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2014  Friction Head Loss in Center-Pivot Laterals with Single Diameter and Multidiameter

2013  Preliminary Study on Flow Constitutive Model of Post Liquefied Sand in Zero Effective Stress State

2010  Manifold Flow in Pressure-Distribution Systems

2010  Manifold Flow in Wastewater Pressure-Distribution Systems

2009  Application of Optical Measurement Techniques to Supersonic and Hypersonic Aerospace Flows

2009  Objective Model for the Fluctuating Pressure-Strain-Rate Correlations

2008  Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Equivalent Viscous Damping of Structures with TLCD for Different Fluids

2006  Review of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery, 5th Edition, by S. L. Dixon

2006  Review of Fluid Mechanics Solutions by James A. Liggett and David A. Caughey

2006  Role of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics in Environmental Engineering Publications

2006  Turbulent Flow Friction Factor Calculation using a Mathematically Exact Alternative to the Colebrook — White Equation

2004  Constraints for Using Lambert W Function-Based Explicit Colebrook.White Equation

2004  Fluid Mechanics and the Undergraduate Civil Engineer

2004  Hans Albert Einstein: Innovation and Compromise in Formulating Sediment Transport by Rivers

2003  History of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics at Colorado State University

2003  Study of Environmental Fluid Mechanics Using State-of-the-Art Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation

2003  Testing Block Probes for Wall Shear Stress Measurement in Water Flows

2003  Two-Dimensional Micromachined Flow Sensor Array for Fluid Mechanics Studies

2002  Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Theories and Applications

2002  Environmental Fluid Mechanics by Hillel Rubin and Joseph Atkinson

2002  Environmental Fluid Mechanics: Theories and Applications edited by Hayley H. Shen, Alexander H. D. Cheng, Keh-Han Wang, Michelle H. Teng, and Clark C. K. Liu

2002  Flow Visualization by A.J. Smits and T. T. Lim

2002  Fluid Mechanics: An Essential Part of an Environmental Engineering Curriculum

2002  Fluid Mechanism of Wing Rock for Configurations with Chine-Shaped Forebodies

2002  Introduction

2001  A First Course in Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers by Donald D. Gray

2001  Behavior of the Working Fluid in Mechanized Support in Permafrost

2001  Mudflow Rheology and Dynamics, by Philippe Coussot

2000  ASCE’s Pioneer CD-ROM on Fluid Mechanics Wins Choice Award

2000  Fluid Mechanics of Triangular Sediment Oxygen Demand Chamber

2000  Stretches of Fluid Materials for Stokes Flows in Circular Cavity

1999  ASCE Takes Tech Award for Fluid Mechanics CD-ROM

1999  Editorial

1999  Teaching Fluid Mechanics from an Interactive Book

1998  Fluid Mechanics, An Interactive Text

1998  High-Tech Text

1998  Is It Possible? Fluid Mechanics CD-ROM Could Make Subject a Joy to Study

1998  Solutions Manual-Fluid Mechanics, An interactive Text

1997  Control of Fluid Properties of Particulate Grouts: Part 1 - General Concepts

1997  Control of Fluid Properties of Particulate Grouts: Part 2 - Case Histories

1997  Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics of Pipelines

1997  Influence of Strain-Rate on Coagulation Kinetics

1997  John F. Kennedy Student Paper Competition and Specialty Seminar Summaries

1997  Pipeline Research Needs

1996  Biomechanics and Testing of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices

1996  Computation of Velocity Fields of Intravenous Balloon Pumping

1996  Editorial

1996  The Effect of Diameter Mismatch Upon Hemodynamics in the Distal Anastomoses of Vascular Bypass Grafts

1996  Engineering a Novel Intravenous Oxygenator

1996  Engineering Design Considerations for Artificial Lungs

1996  Engineering Mechanics

1996  Environmental Fluid Mechanics -- A Review of Some Recent Results

1996  Environmental Hydraulics: New Research Directions for the 21st Century

1996  Experimental Study of Steady and Pulsatile Flows in Models of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

1996  Granular Flow Based on Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics

1996  Platelet Activation in Time Varying Shear Flow Field

1996  Pulsatile Flow Circuitry for Dynamic Study of a Volume Plethysmograph

1996  Simulation of Pulsatile Flow Past a St. Jude Valve

1995  Analysis of a Natural Convection Loop Which Includes Reservoirs

1995  Fluid Mechanical Design of the Potential Flow Turbine

1995  Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by James A. Fay

1995  A Length-Scale Model for Merging of Jets in a Coflow

1995  Structures in Turbulent Jets

1994  Characteristics of Solitary Wave Breaking Induced by Breakwaters

1994  Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Treatment of Debris Flows and Avalanches

1994  ‘Shock Absorbers’ for Cars and Quakes

1993  Analytical Model of Viscoelastic Fluid Dampers

1993  Fluid Mechanics Aspects of Ocean Outfalls

1993  Gravity-Current Fronts Advancing into Horizontal Ambient Flow

1993  Laminar Flow with Slip in Channels with Uniformly Porous Walls

1993  Macroscopic Conductivities for Flow of Bingham Plastics in Porous Media

1992  Analyses of Special Hazards and Flooding Problems in Tropical Island Environments

1992  Engineering Mechanics

1992  A Hydraulic Study of Venous Valve Closure

1992  Investigation of Zebra Mussel Adhesion Strength Using a Rotating Disk

1992  Leakage Characteristics of the St. Jude Heart Valve

1992  Systolic Anterior Motion of the Mitral Valve: In Vitro Flow Studies

1991  Chaotic Motions of Self-Excited Forced and Autonomous Square Prisms

1991  Garbis H. Keulegan: A Physicist’s Long Life in Hydraulics

1991  Mechanics Computing in 1990’s and Beyond

1991  Modeling Alluvial-Channel Flow by Multimode Characteristics Method

1991  Smart Fluids May Foil Quakes

1991  A Visualization Toolkit for Fluid Mechanics

1990  50th Anniversary of the Hydraulic Division 1938-1988

1990  Fluid Mechanics and Design of Hydraulic Structures

1990  A Hybrid Model for Sediment Concentration Profiles

1989  Fluid Forum

1989  Mathematical Models for Turbulent Shear Stress in Sediment-Laden Flows

1988  Experiments on the Gravity-Free Dispersion of Large Solid Spheres in a Newtonian Fluid under Shear (1954)

1988  Fluid Mechanics in Civil Engineering: The Crisis and the Opportunity

1987  Experiments on the Saline Wedge

1987  The Origins of Fluid Mechanics

1987  Seismic-Generated Water Waves in Axisymmetric Tanks

1987  Thermodynamic Factors in Evapotranspiration

1986  Advancements in Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

1986  Computational Experiments on Taylor Vortex Flow

1986  Conference Crosses Three Disciplines

1986  Conference to Highlight Advancements in Fluid Mechanics

1986  Flow Past Prosthetic Valves in a Model Human Aorta

1986  High Order Vortex Formations Past Elliptic Cylinders