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Found 76 Records with the keyword term of "Food"

2013  Assessing the Most Important Drains in the Known Universe: Experience at Major Beer Brewing Facilities

2011  Predicting the Onset of Metal Leaching from Land Application of Wastewater Using Soil Sensors and Microbial Community Analyses

2010  Analysis and Control of Quality and Safety in the Instant Frozen Dumplings Supply Chain

2010  Application and Research of Internet of Thing Based on RFID Technology in Beverage Industry of China

2010  Constructing the Evaluation System of the Quality Risks of Fruits and Vegetables Cold Chain

2010  Demand Forecast in Food Logistics of Sichuan Province in China

2010  Designing the Quality Assurance System of Fruits and Vegetables Cold Chain

2010  Inventory Optimization for Fresh Food of Regional Chain Supermarket Based on the Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

2010  Investigation of Flow Field in Cold Store of Cold Storage Chain

2010  Optimization of Food Emergency Logistics Dynamic Distribution System Based on Internet of Things

2010  Study on Logistics Outsourcing Risk Management Based on Food Supply Chain

2010  Study on Market Equilibrium of Sealed Supply Chain Based on Willingness to Pay for Food Safety

2010  Supplier Selection in Supply Chain Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

2010  Supply Chain Coordination Model Based on the Level of Pork Quality

2009  Environmental Impact of Coffee Processing Effluent on the Ecological Integrity of Rivers Found in Gomma Woreda of Jimma Zone, Ethiopia

2009  Enzymatic Treatment of a Modified Food Processing Wastewater

2009  Food Distribution Model and Algorithm of Emergency Logistics under Large-Scale Public Emergency

2009  A Model on Risk Evaluation for Emergency Guarantee Mechanism of Food Logistics

2009  Permitting of Confined Animal Feeding Operations: Issues and Challenges

2009  Simplified Kinetic Analysis for Composting of Municipal Solid Waste

2008  Biodegradation of a Food Processing Wastewater Utilizing Phanerochaete Chrysosporium

2008  The Design and Implementation of Logistics Monitoring System on Food Safety

2008  Investigation of Denitrification Kinetics Using Various Carbon Sources in Sequencing Batch Reactors at Cold Temperature

2007  Modelling Issues on Traceability System in Food Supply Chain

2007  NewsBriefs: Genetically Engineered Poplar Plants Disarm Toxic Pollutant (University of Washington)

2006  Potential Utilization of Sugar Industry Waste for Removal of Color from Textile Industry Effluent

2005  Anaerobic Digestion of Food Industry Wastes: Effect of Codigestion on Methane Yield

2005  Factors Affecting Hydrogen Production from Food Wastes by Clostridium-Rich Composts

2000  Greenhouses in Earth Orbit and on Space Stations

2000  Water Planning for Food Production in Developing Countries by Phillip Z. Kirpich

1999  Anaerobic Degradation of Linoleic and Oleic Acids

1998  Biological Nutrient Removal from Dairy Wastewater

1998  Biological Treatment of a Seafood Processing Wastewater

1998  Farming the California Seas

1998  Lunar Base Plant Propagation and Supply

1998  Organochlorines: The Silent Killer

1998  World Fisheries and California Fisheries Management

1997  Clean Technologies in U.S. Industries, Focus on Food Processing

1997  Engineered Foods

1997  Partial Irrigation: A Fundamental Change

1997  Unique Discharge Permit Issued

1996  Flight Crew Equipment Development and Integration with the International Partners

1996  Water Conservation for Boilers and Steam Systems

1995  Design and Construction of Refrigerated Facilities

1994  Is It Possible to Colonize Mars?

1993  Prediction of Rotating Biological Contactor Efficiency Using TOC

1993  Soil Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater

1993  Wastewater Treatment and Disposal System for a Vegetable Processing Facility

1992  An Integrated Human/Plant Metabolic Mass Balance Model

1991  Industrial-Waste Land Treatment Practices

1990  Conceptual Design for a Lunar-Base CELSS

1990  Supplying Water and Saving the Environment for Six Billion People

1989  FDA Opens Office, Lab in Seattle

1988  Lunar Agricultural Requirements Definition

1987  Is It Safe to Eat the Seafood?

1987  Management Challenges Affecting Agricultural Reuse of High-Strength Food Processing Wastewaters

1987  Oil and Krill: From Lab to Nature

1987  An Overview of Factors Affecting Land Application of Food Processing Wastes

1987  Permeate Quality of Ultrafiltration Process

1987  The Use of Subsistence Information in Coastal Land Planning: Examples from Southeast Alaska

1987  Winery Wastewater Land Application

1986  Design Criteria for Mass Culturing Spirulina Algae

1984  Management of Wastes by Ocean Disposal in the Seafood Processing Industry

1982  Cash Crops in the Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater

1982  Societal Problems and Research Needs in Civil Engineering: Air, Water, Food

1981  Kinetics of Anaerobic-Filter Pretreatment of Dairy Wastewater at Ambient Temperature

1981  Pilot Scale Overland Flow Treatment of High Strength Snack Food Processing Wastewaters

1981  Removal of Suspended Solids from Seafood Processing Waste Water

1979  Edible Oil Waste Treatment Surpasses Requirements

1979  Food and Agricultural Policies

1977  California’s Food Industry: Wastewater Management Challenge

1976  New Growth Centers — A Role for the Bureau of Reclamation

1975  Climatic Changes and the World Food Supply

1969  Grain Storage Structures for Food Deficient Areas

1969  Temporary Bulk Grain Storage Structures

1957  SED Research Report No. 13: Milk and Food Problems in Civil Defense