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2015  Adaptive Control of Shock Waves with a Passively Morphing Layer for Rotating Blades

2015  Analysis of Fluid-Solid Coupling Characteristics of Oil and Gas Submarine Span Pipelines

2015  Performance of Buried Tunnels Subjected to Surface Blast Incorporating Fluid-Structure Interaction

2015  Seismic Performance of Storage Steel Tanks during the May 2012 Emilia, Italy, Earthquakes

2015  Staggered Approach for Fluid-Structure Interaction Phenomena of an AGARD 445.6 Wing Using Commercial CFD/CSM Software

2015  Transient Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Complex Parachute Inflation with Fixed Payload

2014  Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations with Experimental Jet Erosion Tests Results

2014  Multiscale Modeling of Soil-Fluid-Structure Interaction

2014  Prediction Flutter Boundaries of Laminated Cylindrical Shells Using Scaling Laws

2014  Resonance of Free-Surface Waves Provoked by Floodgate Maneuvers

2014  SPH-DEM Modeling of the Hydraulic Stability of 2D Blocks on a Slope

2014  Tsunami Modeling, Fluid Load Simulation, and Validation Using Geospatial Field Data

2013  Accounting for Earthquake-Induced Dam-Reservoir Interaction Using Modified Accelerograms

2013  Collapse of a Masonry Wall in an Industrial Building: Diagnosis by Numerical Modeling

2013  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of the Three-Dimensional Modal Dynamic Response of Bridge Pile Foundations Submerged in Water

2013  Multiscale Modeling of High Contrast Brinkman Equations with Applications to Deformable Porous Media

2013  New Fish Reef Block Ensuring Accurate Placement by Free-Fall Method

2012  Conservation Issues for Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes–Based Rotor Aeroelastic Simulations

2012  Multiphysics Coupled Fluid/Thermal/Structural Simulation for Hypersonic Reentry Vehicles

2012  Optimization-Based Strong Coupling Procedure for Partitioned Analysis

2012  Structures Subjected to Low-Level Blast Loads: Analysis of Aerodynamic Damping and Fluid-Structure Interaction

2012  Vortex-Excited Transverse Surface Waves in an Array of Randomly Placed Circular Cylinders

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Properties of Aqueduct-Water Coupling Systems with Rubber Bearings

2011  Benchmark Analysis of Seismically Induced Fluid-Structure Interaction in Liquid-Containing Tanks with Insufficient Freeboard

2011  Effect of Ice Sheet on Stochastic Response of Offshore Wind Turbine–Seawater–Soil Interaction Systems Subjected to Random Seismic Excitation

2010  Finite-Element Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Blast-Resistant Window System

2010  Modeling Skid Resistance of Commercial Trucks on Highways

2010  Response of an Elastic Structure Subject to Air Shock Considering Fluid-Structure Interaction

2009  Anatomy of Turbulence Effects on the Aerodynamics of an Oscillating Prism

2009  A New Modal Technique for Seismic Analysis of Arch Dams Including Dam-Reservoir Interaction

2008  DEM Simulation of Flood-Induced Piping Including Soil-Fluid-Structure Interaction

2008  Wet-Pavement Hydroplaning Risk and Skid Resistance: Analysis

2007  Free Vibrations of Cylindrical Storage Tanks: Finite-Element Analysis and Experiments

2007  Simulation Computation and Experimental Investigation on Inflatable Rubber Boat Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis

2007  Wet-Pavement Hydroplaning Risk and Skid Resistance: Modeling

2006  Finite-Element Computation of Wave-Structure Interaction between Steep Stokes Waves and Vertical Cylinders

2006  Fluid-Soil-Structure Interaction in Liquefaction around a Cyclically Moving Cylinder

2006  Laboratory Observation of Solitary Wave Propagating over a Submerged Rectangular Dike

2006  Modeling of Seabed Interaction of Oceanographic Moorings in the Frequency Domain

2006  Viscous Effect on the Roll Motion of a Rectangular Structure

2005  Equivalent Models of Pure Conical Tanks under Vertical Ground Excitation

2005  Evaluatoin of Two Numerical Wave Models with Inlet Physical Model

2005  Modeling Flow around Bluff Bodies

2004  2-D Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Wave Interaction With Low-Crested Breakwaters Including Breaking and Flow Recirculation

2004  Flow Variation of Duckbill Valve Jet in Relation to Large Elastic Deformation

2003  Analytical Solution for Fluid-Structure Interaction in Liquid-Filled Pipes Subjected to Impact-Induced Water Hammer

2003  A Combined Simulation and Visualization System for Coastal Structure-Wave Interaction

2003  Nonlinear Response of Fluid-Filled Membrane in Gravity Waves

2002  Stable Boundary Element Method/Finite Element Method Procedure for Dynamic Fluid–Structure Interactions

2002  A Tribute to Robert Harris Scanlan

2001  Wind Pressures on End-Cell-Induced Vibration of Circular Tower

2000  Poro-Damage Approach Applied to Hydro-Fracture Analysis of Concrete

1999  Coupled Slosh Dynamics of Liquid-Filled, Composite Cylindrical Tanks

1999  Effects of Water Pressure on Deep Water Offshore Concrete Design

1999  Response of Bottom-Mounted Fluid-Filled Membrane in Gravity Waves

1999  Seismic Response of Isolated Elevated Water Tanks

1998  Advanced Volterra Models for Fluid-Structure Interactions

1997  Analysis of Class of Nonlinear System under Deterministic and Stochastic Excitations

1996  A Complete Three Dimensional Analysis of Pressures on a Vertical Cylinder by Earthquakes Including Fluid-Structure Interaction

1996  Dynamic Response of Rectangular Flexible Fluid Containers

1996  Investigation of Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction

1996  Laterally Excited Flexible Tanks with Nonuniform Density Liquid

1996  New Trends in Biomechanics

1995  Collision of Cylinders in Random Seas

1995  Earthquake Response of Concrete Gravity Dams Including Base Sliding

1995  Experimental Fluid-Force Coefficients for Wake-Induced Cylinder Vibration

1995  Non-Gaussian Approach for Stochastic Analysis of Offshore Structures

1995  Oblique-Wave Diffraction by Noncollinear Segmented Offshore Breakwaters

1995  Plane-Strain Instability of Saturated Porous Media

1995  Scattering of Waves by Submerged Shell with Oscillator: Tail Wags Dog

1995  Wave Forces Acting on a Vortex Excited Vibrating Cylinder in Waves

1994  Composite 2D/3D Hydroelastic-Analysis Method for Floating Structures

1994  The Swept Sine Wave Testing Technique in Hydrodynamic Applications

1994  Wave Interaction with Semiporous Cylindrical Breakwater

1993  Earthquake Analysis of Arch Dams. I: Dam-Foundation Interaction

1993  Earthquake Analysis of Arch Dams. II: Dam-Water-Foundation Interaction

1993  Experimental Investigation of Fluid-Filled Membrane Breakwaters

1993  Interaction of Waves with N Vertical Circular Cylinders

1993  New Stochastic Theory for Bridge Stability in Turbulent Flow

1993  Proportional Strain Tests of Fresh-Water Ice Rubble

1993  Seismic Coupled Modeling of Axisymmetric Tanks Containing Liquid

1993  Vibration Control by Multiple Tuned Liquid Dampers (MTLDs)

1993  Water Waves on Flexible and Porous Breakwaters

1992  Design Loads for Sloshing in TLP Pontoons Tanks

1992  Probabilistic Description of Buffeting Response of Long-Span Bridges

1992  Probabilistic Description of Buffeting Response of Long-Span Bridges: II

1991  Interaction Between Waves and a Floating Body with Tension Legs

1991  Interaction of Viscous Free-Surface Flow with Submerged Structure

1991  Monitoring Hydraulic Loads on the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier

1991  Time-Domain Analyses of Dam-Reservoir System. I: Exact Solution

1991  Time-Domain Analyses of Dam-Reservoir System. II: Substructure Method

1991  Time-Domain Transmitting Boundary Condition in Fluid-Structure Interaction Studies

1990  Arch Dam Response to Nonuniform Seismic Input

1990  Characteristics of the Flood Release-Induced Vibrations with Qianshui Thin-Arch Dam

1990  Dynamic Response of Fluid-Filled Buried Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells

1990  Dynamic Response of Submerged Shells With Appendages

1990  Forces Acting on a Vortex-Excited Vibrating Cylinder in Planar Oscillatory Flow

1990  Formation of Circular Optical Membranes Under Free-Form Yielding

1990  Method for Transient Analysis of Three-Dimensional Dam-Reservoir Interactions

1990  Stochastic Behavior of Concrete Arch Dam-Reservoir Fluid-Foundation Systems in Nonstationary Random Vibration