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Found 40 Records with the keyword term of "Fluidization"

2014  Internal Fluidization in Granular Soils

2009  Fluidization in an Anaerobic EGSB Reactor: Analysis of Primary Wakes and Modeling of Sludge Blanket

2009  Jet-Induced Cratering of a Granular Surface with Application to Lunar Spaceports

2006  The Dynamics of Sediment Gravity Flows Following Fluidization

2006  Effect of Pressure Fluctuations on the Quality of Fluidization and on the Generation of Particulate Matters during Incineration

2005  Effects of Fluidization on the Sedimentation Process

1999  Fluidization of the Sand Bed and Sediment Movement in the Surf Zone

1997  Fluidization Response of Sediment Bed to Rapidly Falling Water Surface

1997  Pressure Gradients Within Sediment Beds

1997  Problems in Characterizing Dynamics of Mud Shore Profiles

1995  Head Requirement for Incipient Fluidization of Fine Sands in Unbounded Domains

1995  Incipient Fluidization of Fine Sands in Deep Seabed

1995  Tracking Dynamical Changes in Mud Bed Due to Waves

1994  Design of Fluidizer Systems for Coastal Environment

1992  3-D Effects of Incipient Fluidization of Fine Sands in Unbounded Domains

1992  Tackling Trapped Sediments

1992  Velocity Gradient in Filter Backwashing

1991  Fluidization Pipe Hole Spacing

1991  New “Dredging” Technology for Inlets and Beaches: Move Sand to the Pump

1991  The Oceanside Experimental Sand Bypass—The Next Step

1991  Predicting Incipient Fluidization of Fine Sands in Unbounded Domains

1991  Pumping In and Pumping Out: Case Histories of Fluidized Sand Bypassing for Channels and Beachface Dewatering for Beaches

1990  Dynamic Fluidization of Soils

1990  Improvement of Bypassing and Backpassing At Tidal Inlets

1990  Predicting Incipient Fluidization of Fine Sands in Unbounded Domains

1990  Selection of Hole Size for Fluidization Pipes

1990  Slurry Removal From a 2-D Fluidized Region

1989  Dynamic Model of Nitrification in a Fluidized Bed

1989  Fluidization: Channel Maintenance & Sand Bypassing

1989  Modeling Erosion and Deposition Due to Suction and Jet Flows

1989  Predicting 2-D Pre & Incipient Fluidization by 1-D Theory

1988  Experiment on Fluidization in Unbounded Domains

1987  Sand Bypass System at Oceanside, California

1987  Update: Fluidization for Tidal Channel Maintenance

1985  Fluidization of Biomas Covered Sand Particles

1982  Maintaining Tidal Inlet Channel by Fluidization

1978  Optimum Backwashing of Sand Filters

1975  Analytical Model of Duct-Flow Fluidization

1975  Developments in Backwashing of Granular Filters

1960  Fundamental Aspects of Thixotropy in Soils