due to Moisture Demand of Trees

2011  A Comparison of 2D and 3D Settlement Analyses of the Tower of Pisa

2011  Full Scale Footing Load and Settlement Response Case Study

2011  Influence of Existing or Newly Constructed Pile on Flexible Circular Footing Settlement

2011  Influences of Construction Methods and Working Mechanisms on Stress Distribution in Deep Foundation Design

2011  Mass Stabilization for Settlement Control of Shallow Foundations on Soft Organic Clayey Soils

2011  A New Approach for Non-Linear Load-Settlement Assessment of Shallow Foundations

2011  Settlement Behavior of New Primary Crusher Foundation

2011  Settlement Calculation Method with Pile-Net Composite Foundation

2011  Settlement Calculation of Piled Raft Foundation in Soft Soil Section of High-Speed Railway

2011  Settlement Rehabilitation of a 35-Year-Old Building: Case Study Integrated with Analysis and Implementation

2011  Study on Bearing Coefficient of Cement-Soil Pile Composition Foundation

2011  Study on the Settlement Calculation Method of Single Y-Section Pile

2011  Time Series Prediction of Chimney Foundation Settlement by Neural Networks

2011  Use of Settlement Reducing Auger Cast-in-Place Pile below a Mat Foundation

2010  Determination of Active Zones below Footings

2010  Effects of PCC Pile Spacing on Expressway Embankment Settlement Control

2010  An Empirical Method for Predicting Foundation Heave Rate in Expansive Soil

2010  Estimation of Settlement of Footings under Working Loads Using Equivalent-Linear Elasticity

2010  Event Tree Analysis at the Savannah River Site—A Case History

2010  Fracture Grouting to Lift Structure in Clayey Sand

2010  High-Rise Building Foundations—A Limit State Design Approach

2010  Model Uncertainties in "Terzaghi and Peck" Methods for Estimating Settlement of Footings on Sand

2010  Nonlinear Cone Penetration Test-Based Method for Predicting Footing Settlements on Sand

2010  Pressuremeter Testing for Foundation Design

2010  Settlement Analysis for 450 Meter Tall KLCC Towers

2010  Settlement Behavior of a Shallow Foundation in Dry Sand under Simulated Earthquake Motion on a Biaxial Shake Table

2010  Settlement-Control Piles to Optimize the Mat Foundation of a High-Rise Building in Downtown Orlando

2009  Analysis of the Long-Term Settlements of Chimney Foundation on Silty Clay

2009  Axial Compression of Footings in Cohesionless Soils. I: Load-Settlement Behavior

2009  Axial Compression of Footings in Cohesionless Soils. II: Bearing Capacity

2009  Bayesian Inference of Empirical Coefficient in Foundation Settlement

2009  Behavior of Disconnected Pile Foundation System

2009  Evaluation of Vertical Bearing Capacity of Super-Long Bored Single Pile by the Pile Head Settlement in Loess

2009  Probabilistic Settlement Analysis by Stochastic and Random Finite-Element Methods

2009  Reliability-Based Design Approach for Differential Settlement of Footings on Cohesionless Soils

2009  Seepage-Induced Erosion in Granular Soil and Consequent Settlements

2009  Settlement of CFG Composite Foundations of the Beijing-Tianjin Inter-City Rail Construction

2008  Analysis and Performance of Piled Rafts Designed Using Innovative Criteria

2008  Immediate Settlement of Shallow Foundations Bearing on Clay

2008  Impact Analysis of Shield Tunneling on Soil Foundation of Urban Road

2008  Physical Modeling of Raft on Settlement Reducing Piles

2008  Rapid Construction and Settlement Behavior of Embankment Systems on Soft Foundation Soils

2008  Reliabilty-Based Analysis of Strip Footings Using Response Surface Methodology

2008  Static Cone to Compute Static Settlement over Sand

2007  Limiting Tolerable Settlement and Angular Distortion for Building Foundations

2007  Load Testing and Settlement Prediction of Shallow Foundation

2007  San Jacinto Monument Case History

2007  Spread Footings in Sand: Load Settlement Curve Approach

2006  Analysis of Settlement Due to Withdrawal of Groundwater Around an Unexcavated Foundation Pit

2006  Composite Modulus of Composite Foundation under Embankment

2006  The Impacts of Construction Dewatering on Surrounding Structures of a Project Site

2006  In Situ Determination of the Short-term Mechanical Behaviors of Soft Clay with the Pressuremeter

2006  Innovative Stabilization of Peat Soils for Railroad Foundation Using Rammed Aggregate Piers

2006  Optimization Forecasting Model of Foundation Settlement Based on Grey Model Groups

2006  Parameter Estimation for Settlement Prediction Model Using Bayesian Inference Approach

2006  Pile Group Settlement Estimation — Research to Practice

2006  Raked Piles — Virtues and Drawbacks

2006  A Semi-Analytical Method for the Settlement Calculation of the Foundation-Composite Ground Interaction

2006  Sensitivity Analysis of Settlement of Single Piles

2006  Settlement of a Large Structure on Polar Firn

2006  Settlement of Coal-Fired Power Plant Foundations on Arid Soils

2006  Stiffness of a Flexible Circular Footing Embedded in an Elastic Half-Space

2006  Study on the Interaction Law between Squeezed Branch Pile and Soil

2005  Pile Behavior — Consequences of Geological and Construction Imperfections

2005  Stone Columns for Control of Power Station Foundation Settlements

2005  Three-Dimensional Probabilistic Foundation Settlement

2004  Bearing Capacity Improvement Using Micropiles: A Case Study