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2015  Forensic Analysis of Link Fractures in Eccentrically Braced Frames during the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake: Testing and Simulation

2015  Modified Layered-Sectional Analysis for Forensic Investigation

2015  Performance of Residential Shelters during the May 20, 2013, Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma

2014  Effectively Responding to Structural Engineering Failure: Expertise and Cognitive Entrenchment

2014  Engineering Investigations of Hurricane Damage, Wind versus Water

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. I: Determination of the Possible Causes of Failure

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2014  Insights into the Performance Reliability of Offshore Piles Based on Experience in Hurricanes

2014  Legal Disputes and Building Defects: Data from Tuscany

2014  Long Term Field Measurement of Micro Meter Crack Response to Climatological and Blast Vibration Induced Effects

2014  A Perspective on the Levee Failures in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina

2014  Structural Deformations as an Indicator of Fire Origin

2013  AEI 2013, Building Solutions for Architectural Engineering

2013  Another Look at the Collapse of Skyline Plaza at Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia

2013  As I See It: Geotechnical Forensic Engineering in Defense of Geotechnical Engineers

2013  Failure Analysis of a Highway Dip Slope Slide

2013  Forensic Engineering in Italy: A Reality

2013  Forensic Information Modeling: A New Forensic Tool

2013  Forensic Investigation of Deteriorated Concrete in Plantation East Culverts, City of Benbrook, Texas

2013  Forensic Studies of Geosynthetic Reinforced Structure Failures

2013  Geochemistry as a Valuable Tool in Forensic Engineering

2013  International Forensic Engineering Congresses and Conferences

2013  Screening Geotechnical Risks

2013  Structural Identification of Constructed Systems, Approaches, Methods, and Technologies for Effective Practice of St-Id

2012  ASCE Sixth Congress on Forensic Engineering

2012  Awards: ASCE Technical Council on Forensic Engineering

2012  Carpet Tack Strips: Determining the Duration of a Water Loss

2012  Collapse of Robinson Road Bridge Falsework

2012  Combating Myths, Oversimplifications, and Misunderstandings about the Causes of Failures

2012  Common Legal Doctrines and Insurance Issues Affecting the Forensic Structural Engineer

2012  Corps of Engineers Forensic Studies

2012  Deterioration of Wood Structures—Basic Forensic Considerations

2012  Editor’s Note

2012  Estimating Residual Strength of Deteriorated 96" Interceptor and Strength Enhancement Provided by Lining Methods Using Computer Modeling and Forensic Investigation Tools

2012  Fire Damage Evaluation for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2012  The First Indo-US Forensic Engineering Workshop and Beyond

2012  Forensic Engineering 2012, Gateway to a Safer Tomorrow

2012  Forensic Engineering Applied to Contract Management in the Construction Industry

2012  Forensic Engineering Awards

2012  Forensic Engineering Education Workshops: A Review of Experiences in the U.S. and in Latin America

2012  Forensic Evaluation of the LTPP Specific Pavement Study Projects in Arizona

2012  Forensic Evaluation on the Bearing Capacity of Partially Saturated Soils—A Heuristic Approach

2012  Forensic Investigation Modeling (FIM) Approach: I35 West Bridge Collapse Case Study

2012  Forensic Studies of Surface-Damaged Curtain Wall Glass

2012  A Framework for the Forensic Examination of Earthquake-Induced Steel Fracture Based on the Field Failures in the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake

2012  Front Matter

2012  GIS for the Geo-Referenced Analysis and Rapid Dissemination of Forensic Evidence Collected in the Aftermath of the Tuscaloosa Tornado

2012  Guidelines for Forensic Engineering Practice

2012  An Initial Survey of Forensic Engineering Practices in Some European Countries and the USA

2012  The Italian Association of Forensic Engineering

2012  Katrina on Trial—Forensic Hindcasting the Most Costly Storm

2012  A New Method for Managing and Presenting Façade Investigation Data

2012  Post-Earthquake and Tsunami 3D Laser Scanning Forensic Investigations

2012  Post-Event Forensic Investigation of Damaged Structures from Strong Wind Events

2012  The Practice of Forensic Engineering

2012  Retrospective Analysis to Identify Trends in Forensic Research

2012  Role of the Forensic Process in Investigating Structural Failure

2012  Separating Junk Science from Sound Engineering Principles during Forensic Assessments of Hurricane Damage

2012  Structural Investigation of the Sherman Minton Bridge Closure

2012  Testing of US&R Shoring Systems under Non-Ideal Conditions

2012  Time-Dependent Geothermal Analysis—A Forensic Evaluation

2012  A Universal Method to Determine Crack Age in Construction Materials

2012  Use of Forensic Engineering to Determine the Cause of a Crane Tip-Over

2011  ASCE 7-10 Changes to Wind Provisions and Our Approach to Forensics

2011  Bridge Performance during the 2010 M8.8 Chile Earthquake

2011  Commonality Test Methodology for Residential Structures in Katrina Canal Breaches Class Action

2011  Development of Flexural Strength Rating Procedures for Adjacent Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2011  Editor’s Note

2011  Engineering Aspects in Evaluation of Pile Capacity by Dynamic Testing

2011  Estimation of Floor Slab Distortion from Elevation Differential Data on Groups of Residential Structures

2011  Failure of VERT Wall System: Forensic Evaluation and Lessons Learned

2011  Old Masonry under Seismic Loads: Stiffness Identification and Degradation

2011  Performance of Structures in the January 2010 MW 7.0 Haiti Earthquake

2011  Pest Analysis of Traffic Peccancy Forensics Service in China

2011  Premature Cracking from Cement-Treated Base and Treatment to Mitigate Its Effect

2011  Soil-Pipe Interaction Analysis: A Forensic Evaluation

2011  Study of Expansive Soils and Residential Foundations on Expansive Soils in Arizona

2011  Tendon Failure Investigation and Drying in a Two-Way Unbonded Post-Tensioned Roof Slab

2011  Vulnerability Assessments of Structural Frames for Critical Facilities

2011  Wind Risk Assessments for Cladding and Glazing in Critical Facilities

2011  Wind Vulnerability Assessment of Roof Systems and Rooftop Equipment for Critical Facilities: A Preliminary Protocol for Design Professionals

2010  Building Robustness Research during World War II

2010  Consideration of Human Factors in Investigations of Structural Failures

2010  Correlation of Elastic Modulus and Permeability in Concrete Subjected to Elevated Temperatures

2010  Experimental and Analytical Forensic Investigation of Bridge Timber Piles under Eccentric Loads

2010  Forensic Analysis of an Excavation Bracing System Failure

2010  Forensic Analysis of Oxidation Embrittlement in Failed HDPE Potable Water Pipes

2010  Forensic Applications of Commercial Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Technologies

2010  Forensic Engineering for Machine Foundations

2010  Forensic Examination of a Noncomposite Adjacent Precast Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridge

2010  Forensic Investigations of Collapse of Industrial Sheds at Thuvakudy,Tamil Nadu, India

2010  Geotechnical Forensic Engineering

2010  Indo-U.S. Forensic Practices, Investigation Techniques and Technology

2010  On the Job versus Graduate School Training of Forensic Engineers—An Instructor and Professional Engineer’s View

2010  Short Takes: Forensic Engineers Gather for Washington D.C., Congress

2010  Some Considerations When Conducting a Forensic Investigation of a Wood Structure

2010  US and International Developments in Forensic Engineering and Education

2010  The Use of Forensic Engineering in Sinkhole Investigations

2010  Visual Information Processing for Forensic Studies in Engineering

2010  Volumetric Filtration of Rainfall Runoff. I: Event-Based Separation of Particulate Matter