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2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. I: Laboratory Experiment and Sensitivity Study

2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. II: Numerical Modeling

2014  Applying MEMS Accelerometers to Measure Ground Vibration and Characterize Landslide Initiation Features in Laboratory Flume Test

2014  Calculating Discharge from Culverts under Inlet Control Using Stage at the Inlet

2014  Current Effects on Nonlinear Wave Scattering by a Submerged Plate

2014  Mechanistic Detachment Rate Model to Predict Soil Erodibility Due to Fluvial and Seepage Forces

2014  Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Regular Wave Overtopping Flows over the Crest of a Trapezoidal Smooth Impermeable Sea Dike

2014  Stability Analysis of Semicohesive Streambanks with CONCEPTS: Coupling Field and Laboratory Investigations to Quantify the Onset of Fluvial Erosion and Mass Failure

2014  Turbulent Flow and Sand Transport over a Cobble Bed in a Laboratory Flume

2014  Water Discharge Measurement in Agricultural Catchments Using Critical Depth Flumes Affected by Sediment Deposition

2013  1-g Scale Hydraulic Flume-based Soil-Fluid-Structure Model Testing and Evaluation of Surging and Scouring Effects

2013  Experimental Study of Solitary Wave Induced Fluid Motions in a Submerged Cavity

2013  Formula to Predict Transmission for π-Type Floating Breakwaters

2013  Generic Free-Flow Rating for Cutthroat Flumes

2013  Supercritical Flow Measurement Using a Large Parshall Flume

2013  Use of Stabilized Stream-Monitoring Sections to Monitor Annual Streamflow on the Alberta Boreal Plain

2013  Using Numerical Modeling to Correct Flow Rates for Submerged Montana Flumes

2012  Effect of Flow Depth, Ions, and Salinity on Suspended Sediment Concentration

2012  Estimation and Measurement of Bed Material Shear Stresses in Erosion Rate Testing Devices

2012  Improvements in Flow Rate Measurements by Flumes

2012  Introducing Dynamics and Control to Civil Engineers through an Experimental Flume

2012  Montana Flume Flow Corrections under Submerged Flow

2011  Conditional Assessment of Flow Measurement Accuracy

2011  Flow Details near River Groynes: Experimental Investigation

2011  Flume Analysis of Engineered Large Wood Structures for Scour Development and Habitat

2011  Key Technologies of Dynamic Flume Test for Earthquake Induced Rock Avalanches

2011  Numerical Modeling of Abutment Scour with the Focus on the Incipient Motion on Sloping Beds

2011  Parshall Flume Discharge Corrections: Wall Staff Gauge and Centerline Measurements

2011  Small-Scale Flume Test under Dynamic Condition for Rock Avalanches

2011  Using Inclined Walls to Control the Bottom Shear Stress Distribution in an Annular Flume

2010  Analytical Study on Mitigation of Liquefaction-Related Damage to Flume Channel Using Sheet-Pile with Drain

2010  Bridge Pier Scour in Clay-Sand Mixed Sediments at Near-Threshold Velocity for Sand

2010  Bridging Process Threshold for Sediment Infiltrating into a Coarse Substrate

2010  Laboratory Flume Static and Dynamic Experiment for Rock Avalanches

2010  A Laser-Based Optical Approach for Measuring Scour Depth around Hydraulic Structures

2010  One-Dimensional Study on Propagation of Tsunami Wave in River Channels

2010  Particle Fluxes into Permeable Sediments: Comparison of Mechanisms Mediating Deposition

2010  Sediment Exchange between a River and Its Groyne Fields: Mobile-Bed Experiment

2009  Bernoulli Theorem, Minimum Specific Energy, and Water Wave Celerity in Open-Channel Flow

2009  Constriction Effects in Clear-Water Scour at Abutments

2009  Mean Flow and Turbulence around a Laboratory Spur Dike

2009  Supercritical Flow Measurement Using a Small Parshall Flume

2008  Bed-Load Transport Flume Experiments on Steep Slopes

2008  Cutthroat Measurement Flume Calibration for Free and Submerged Flow Using a Single Equation

2008  Field Testing of a Simple Flume (SMBF) for Flow Measurement in Open Channels

2008  Flume Test Section Length and Sediment Erodibility

2008  Impact of Foliage on the Drag Force of Vegetation in Aquatic Flows

2008  Numerical Simulation of Flows in Cut-Throat Flumes

2008  Numerical Study of the Transition Regime between the Skimming and Wake Interference Flows in a Water Flume by Using the Lattice-Model Approach

2008  Placed Rock as Protection against Erosion by Flow down Steep Slopes

2008  Research on the Stability of Concrete Mattress under Wave Action in the Yangtze Estuary Deepwater Channel

2007  Comparison of Two Techniques to Measure Sediment Erodibility in the Fox River, Wisconsin

2007  Discharge Relation for Cutthroat Flume under Free-Flow Condition

2007  Effect of Coarse Surface Layer on Bed-Load Transport

2007  Erosion of Cohesive Sediments: Resuspension, Bed Load, and Erosion Patterns from Field Experiments

2007  Flume Experiments under Cat-Scan to Measure Internal Sedimentological Parameter During Sediment Transport

2007  Predicting Interfacial Diffusion Coefficients for Fluxes across the Sediment-Water Interface

2007  Simple Flume for Flow Measurement in Sloping Open Channel

2007  Stream Bank Erosion: In Situ Flume Tests

2006  Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flow in a Straight Flume for Sediment Erodibility Testing

2006  Data Interpretation for In Situ Measurements of Cohesive Sediment Erosion

2006  Effectiveness of Bermuda Grass as Vegetative Cover in Grassed Waterway: A Simulated Study

2006  Laboratory Experiments on Frazil-Size Characteristics in a Counterrotating Flume

2006  New Facility fo Study River Abrasion Processes

2006  Reanalysis and Correction of Bed-Load Relation of Meyer-Peter and Müller using Their Own Database

2005  Flow Structure and Sediment Motion around Submerged Vanes in Open Channel

2005  SRICOS-ERA Method for Contraction Scour in Fine-Grained Soils

2005  Upstream Discharge Distribution in Compound-Channel Flumes

2005  Velocity and Suspended-Sediment Measurements over Mobile Sand Dunes in a Laboratory Flume

2005  Wave Runup on a Concentric Perforated Circular Cylinder System

2004  Analysis of Flow Characteristics in an Annular Flume: Implications for Erosion and Deposition of Cohesive Sediments

2004  Background and Approach to Securing a Vital Water Lifeline in Utah: The Olmsted Flowline

2004  Distribution of Bed Shear Stress in Rotating Circular Flume

2004  Effect of Sand Movement on a Cohesive Substrate

2004  Erosional Narrowing after Dam Removal: Theory and Numerical Model

2004  Generation and Propagation of Water Waves in a Two-Dimensional Numerical Viscous Wave Flume

2004  Scale Effects in Flume Experiments on Flow around a Spur Dike in Flatbed Channel

2004  Spectral Technique for Generating Gaussian Wave Packets

2004  SRICOS-EFA Method for Complex Piers in Fine-Grained Soils

2003  Measurements of Sediment Erosion and Transport with the Adjustable Shear Stress Erosion and Transport Flume

2003  Progress in Acoustic Suspended-Sediment Measurement in Laboratory Flumes

2003  Straight Benthic Flow-Through Flume for In Situ Measurement of Cohesive Sediment Dynamics

2002  Active Wave Absorption in Flumes and 3D Basins

2002  High-Quality Laboratory Wave Generation for Flumes and Basins

2002  In Situ Measurement of Cohesive Sediment Dynamics with a Straight Benthic Flume

2002  Incidental Observations Regarding Resistance to Flow and the Vertical-Velocity Profile in the Central, Two-Dimensional Flow Region of High-Gradient Flumes and Cobble-Bed Streams

2002  A Low-Cost Wave-Sediment-Towing Tank

2002  Performance Limits of Width-Contracted Flumes

2002  Suspended-Sediment Measurements in Laboratory Flumes using Acoustic Techniques

2001  Characterization of Sediment Transport

2001  Development and Geometric Similarity of Alluvial Deltas

2001  Equilibrium Range Spectra of Wind Waves on Currents

2001  Experimental Study on the Influence of Bottom Permeability on Wave Breaking and Associated Processes

2001  Flume Tests for Scour in Clay at Circular Piers

2001  Intra-Wave Sediment Transport Modelling

2001  Laboratory Study of Anchor Ice Growth

2001  Monitoring River Channel and Flume Surfaces with Digital Photogrammetry

2001  Near-Bed Sand Transport Mechanisms under Waves—A Large-Scale Flume Experiment (Sistex99)

2001  Q-Tree Model of Nearshore Flows at Multi-Cusps

2001  Researchers Confirm Link between Landslides and Soil Porosity