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2015  Dynamic Behavior of a Pedestrian Bridge in Alicante, Spain

2015  Experimental Dynamic Characterization and Finite-Element Updating of a Footbridge Structure

2015  Modal Parameter Variations due to Joist Bottom Chord Extension Installations on Laboratory Footbridges

2014  Capacity Assessment of the Titus Tunnel Bridge Using Analytical and Numerical Techniques

2014  Decentralized Modal Identification of a Pony Truss Pedestrian Bridge Using Wireless Sensors

2014  Lateral Pedestrian-Induced Vibrations of Footbridges: Characteristics of Walking Forces

2014  Pedestrian Bridge Collapse and Failure Analysis in Giles County, Virginia

2014  Rapid Decay of a Timber Footbridge and Changes in Its Modal Frequencies Derived from Multiannual Lateral Deflection Measurements

2014  Semiactive Friction Damper for Lightweight Pedestrian Bridges

2013  Application of Nakamura’s Model to Describe the Delayed Increase in Lateral Vibration of Footbridges

2013  The Bridges of Central Park

2013  Comparison of Prestress Losses for Pedestrian Bridges Constructed with High-Strength Concrete and High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete

2013  Design Method for the Dynamic Scale Model of Pedestrian Footbridge

2013  ’Exciting’ Pedestrian Bridge Planned for National Scout Jamboree Site

2013  A Finnish engineering firm has won an international competition to design a pair of bridges for pedestrians, cyclists, and light-rail trains in Finland’s capital city, Helsinki...

2013  Identification of Physically Simulated Damage on a Footbridge Based on Ambient Vibration Data

2013  Modeling and Optimal Semi Active Control Strategies for adaptive MRTMD

2013  Nonlinear Analysis for the Lateral Vibration of Footbridges Induced by Pedestrians

2013  Performance of a Prestressed Concrete Pedestrian Bridge System under Equivalent Static Lateral Impact Loads

2013  Synchronization among Pedestrians in Footbridges due to Crowd Density

2013  Technical Condition Evaluation Model of Pedestrian Bridge

2012  The Active Transportation Bridge

2012  Benchmark Footbridge for Vibration Serviceability Assessment under the Vertical Component of Pedestrian Load

2012  Cliff-Hanger

2012  Dynamic Response to Pedestrian Loads with Statistical Frequency Distribution

2012  Eaton’s Center: Design of a Pedestrian Glass Sky Bridge

2012  Effect of Bottom Chord Extensions on the Static Flexural Stiffness of Open-Web Steel Joists

2012  Multi-Modal Control of Pedestrian Bridges Using Tuned-Mass-Dampers

2012  Multiple-Tuned Mass Dampers for Multimodal Control of Pedestrian Bridges

2012  A New Model for Excessive Lateral Vibration of a Footbridge Induced by Pedestrians

2012  Performance-Based Vibration Design Methodology for Pedestrian Bridges

2012  Retrofitting Steel Joist Supported Footbridges for Improved Vibration Response

2011  Accelerated Construction for Pedestrian Bridges: A Comparison between High Strength Concrete (HSC) and High-Strength Self Consolidating Concrete (HS-SCC)

2011  Innovative Pedestrian Bridges at Yale University Feature Corrugated, Perforated Webs

2011  Italian Footbridge Doubles as Piazza

2011  NYC Pedestrian Bridge Blends Rustic Simplicity With Urban Modernism

2011  Pedestrian Bridge Project in San Francisco Region Was No Easy Walk

2011  Structural Failure of Building’s Walkway: Case Study

2011  Vandal Loads and Induced Vibrations on a Footbridge

2010  The Art of Science

2010  Combined Experimental-Operational Modal Testing of Footbridges

2010  Curved Pedestrian Bridge—Straightforward Design

2010  Modeling Spatially Unrestricted Pedestrian Traffic on Footbridges

2010  A new footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists near the Margaretengurtel subway station, in Vienna, Austria...

2010  Path To Safety

2010  Scenic Footbridge Clings To Canyon Wall

2010  Vibration Testing of Joist Supported Footbridges

2009  Biomechanics Research Yields Clues to Millennium Bridge Wobble

2009  Forty Foot Pedestrian Bridge — Aesthetics Integral to Structure, Towamencin Township, PA

2009  Lessons Learned from Marcy Bridge Collapse

2009  Measuring Dynamic Oscillations of a Small Span Cable-Stayed Footbridge: Case Study Using L1 GPS Receivers

2009  Modal Testing, Finite-Element Model Updating, and Dynamic Analysis of an Arch Type Steel Footbridge

2009  Pedestrian Bridge Features Crisscrossing ’Weave’ of Steel Strands

2009  Revisiting a Once Wobbly Bridge

2009  S-Shaped Bridge Improves Access to Welsh Castle

2008  Bridges: Elevated Walkway Lets Kew Visitors Enjoy ’Weathering’ Heights

2008  Bridges: Hudson River Rail Crossing to Become World’s Longest Pedestrian Span

2008  Missouri River Crossing Stretches Pedestrians. Legs, Engineering Boundaries

2008  A New Method to Avoid Resonance of Existing Pedestrian Bridges

2008  Pivoting Bridge Will Permit People to Ride Along

2008  Venice Pedestrian Crossing

2007  Autoparametric Resonance in a Pedestrian Steel Arch Bridge: Solferino Bridge, Paris

2007  Behavior of Girder-Floor Beam Connections in Prestressed Concrete Pedestrian Bridges Subjected to Lateral Impact Loads

2007  Bridges: Inverted Suspension Bridge Planned for China

2007  Bridges: Missouri River Span Blends Economy, Aesthetics

2007  Bridges: Singapore Pedestrian Bridge to Feature Double Helical Design

2007  Lateral Walking-Induced Forces on Footbridges

2007  Structures: Expo Pavilion Spans River

2006  Analysis and Solution to Human-Induced Lateral Vibrations on a Historic Footbridge

2006  Bridges: German Pedestrian Bridge Among Europe’s Longest

2006  Bridges: Pedestrian Walkway Will Hang from Tied-Arch Bridge in Pittsburgh

2006  Design and Construction of the Longest Rope-Stayed Newspaper Foot-Bridge

2005  The Aesthetic Design of Pedestrian Bridges: An Engineer’s Perspective

2005  BP Bridge at Millennium Park, Chicago

2005  Forensic Investigation of Marcy Pedestrian Bridge

2005  Helix Pedestrian Bridge

2005  Lateral Pedestrian Excitation of Footbridges

2005  Pedestrian Excitation on the London Millennium Footbridge

2005  Reliability-Based Optimum Design of Glulam Cable-Stayed Footbridges

2005  Swaying of Pedestrian Bridges

2005  Underpinning of Drilled Shafts Using Jet Grouting

2004  Alternate Load Paths in Historic Truss Bridges: New Approaches for Preservation

2004  Bridges: Cable-Stayed Pedestrian Crossing Doubles as Sundial

2004  Bridges: Pedestrian Crossing Spans Gatwick Taxiway

2004  Model for Lateral Excitation of Footbridges by Synchronous Walking

2004  People: Students’ Small Plastic Bridge is Big Success Story

2004  Rescue Mission

2004  Short Takes - Boston Younger Member Group to Replace Pedestrian Bridge

2003  Bridges: Cable-Stayed Pedestrian Span Rises to the Occasion

2003  Bridges: Pedestrian Crossing Mimics Double Helix

2003  Footbridge: Project to Implement Management Functions at AASTMT

2003  Inspection Rating and Management System for Tubular Steel Pedestrian Bridges

2003  Rector Street Bridge

2002  Rehabilitation: Century-Old Warren-Truss Footbridge Renovated

2002  Restoration of Landmark Bridge Named 150th Anniversary Project in Texas

2002  Twin Crossings

2001  Bridge to the Future

2001  Bridges: Asymmetrical Pedestrian Overpass to Be Part of Denver’s Urban Renewal

2001  Bridges: Competition Generates Innovative Design for Pedestrian Crossing

2001  Bridges: Tripod Pedestrian Crossing Spans Two Rivers