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2014  1D River Hydraulic Model for Operational Flood Forecasting in the Tidal Potomac: Evaluation for Freshwater, Tidal, and Wind-Driven Events

2014  Anticipating Roadway Expansion and Tolling Impacts: Toolkit for Abstracted Networks

2014  Bayesian-Based Hybrid Simulation Approach to Project Completion Forecasting for Underground Construction

2014  Combination of Growth Model and Earned Schedule to Forecast Project Cost at Completion

2014  Comparison between Response Surface Models and Artificial Neural Networks in Hydrologic Forecasting

2014  Dealing with Uncertainty in Water Distribution System Models: A Framework for Real-Time Modeling and Data Assimilation

2014  Framework for Anticipatory Water Management: Testing for Flood Control in the Rijnland Storage Basin

2014  General Model for Water-Distribution Pipe Breaks: Development, Methodology, and Application to a Small City in Quebec, Canada

2014  Generating Synthetic Daily Precipitation Realizations for Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts

2014  Impact of Ensemble Size on Forecasting Occurrence of Rainfall Using TIGGE Precipitation Forecasts

2014  Improving Forecasting Accuracy of Project Earned Value Metrics: Linear Modeling Approach

2014  Modeling Seasonal Heteroscedasticity in Vehicular Traffic Condition Series Using a Seasonal Adjustment Approach

2014  Release Time Component of a Hydrograph

2014  Urban Water Demand Forecasting: Review of Methods and Models

2013  Application of Bayesian Model Averaging Approach to Multimodel Ensemble Hydrologic Forecasting

2013  Application of Unequal Time Interval Grey Forecast Method on Tunnel Displacement Monitoring

2013  Bayesian Statistic Forecasting Model for Middle-Term and Long-Term Runoff of a Hydropower Station

2013  Commercial Housing Price Index Forecast Based on the Gray Model

2013  Coupled Hydraulic and Kalman Filter Model for Real-Time Correction of Flood Forecast in the Three Gorges Interzone of Yangtze River, China

2013  Coupling a Mesoscale Atmospheric Model with a Distributed Hydrological Model Applied to a Watershed in Southeast Brazil

2013  A Departure Time Choice Model with Bounded Rationality

2013  Development of Community Water Deficit Index: Drought-Forecasting Tool for Small- to Mid-Size Communities of the Southeastern United States

2013  EMD-KNN Model for Annual Average Rainfall Forecasting

2013  Ensemble Kalman Filtering and Particle Filtering in a Lag-Time Window for Short-Term Streamflow Forecasting with a Distributed Hydrologic Model

2013  Forecast Modeling of Monthly Runoff with Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System and Wavelet Analysis

2013  Forecast of Container Throughput for Lianyungang Harbor

2013  Forecasting Engineering News-Record Construction Cost Index Using Multivariate Time Series Models

2013  Forecasting the Demand of Electric Vehicle Ownership and Usage in the Chukyo Region in Japan

2013  Forecasting the Short-Term Traffic Flow Based on Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Regression

2013  Forecasting Water Main Failure Using Artificial Neural Network and Generalized Linear Models

2013  The Framework Research on Short-Term Water Level Forecasting Model of Chang Jiang

2013  Freeze Up Water Temperature Forecast for the Yellow River Using Adaptive-Networks-Based Fuzzy Inference System

2013  Global Sea Level Projections to 2100 Using Methodology of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

2013  Hydrologic Trends and Correlations in South Texas River Basins: 1950-2009

2013  Improved Forecasting of Water Demands for South Florida Based on Household and Business Sector Micro-Data

2013  An Improved k-NN Nonparametric Regression-Based Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Model for Urban Expressways

2013  Improved Partial Linearization Algorithm for Solving the Combined Travel-Destination-Mode-Route Choice Problem

2013  Improving Streamflow Forecast Lead Time Using Oceanic-Atmospheric Oscillations for Kaidu River Basin, Xinjiang, China

2013  Integrating Climate Forecasts and Reforecast Products into Reservoir Operations Management

2013  Integrating Logistical and Technical Criteria into a Multiteam, Competitive Watershed Model Ranking Procedure

2013  Long-Term Water-Level Forecasting and Real-Time Correction Models in the Tidal Reach of the Yangtze River

2013  Low-Flow Variations in Source Water Supply for the Occoquan Reservoir System Based on a 100-Year Climate Forecast

2013  A MANOVA of Historical and Unhistorical Factors for Traffic Volume Forecasting

2013  Parking Demand Forecasting for CBD Based on Shared Parking

2013  Prediction of Wind, Wave, and Storm Surge due to Hurricane ISAAC in the Northern Gulf Coast

2013  Principal Factor Analysis for Forecasting Diurnal Water-Demand Pattern Using Combined Rough-Set and Fuzzy-Clustering Technique

2013  Research Firm Predicts Fastest-Growing Markets for A/E/C Firms

2013  Research on the Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Method Based on Chaos Theory

2013  Research on the Transfer Volume Forecasting Method Based on Time-Phase for Integrated Passenger Transport Hub

2013  Selecting Emergency Evacuation Routes in Urban Dynamic Traffic Network

2013  Self-Learning Cellular Automata for Forecasting Precipitation from Radar Images

2013  Stochastic Forecast of Construction Cost Index Using a Cointegrated Vector Autoregression Model

2013  Trip Generation Models Using Cumulative Logistic Regression

2013  Uncertainty in Task Duration and Cost Estimates: Fusion of Probabilistic Forecasts and Deterministic Scheduling

2013  Use of Stabilized Stream-Monitoring Sections to Monitor Annual Streamflow on the Alberta Boreal Plain

2012  Advanced Technology for Railway Hydraulic Hazard Forecasting

2012  The Application of Grey GM(1,1) Model in Forecast of Regional Logistics Scale

2012  The Application of MATLAB Neural Network Algorithm in Short-Term Hydrological Forecasting

2012  Artificial Neural Network-Based Drought Forecasting Using a Nonlinear Aggregated Drought Index

2012  Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Sea-Level Observing Network for Tsunami Warning

2012  An Automated Operational Storm Surge Prediction System for the National Hurricane Center

2012  Back Analysis of Road Foundation Settlement Forecast Based on Soft Soil Structural Damage

2012  Calibration of Tides in an Operational Forecast System for the Shelikof Straits—Cook Inlet Region of Alaska

2012  Combining Forecasting Model of Pipeline’s Corrosion Rate Based on Artificial Immune Algorithm

2012  Development of Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System (ESTOFS)

2012  Development of the Jamuneswari Flood Forecasting System: Case Study in Bangladesh

2012  Enhancing MIKE11 Updating Kernel and Evaluating Its Performance Using Numerical Experiments

2012  Estuarine and Coastal Modeling (2011)

2012  Flood Risk Awareness during the 2011 Floods in the Central United States: Showcasing the Importance of Hydrologic Data and Interagency Collaboration

2012  The Forecast of Railway Container Transport Volume Based on Gray Forecasting Model and MATLAB

2012  Forecasting of National Expressway Network Scale Based on Support Vector Regression with Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

2012  Forecasting Spatially Distributed Cotton Evapotranspiration by Assimilating Remotely Sensed and Ground-Based Observations

2012  Forecasting Water Demands—A Case Study for the South East Kelowna Irrigation District

2012  Hybrid Fuzzy Regression–Artificial Neural Network for Improvement of Short-Term Water Consumption Estimation and Forecasting in Uncertain and Complex Environments: Case of a Large Metropolitan City

2012  Hybrid Water Demand Forecasting Model Associating Artificial Neural Network with Fourier Series

2012  Implementation of a Hybrid Laplacian Filter in SLOSH to Suppress Numerical Grid Splitting

2012  Integrated Heteroscedasticity Test for Vehicular Traffic Condition Series

2012  Low-Dimensional Models of Annual Streamflow Using Tree Ring Data and Nino 3.4 Forecasts

2012  Multiplier Model for Forecasting Manpower Demand

2012  Network-Scale Traffic Modeling and Forecasting with Graphical Lasso and Neural Networks

2012  NOS Test Beds and Model Evaluation Environments

2012  Numerical Model and Computational Intelligence Approaches for Estimating Flow through Rockfill Dam

2012  Population Forecast and Control in the Development of International New District: A Case Study on Fengdong New District in Xixian New Area

2012  Predictive Study on Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Static Pressure Pipe Pile Based on Grey Support Vector Machine

2012  Quantifying Risk and Uncertainty in Truckee-Carson Basin Forecasted Operations Using Ensemble Streamflow Forecasts

2012  Quantitative Method for Updating Cost Contingency throughout Project Execution

2012  Real-Time Accuracy Degree Forecast of Estimated Link Average Travel Time Based on Data Fusion Method

2012  Regime-Based Short-Term Multivariate Traffic Condition Forecasting Algorithm

2012  Research on Grain Logistics Demand Forecasting Based on System Dynamics

2012  Research on Traffic Distribution Forecasting of Mountain Group City

2012  Review of Geohazard Warning Systems toward Development of a Popular Usage Geohazard Warning Communication System

2012  Risk Analysis of Highway Traffic Forecasts

2012  River-Flow Forecasting Using Higher-Order Neural Networks

2012  Role of Climate Variability in Modulating the Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction over the Southeast United States

2012  Scenario-Based Forecast of Regional Water Demands in Northeastern Illinois

2012  Soft Computing-Based Workable Flood Forecasting Model for Ayeyarwady River Basin of Myanmar

2012  The St. Johns River Operational Forecast System: Evolution of an EFDC Model Application from Development to Operational Implementation

2012  Statistical and Dynamical Climate Predictions to Guide Water Resources in Ethiopia

2012  Stochastic Method for Forecasting Project Time and Cost

2012  Stock-Flow Model for Forecasting Labor Supply