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2010  Force Finding of Tensegrity Systems Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm

2003  Identification of Simplified Models Using Adaptive Control Techniques

2003  Soil Behavior at the Microscale: Particle Forces

2001  Conceptual Design of Structural Systems Using Transferred Force Principles

2001  A Method for Estimating Passing Ship Forces

2001  Regularization in Moving Force Identification

2000  Adaptive Grasping: Machine Learning Applied to Planning of Power Grasps

2000  The Determination of Soil Strength for a Stability Analysis

2000  Power Versus Speed for Shallow Draft Navigation

2000  Soil Spring Constants of Buried Pipelines for Seismic Design

2000  Unilateral Buckling Restrained by Initial Force Supports

1999  Effect of Arbitrarily Directed Tangential Force on Elastic Contacting Bodies

1999  Effective Force Testing: A Method of Seismic Simulation for Structural Testing

1998  New Seismic Testing Method. I: Fundamental Concepts

1998  New Seismic Testing Method. II: Proof for MDOF Systems

1998  Recursive Formulation of Force Method Programmed in Logic

1998  Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Helical Cardiac Leads

1997  Evaluation of Nonlinear Frame Finite-Element Models

1997  SPT Dynamic Analysis and Measurements

1996  Forces on a Vertical Wall due to Long Waves, Bores, and Dry-Bed Surges

1996  A Melnikov Theoretic Bound on Probability of Escape from a Potential Well

1996  Modal Analysis of Linear Dynamic Systems: Physical Interpretation

1996  Visualizing Global Force Distributions in Finite Element Models

1995  A Balanced Seismic Steel Design Procedure for Strength and Ductility Requirements

1995  BEM Treatment of Body Forces in Plane Orthotropic Elastostatics

1995  Flutter of Cantilevered Column Under Rocket Thrust

1995  Force-Deformation Relationships for Rough Interfaces

1995  Role of Short-Range Forces in Particle Detachment during Filter Backwashing

1995  Spillway Gate Forces - Montgomery Point Spillway

1995  Unsteady Fluid Force Acting on and Oscillating Square-Section Cylinder

1994  A Conceptual Study of A Solar Power Satellite Using Centrifugal Force

1994  Construction Robot Force Control in Cleaning Operations

1994  Effects of Force Reflection on Telerobotic Performance

1994  Forces on Vibrating Cylinder Near Wall in Current and Waves

1994  Geosynthetic Loads in Landfills Slopes: Displacement Compatibility

1994  Interface Shear Stress in Overlaid Concrete Pavements

1994  Measurements of the Hydrodynamic Lift and Drag Forces Acting on Riprap Side Slope

1994  Monitoring Stay Cable Forces During Construction of the Natchez Trace Parkway Arch Bridge

1994  The Nature of Structural Morphology and Some Interdisciplinary Examples

1994  Simplified Calculation Method for Force Transfer in Composite Columns

1993  The Movement of Submerged Bodies by Breaking Waves

1993  Position-Force Adaptive Control for Construction Robots

1993  Technology Developments from the Las Colinas APT System

1992  Damage Diagnosis of Steel Frames Using Vibrational Signature Analysis

1992  Empirical Estimation of Double-Layer Repulsive Force between Two Inclined Clay Particles of Finite Length

1992  Interaction of Steep Waves with Vertical Walls

1992  Système International Yes, Newton No

1991  Design of a Neural Network Power Grasp Controller

1991  Development Length for Single Wire in Suspension Bridge Cable

1991  Force on Slab Beneath Hydraulic Jump

1991  General Model for Contact Law Between Two Rough Spheres

1991  Stability of Nonconservative Systems Using Eigenvalue Sensitivity

1990  Forces on Vertical Wall Caused by Incident Bores

1989  Axisymmetric Vibration of Disk Resting on Saturated Layered Half-Space

1989  Hydrodynamic Forces on Large Cylinders in Oscillatory Flow

1989  Response of Marine Pipelines in Scour Trenches

1989  Tension Buckling of Rectangular Sheets Due to Concentrated Forces

1987  Qualitative Evaluation of Force and Velocity Measurements During Pile Driving

1985  Analogy for Beam-Foundation Elastic Systems

1983  Identification of Force-Deformation Relations

1981  Delenda Est Kilogram

1980  Dowel Action in Concrete Beams Subject to Torsion

1980  Dynamic Loading of Highway Bridges

1980  Force Fluctuations on Sill of Hydraulic Jump

1980  Interactive Strength of Two Structural Parameters

1980  Random Thermal Stress in Concrete Containments

1980  Space Truss Studies with Force Limiting Devices

1980  Transverse Motion of Articulated Tower

1980  Windspeed Analysis of 1977 Birmingham Tornado

1979  Amplification Factors for Linear Structures With Support Gaps

1979  Box Girder Bridge Diaphragms with Openings

1979  Effects of Surface Roughness on Drag Coefficients

1979  Force Limiting Devices in Space Trusses

1979  Impact Forces on Horizontal Members

1979  Implementation of Substructuring in Finite Elements

1979  The Ocean Test Structure Data Base

1979  Railway-Bridge Impact: Simplified Train and Bridge Model

1979  Stressing of Transmission Tower Peak by Lighting

1979  Tethered Float Breakwaters

1979  Three-Dimensional Character of Waves and Forces

1979  Total Wave Force and Moment vs. Design Practice

1978  Determination of Internal Forces in Human Hand

1978  Drag on Baffle Walls in Hydraulic Jump

1978  Limiting Equilibrium Analysis of Strip Footings

1977  Added Mass of Pile Group

1977  Simple Weight-Optimization Scheme for Steel Frames

1976  Forces due to Nonlinear Waves on Vertical Cylinders

1976  Interaction of Water Waves with Cylinder Barrier

1975  Anchor-Last Deployment Simulation by Lumped Masses

1975  Dynamic Analysis of Curved Box-Girder Bridges

1975  Dynamic Behavior of Box-Girder Jetties

1975  Optimization in Trusses Using Optimal Control Theory

1975  Wave Forces on a Submerged Hemispherical Shell

1975  Wave Forces on Large Bodies—A Survey of Numerical Methods

1974  Collapse Load of Reinforced Concrete Footings

1974  Concrete Bearing Strength—Support, Mix, Size Effect

1974  Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures

1974  Least-Weight Frameworks for Loads Across Span

1974  Minimum Weight Design of Stress Limited Trusses

1974  New Concepts in Consolidation and Settlement Analysis