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2014  Forest-Core Partitioning Algorithm for Speeding Up Analysis of Water Distribution Systems

2013  Rainfall Interception in a Robinia pseudoacacia Forest Stand: Estimates Using Gash’s Analytical Model

2012  Curve Numbers for Nine Mountainous Eastern United States Watersheds: Seasonal Variation and Forest Cutting

2012  Forest Recreation Opportunity Spectrum in the Suburban Mountainous Region of Beijing

2012  Long-Term Eddy Covariance Monitoring of Evapotranspiration and Its Environmental Factors in a Temperate Mixed Forest in Northeast China

2012  Runoff Curve Numbers for 10 Small Forested Watersheds in the Mountains of the Eastern United States

2011  Machine Learning Techniques Applied to the Assessment of GPS Accuracy under the Forest Canopy

2011  Study of Portable Inspection System Based on Image for Law Enforcement of Timber Transportation

2011  Water and Deforestation in Brazil: Future Challenges for Policy Implementation

2010  NewsBriefs: Protected Areas Increasingly Surrounded By Residential Developments

2010  Study on Expansion Model of Green Supply Chain on Forestry

2008  ’Urban’ Developments Found in Amazon Rain Forests

2008  Water Yield from Harvesting and Thinning Southwestern Mountain Forests: Historical Experience from US Forest Service Research

2008  Will Large Scale Forest Restoration Treatments Provide More Water for Population Growth in the Semi-Arid West: Current Hydrologic Research in Arizona

2007  Assessment of Low-Cost GPS Receiver Accuracy and Precision in Forest Environments

2007  PnET-II3SL/SWAT: Modeling the Combined Effects of Forests and Agriculture on Water Availability

2007  Renewable Energy Generation by Full-Scale Biomass Gasification System Using Agricultural and Forestal Residues

2007  Tsunami Inundation and Sediment Transport in Vicinity of Coastal Mangrove Forest

2006  Hydrologic Analysis for a Floodplain Forest Wetland Mitigation Site

2005  Bank De-Stabilization: Allowing for Natural Processes in a Controlled Environment

2005  Calculating the Value of Nature with CITYgreen Software

2005  Curve Number and Peakflow Responses Following the Cerro Grande Fire on a Small Watershed

2005  Flood Water Retention by Riverine and Terrestrial Forests

2005  A Framework to Assess the Hydrological and Socio-Economic Impacts of Forest Cover Change through Watershed Modelling

2005  Identifying Vulnerable Wetland Systems: Modeling The Impect of Sea-Level Rise on Large-Scale Wetland Response

2005  Impacts of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) on National Forest Lands and Grasslands

2005  Los Alamos Post-Fire Watershed Recovery: A Curve-Number-Based Evaluation

2005  Mesa Verde Bircher Fire Hydrological Impact

2005  Methodology for Calculating Water Quantity and Quality Changes in CITYgreen Software

2005  Postfire Rehabilitation Treatments: Are We Learning What Works?

2005  Predicting Cumulative Watershed Effects of Fuel Management with Improved WEPP Technology

2005  Riparian Forest Impacts on Aquatic Habitat Variability

2005  Scale Issues in Forested Watershed Management

2005  Selection of Parameters Values to Model Post-Fire Runoff and Sediment Transport at the Watershed Scale in Southwestern Forests

2005  Using CITYgreen and High Resolution Multi-Spectral Imagery to Analyze the Urban Ecosystem

2004  Ecological Benefits of Riparian Reforestation in Urban Watersheds

2003  Integrated Watershed Management in Chi-Tou Forest Ecological Area

2002  Design and Implementation of a Sign Inventory Program for the Uinta National Forest

2001  An Interdisciplinary Study of the Ecological Benefits of Riparian Reforestation in Urban Watersheds

2001  Riparian Forest and Urban Hydrology Influences on Stream Channel Morphology: Implications for Restoration

2000  Environmental Impacts of River Diversion: Gabcikovo Barrage System

2000  Erosion from an Industrial Forest Road in the Ouachita Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma

2000  Landslide and Roadway Stability Watershed Analyses on Industrial Forestlands

2000  Modeling Soil Erosion from Insloping Forest Roads with Impoundment or Surface Cross Drain Structures

2000  Monitoring Road Removal on the Clearwater National Forest

2000  The National Forest Road System: A Public Policy Issue for the 21st Century

2000  Relationship of Forest Road Aggregate Test Properties to Sediment Production

2000  Removing Roads and Restoring Watersheds on the Clearwater National Forest

2000  Road Alignment and Haul Routing in Estimating Sediment Delivery to Streams

2000  Road Erosion Estimation Equations Derived Using a WEPP Database

2000  Roads Analysis: Informing Decisions About Managing the National Forest Transportation System

1999  Modeling Surface and Subsurface Runoff in a Forested Watershed

1999  Watershed-Scale Water Quality Impacts of Riparian Forest Management

1998  Benefits from Wood Engineering Research

1998  Evapotranspiration of Melaleuca Forest in South Florida

1998  Management of Mangrove Forest for Coastal Wetland Restoration

1998  Stream Temperature Simulation of Forested Riparian Areas: I. Watershed-Scale Model Development

1998  Stream Temperature Simulation of Forested Riparian Areas: II. Model Application

1997  Historic Park Gets Makeover

1997  Identification of Coastal British Columbia Terrain Susceptible to Debris Flows

1996  The Dying of the Trees: The Pandemic in America’s Forests by Charles E. Little

1995  Applying the WEPP Erosion Model to Timber Harvest Areas

1995  Assessing Cumulative Effects in the Nemadji River Basin, Minnesota

1995  Boise Cascade Corporation’s Watershed Analysis Program

1995  Design of Long-Term Sludge-Loading Rates for Forests Under Uncertainty

1995  Developing Watershed Plans in Managed Forests of the Pacific Northwest

1995  Effects of Forest Harvesting Practices on Streamflow-Sediment Relationships for Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Watersheds

1995  Managing Riparian Zones and Watersheds with State Forest Practice Programs

1995  Mica Creek Cumulative Watershed Effects Study

1995  A Watershed Scale Hydrologic Model for Drained Forested Land

1994  Agroforestry Drainage Management Model: I: Theory and Validation

1994  A Mechanism of Pool Formation and Maintenance in Forest Streams

1994  Research and Development — Why bother?

1993  Institutional Prospects in Managing Coastal Environmental Conservation Units in Paraná State, Brazil

1993  Saline Drain Water Reuse in Agroforestry Systems

1992  Hydrologic Model for Drained Forest Watershed

1992  Sludge Loading Rates for Forest Land

1992  Small Stream Classification—A Process Based Approach

1991  Agricultural Drainage Reuse in Agroforestry Systems

1991  Australian Lysimeter Studies of Field Evaporation

1991  Destruction Caused by Hurricane Hugo: A Timber Resources Damage Assessment in a Coastal Region

1991  Dissolved Oxygen and Woody Debris: Detecting Sensitive Forest Streams

1991  Forest Service ’Artistry’

1991  Geochemical Mass-Balance in a Small Forested Watershed in Southwestern Pennsylvania

1991  Phosphorus Transport from Delaware’s Rural Watershed

1991  Transpiration by Douglas Fir Using Lysimeters

1990  Alternative Wall and Reinforced Fill Experiences on Forest Roads

1990  Effects of Forest Cover on a Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada

1990  An Interactive Computer Model to Simulate Water Quality of Streamflow from Forested Watersheds in Arizona

1990  Mission to Planet Earth: The Quest to Save the Environment

1990  Retaining Forest Roads

1989  Applications and Research in Sediment Delivery and Routing Models in the USDA-Forest Service

1989  The Impact of Ocean and Coastal Management Laws on Private Forestry Management Practices in the Eastern United States

1989  Soil Erosion and Sediment Transport Modeling on Small Tropical Watersheds

1989  Timberline Lodge

1989  USFS Reserved Rights—A Water User’s Perspective

1988  Development of Hydropower Projects on National Forest System Land

1988  Seattle Slude Wins EPA’s Sewage Derby

1987  Properties of Tin-Mined Land in Mangrove Forest, Thailand

1987  Wood Energy Plantation Economics in the Great Plains