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Found 94 Records with the keyword term of "Formwork (concrete construction)"

2012  Effect of SCC Mixture Composition on Thixotropy and Formwork Pressure

2012  Fuzzy Logic Model for Selection of Vertical Formwork Systems

2009  Effect of PVC Stay-In-Place Formwork on Mechanical Performance of Concrete

2009  Selection of Roof Casting Formwork Systems for the Bird Island Project: Case Study

2008  Shear Diaphragm Bracing of Beams. I: Stiffness and Sterngth Behavior

2008  Shear Diaphragm Bracing of Beams. II: Design Requirements

2005  Comparative Analysis of Shoring Towers for High-Clearance Construction

2005  Multilevel Formwork Load Distribution with Posttensioned Slabs

2004  Work Inputs and Related Economic Aspects of Multitier Shoring Towers

2001  Constructability Improvement of Bridges Using Stepping Formwork

2001  Design and Construction of High Multitier Shoring Towers: Case Study

1999  Construction Baseline Productivity: Theory and Practice

1999  Contemporary Trends in Formwork Standards—A Case Study

1999  Nonshored Formwork System for Top-Down Construction

1999  Use of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes as Stay-in-Place Forms for Columns

1998  Combined FRP Reinforcement and Permanent Formwork for Concrete Members

1998  Cyclopean Seawall Repair and Berth Deepening 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, San Diego, California

1998  Early Form Removal of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

1998  Forming Box Culverts

1998  Investigating the Adequacy of Vertical Design Loads for Shoring

1997  Construction Site Safety in the New Israeli Standard on Formwork for Concrete

1997  Experimental Investigation of Performance of Wooden Formwork Shores

1997  Neural Network Model for Estimating Construction Productivity

1997  New Forming System Eases High-Rise Construction

1997  Observations from Shore Load Measurements during Concrete Construction

1997  Strength Variability of Conventional Slab Formwork Systems

1997  Structural Design Forum

1997  Structural Designs and Construction Technologies for California Highway Bridges

1997  Technical Guidance Available to Designers of Temporary Structures

1996  Analysis of Shoring Loads Using Field Data

1996  Investigation of Structural Properties of Used Formwork Stringers

1996  Safety Evaluation of Current Concrete Slab Formwork Practices

1996  Standard Specifications for Structural Concrete (ACI 301-96) by ACI Committee 301

1995  Concrete Walls Display Reusable Formwork

1995  Design Optimization of Concrete-Slab Forms

1995  New Technologies for the Application of Shotcrete: Rolling and Gliding Formwork

1995  Rational Design of Shoring-Tower–Based Formwork

1995  Simulation of the Random Vibration of Slab Formwork During Concrete Placement

1994  Analysis of Concrete Construction Live Loads on Newly Poured Slabs

1994  Dynamic Modeling of Slab Formwork during Concrete Placement

1994  Strength Variability of Wood Formwork Members

1993  Composite Profiled Beams

1993  Composite Walling

1992  A Connectionist Vertical Formwork Selection System

1992  Explosive Forming of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys

1992  Knowledge Acquisition and Development for Formwork Selection System

1992  Neuroform—Neural Network System for Vertical Formwork Selection

1991  Creep Analysis of Concrete Buildings During Construction

1991  Limit States Design of Wooden Formwork for Concrete Walls

1991  Safety Analysis of Handset Wood Slab Formworks

1990  An Investigation of Live Loads on Concrete Structures During Construction

1989  Formwork Pressures in Tall and Thick Concrete Walls

1988  Precast Permanent Formwork

1987  Formwork Design with Interactive Computer Systems

1987  Formwork, Shoring and Reshoring—Design, Installation and Liabilities

1987  Temporary Structures in Construction Operations

1987  Use of Integrated Microcomputer Package for Formwork Design

1986  Event Tree Analysis to Prevent Failures in Temporary Structures

1986  Formwork Design Saves Time and Money

1985  Concrete Armor Unit Forms Inventory

1985  Construction Load Analysis for Concrete Structures

1985  Formwork Design

1985  Guideway Beams—Formwork and Fabrication

1982  Prestressed Steel Grid Erected with Bent Forms

1981  Cofferdam Construction: I-205 Columbia River Bridge

1981  Design and Selection Consideration for Concrete Falsework

1981  Engineering Tolerances: a Construction Viewpoint

1981  From Batch Plant to Form

1980  West Virginia Cooling Tower Collapse Caused by Premature Form Removal

1979  Allowable Wind Loads on Wood Construction Stakes

1979  Progress Model for Construction Activity

1979  Two-Way Flexure of Steel-Deck-Reinforced Slabs

1978  Concreting and Formwork Logistics and Optimization

1977  Concrete Buckle-Shell Model Study

1977  Precast Veneer Replaced By All-Precast Structure

1976  Falsework Eliminated in Bridge Erection

1976  Structural Failures and How to Prevent Them

1975  Bibliography on Timber Highway Bridge Design

1975  Fifty Years of Aluminum in Construction

1975  Fifty-Year Advancement in Concrete Bridge Construction

1975  Form Pressure and Relaxation in Formwork

1975  Fort St. Vrain PCRV Bottom Head Construction

1975  Half Century of USBR Arch Dam Construction

1974  Construction Innovations at Dworshak Dam

1974  Elastic Analysis of Frameworks with Elastic Connections

1974  Hardinge Bridge Span Repair

1974  Progress Model for Construction Activity

1973  Analytical Determination of Pressure on Formwork

1973  Shells for Standard Floor and Roof Elements

1971  Construction of Multibarrier Containment Vessels

1971  Design and Construction of Newport Bridge

1969  Revetment Construction by Fabriform Process

1968  Planning and Construction of An Ellipsoidal Dome

1967  Wood Design Criteria for Concrete Formwork