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2015  Effect of the Drip Flow Rate with Multiple Manifolds on the Homogeneity of the Delivered Volume

2014  Combining the Statistical Model and Heuristic Model to Predict Flow Rate

2014  Comparison between CFD and Surface Overflow Rate Models to Predict Particulate Matter Separation in Unit Operations for Combined Sewer Overflows

2014  Effect of Air Injector on the Airlift Performance in Air-Water-Solid Three-Phase Flow

2014  Influence of Combined Transportation Time and Temperature on Flow Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete

2014  Statistics of Flow and the Scaling of Ceramic Water Filters

2014  Transient Mass Transport within Stokes Eddies Induced in a Junction of Orthogonal Flow Branches

2013  Experimental and Numerical Study of the Flow Structure around Two Partially Buried Objects on a Deformed Bed

2013  Modeling Adsorption of Copper on Amine-Functionalized SBA-15: Predicting Breakthrough Curves

2013  Porosity Distribution and Flow Rate of Granular Materials

2013  Porosity, Flow, and Filtration Characteristics of Frustum-Shaped Ceramic Water Filters

2013  Prediction of Influent Flow Rate: Data-Mining Approach

2013  Turbulence Characterization in a Gully with Reverse Flow

2013  Using Numerical Modeling to Correct Flow Rates for Submerged Montana Flumes

2013  V-Shaped Multislit Weirs

2012  The Effective Shear Rate for a Pipeline Transporting Viscoplastic Fluid

2012  Framework for Estimating Uncertainty Limits of Daily Flow Rate Data

2012  Implementation of Magnetic Meters for Irrigation Volumetric Measurement

2012  Improvements in Flow Rate Measurements by Flumes

2012  Pareto-Based Methodology for the Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Gated Culvert Flows

2012  Separation Zone in Flow past a Spur Dyke on Rigid Bed Meandering Channel

2011  Aeration, Media, and Flow Rate Effects on the Ammonia Removal Performance of a Pilot Scale Continuous Up-Flow Filter

2011  Effects of Specimen Size in Transmissivity Tests of Biplanar Geonets and Geocomposites

2011  Experimental Determination of the Hydraulic Properties of Low-Pressure, Lay-Flat Drip Irrigation Systems

2011  Flow Rating Improvement for Culverts and Spillways Using Hybrid of Field Flow Measurements and Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations

2011  Forecast of Groundwater Flowrate in Tunnel by Integrated Approach

2011  Optimal Measurement Interval for Pedestrian Traffic Flow Modeling

2011  Pseudotransient Continuation-Based Steady State Solver: Extension to Zero Flow Rates

2011  Response of Soil Water Chemistry to Simulated Changes in Acid Deposition in the Great Smoky Mountains

2011  The Straw That Stirs the Drink—Designing a Challenging Diversion Pump Station and Force Main for Clackamas County Sanitary District #1, Oregon

2011  The Use of CFD Coupled with Physical Testing to Develop a New Range of Vortex Flow Controls with Attributes Approaching the Ideal Flow Control Device

2010  Analytical Study of Water Table Fluctuation in Unconfined Aquifers due to Varying Bed Slopes and Spatial Location of the Recharge Basin

2009  Batch Interface and Flow Rate Variations of Products Pipeline

2009  Effects of Bed Slope on Water Head and Flow Rate at the Interfaces between the Stream and Groundwater: Analytical Study

2009  Field Evaluation of a Proprietary Storm-Water Treatment System: Removal Efficiency and Relationships to Peak Flow, Season, and Dry Time

2009  Generalized Flow Rating Equations at Prototype Gated Spillways

2009  Graphical Calculation of First-Flush Flow Rates for Storm-Water Quality Control

2009  Prediction of Nitrate Concentration in Stream Water Based on Watershed Land Use and Stream Flow Rate

2009  Vortex Plate for Enhancing Particle Settling

2008  Accuracy of Global Microirrigation Distribution Uniformity Estimates

2008  Assessment of a Point-of-Use Ultrafiltration System for Turbidity and Microbial Pathogen Removal

2008  Can Longitudinal Solute Transport Parameters Be Transferred to Different Flow Rates?

2008  Critical Parameters for the Reliability of Municipal Storage Tanks

2008  Development of Professional Driver Adjustment Factors for the Capacity Analysis of Signalized Intersections

2008  Flow Patterns in a Four-Branch Junction with Supercritical Flow

2008  Influence of Hydraulic Loading and Effluent Flux on Surface Surcharging in Soil Absorption Systems

2008  Periodic Oscillation Caused by a Flow over a Vertical Drop Pool

2007  The Effects of Disinfection and Flow Rate on Biofilms Growing in Copper and Plastic Pipes

2007  Gas Turbine Power Augmentation by Overspray Inlet Fogging

2006  Electromagnetic Wave Surface Velocimetry

2006  Uncertainties in Discharges Determined from Index-Velocity Ratings

2005  Calibration of Capacity Parameters for Signalized Intersections in Indiana

2005  Characterizing Pipe Wall Demand: Implications for Water Quality Modeling

2005  Climate-Based Estimation of Hydrologic Inflow into Lake Okeechobee, Florida

2005  Comparison of Water Distribution Uniformities between Increased-Discharge and Continuous-Flow Irrigations in Blocked-End Furrows

2005  Rate and Volume of Stream Flow Depletion due to Unsteady Pumping

2005  Saturation Flow Rates and Maximum Critical Lane Volumes for Planning Applications in Maryland

2005  Stream Flowrate Prediction using Genetic Programming Model in a Semi-Arid Coastal Watershed

2004  Hydraulics of Rectangular Dropshafts

2003  Freeway Traffic Flow Rate Measurement: Investigation into Impact of Measurement Time Interval

2003  Stormwater Detention and Retention Abilities of Green Roofs

2002  Accuracy of Stopped Delay Measured by Stopped-Vehicle Counts Method

2002  Assessing Infiltration Flow-Rates into Sewers

2002  Construction, Calibration and Use of Flush Mounted Wall Shear Stress Probes

2002  Control Curves for Two-Layer Flows

2002  First Flush Phenomena for Highways: How It Can Be Meaningfully Defined

2002  Interfacial Instabilities in Two-Layer Exchange Flow over Smooth Topography

2002  Microirrigation Lateral Design using Lateral Discharge Equation

2002  Predicting Airflow Rates in the Coarse Layer of Passive Dry Barriers

2002  Solution for Flow Rates across the Wellbore in a Two-Zone Confined Aquifer

2002  Water Resources: Current Tests May Miscalculate Age of Groundwater

2001  Drainage of Sloping Lands with Variable Recharge: Analytical Formulas and Model Development

2001  Explicit Consideration of Spatial Flowrate Distribution in Network Model Calibration

2001  Hortonian and Variable Source Area Modeling in Urbanizing Basins

2001  Hydraulic Modeling of Kangsabati Main Canal for Performance Assessment

2001  Multiflood and Multilayer Method for Scour Rate Prediction at Bridge Piers

2001  Turbulence Measurement in Nonuniform Open-Channel Flow Using Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV)

2001  Unifying Asphalt Rheological Data Using the Material’s Volumetric-Flow Rate

2000  Chebyshev Solution as Aid in Computing GVF by Standard Step Method

2000  Finite-Element Modeling of Floodplain Flow

2000  Flow Past Bench-Scale Vertical Ground-Water Cutoff Walls

2000  Flow Through Rigid Streambank Vegetation

2000  Influence of Propeller and Ship’s Rudder on Scouring Action and Erosion on Inland Waterways - Physical Model Tests Determining Propeller-Induced Flow Velocities Using ADV

2000  Laboratory Testing and Numerical Modeling of Coanda-Effect Screens

2000  Modeling of Aqueous BTEX Adsorption in Column and Multistage Adsorbers

2000  Multivariate Technique for Baseflow Separation Using Water Quality/Quantity Data

2000  New Method Optimizes Pump and Treat Systems

2000  Prefabricated Vertical Drains Flow Resistance under Vacuum Conditions

2000  Stretches of Fluid Materials for Stokes Flows in Circular Cavity

2000  Transport of Dissolved Contaminants within a Stream Bed with Bedforms

1999  Nonlinear Kinematic-Wave Model for Predicting Open-Channel Flow Rate

1999  Stage-Discharge Relations on the Middle Mississippi River

1999  STREMTUL 2.0: A Visual Method to Manipulate and Display TR-20

1998  Analysis of the Roller in Hydraulic Jumps

1998  Bringing Canal Automation On-Line at SRP

1998  Error Analysis of Flow Meter Measurements

1998  Evaluation of Methods Used in Estimating Outflow Rates in Coastal Watersheds

1998  Flow Rates Debated

1998  Flow Rates Debated

1998  High Resolution Measurements of Turbulent Fluxes and Dissipation Rates in the Benthic Boundary Layer