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2014  Characteristics of the Velocity Distribution in a Hydraulic Jump Stilling Basin with Five Parallel Offset Jets in a Twin-Layer Configuration

2014  Flow Patterns and Turbulence Structures in a Scour Hole Downstream of a Submerged Weir

2013  Aeration, Flow Instabilities, and Residual Energy on Pooled Stepped Spillways of Embankment Dams

2013  Investigation of Flow Patterns in Storm Water Retention Ponds using CFD

2013  Numerical Simulation on Water Flow of the Bifurcated Pipe

2013  Velocity Deformation Model for Unsteady Open-Channel Flows over Smooth and Rough Beds

2012  Comparing of Flow Pattern and Energy Dissipation over Different Forms of Stepped Spillway

2012  Effects of Convergence on Flow Pattern Characteristics in 90-Degree Converging Bends

2011  Dye-Vector Flow Visualization-Cooling Water Model

2011  Effect of Stilling Basin Geometry on Clear Water Scour Morphology Downstream of a Block Ramp

2011  Forced Hydraulic Jumps below Abrupt Expansions

2011  Microscopic Modeling of Air Migration during Air Sparging

2011  Scour-Inducing Stilling Basin Flow Patterns

2010  Experiments Identifying Scour-Inducing Flow Patterns at a Gated Weir Stilling Basin

2010  Flow Pattern for a Silo with Two Layers of Materials with Single or Double Openings

2009  Effect of Strain Rate and Strain Softening on the Penetration Resistance of Spudcan Foundations on Clay

2008  Flow Patterns in a Four-Branch Junction with Supercritical Flow

2008  Influence of Flow Development Time on the Residence Time Distribution and Flow Pattern in a Scale Model of a Water Treatment Plant Clearwell

2008  Measured and Simulated Flow Near a Submerged Spur Dike

2008  Outflow Uniformity along a Continuous Manifold

2008  Using CFD Modeling to Improve the Inlet Hydraulics and Performance of a Storm-Water Clarifier

2007  Characteristics of Loose Rough Boundary Streams at Near-Threshold

2007  Double-Averaging Concept for Rough-Bed Open-Channel and Overland Flows: Applications

2007  Double-Averaging Concept for Rough-Bed Open-Channel and Overland Flows: Theoretical Background

2006  Case Study: Refinement of Hydraulic Operation of a Complex CSO Storage/Treatment Facility by Numerical and Physical Modeling

2006  Dimensionless Stage – Discharge Relationship in Radial Gates

2006  The Effects of Relative Submergence on Flow Patterns around Large Particles in a Gravel Bed River

2006  Flow Patterns and Energy Dissipation over Various Stepped Chutes

2006  Investigations on the Static Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete Under-Reamed Piles

2006  Sludge Blanket Height and Flow Pattern in UASB Reactors: Temperature Effects

2006  Variation of Flow Pattern with Sinuosity in Sine-Generated Meandering Streams

2005  Behavior of Meandering Overbank Channels with Graded Sand Beds

2005  Characterization of Particle Cluster Bedforms in a Mountain Stream

2005  Determining the 2-D Surface Velocity Field around Hydraulic Structures with the Use of a Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV) Technique

2005  Effects of Bendway Weir Characteristics on Resulting Flow Conditions

2005  Flow Pattern of Fish Habitats in Engineered Stream

2005  Residence Time Distribution Characterization of the Flow Structure in Dissolved Air Flotation

2005  Two Methods for the Computation of Commercial Pipe Friction Factors

2004  Analysis of Flow Characteristics in an Annular Flume: Implications for Erosion and Deposition of Cohesive Sediments

2004  Case Study: Particle Velocimetry in a Model of Lake Ogallala

2004  Coupling a 3D Model With a 2DV Model Using a Free-Surface Correction Method

2004  Experimental Approach to the Hydraulics of Vertical Slot Fishways

2004  Flow Characteristics of Skimming Flows in Stepped Channels

2004  Measuring Velocity and Shear Stress over Dunes with Acoustic Doppler Profiler

2004  Relation between Aggregating Effect of Artificial Fish Reef and Flow Pattern around Reef

2004  Secondary Flows and Sediment Problems near Coastal Marine Outfalls

2003  Cluster Evolution and Flow-Frictional Characteristics under Different Sediment Availabilities and Specific Gravity

2003  Two-Phase Flow Characteristics of Stepped Spillways

2002  Anniversary Paper

2002  Comparative Study of DEM and Experimental Results of Flow Patterns in a Ploughshare Mixer

2002  Flow Characteristics in Manhole with Right-Angle Pipes

2002  Mean Flow, Turbulence, and Free-Surface Location in a Canoe Chute Physical Model

2002  Strongly Advected Jet in a Coflow

2001  3D Numerical Model in Orthogonal Curvilinear and Sigma Coordinate System for Pearl River Estuary

2001  Analysis of Rip Current Systems

2001  Boundary Shear Stress around Bridge Piers

2001  Characterization of Flow Circulation in a Tailwater Reservoir using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) and a 1:230 Scale Physical Model

2001  Computation of Wave Induced Currents Using “Apparent” Roughness Concept

2001  Determination of Flow Characteristics of Mountain-Valley Systems by Numerical Modeling

2001  Efficient, Robust Design Tool for Open-Channel Flow

2001  Experiments on Flow at a 90° Open-Channel Junction

2001  Field Observations of Swash Zone Flow Patterns and 3D Morphodynamics

2001  Laboratory Measurements of Unsteady Flows through Culverts

2001  Large-Scale Tracing of Ground Water with Sulfur Hexafluoride

2001  Numerical Analysis for Lateral Weir Flow

2001  Role of Bed Discordance at Asymmetrical River Confluences

2001  Steady Gradually Varied Flow of Looped Sewer Networks, with Different Flow Conditions

2000  Clearwater Local Scour Experiments in a Large Flume

2000  Coarse-Grained Debris-Flows: Hysteresis and Time-Dependent Rheology

2000  Debris-Flow Susceptibility of Watersheds Recently Burned by Wildfire

2000  Determination of Low-Flow Characteristics for Texas Streams

2000  Experimental Study of Turbulent Macro-structures behind Dunes

2000  Flow-Establishment Length in Rectangular Channels and Ducts

2000  Fluid Mechanics of Triangular Sediment Oxygen Demand Chamber

2000  Hybrid Stochastic Model for Daily Flows Simulation in Semiarid Climates

2000  Hydraulics of Exchange Flows

2000  LES and RANS Studies of Oscillating Flows over Flat Plate

2000  Numerical Modeling for Fish Diversion Studies

2000  Revised Operation of a Dam and Reservoir to Achieve Environmental Objectives

2000  Standard of Care for Wind Impacts of Newly Constructed Buildings

1999  Bend-Flow Simulation Using 2D Depth-Averaged Model

1999  Characteristics of Skimming Flow over Stepped Spillways

1999  Halphen Distribution System. I: Mathematical and Statistical Properties

1999  Halphen Distribution System. II: Parameter and Quantile Estimation

1999  In Situ Estimation of Soil Hydraulic Properties Using Inverse Modeling

1999  Investigation of Velocity Patterns under a Bridge Deck in a Pressure Flow Condition

1999  Motion of 2D Buoyant Clouds Down Slopes

1999  Numerical Investigation of an Estuarine Front and Its Associated Eddy

1999  Oblique Flow over Dredged Channels. I: Flow Description

1999  Oblique Flow over Dredged Channels. II: Sediment Transport and Morphology

1999  On the Friction Factor of Meandering Flows

1999  Results of Tracer Tests in Rock-Plant Filters

1999  Resuspension of Sediments by Multiple Jets

1999  Robust Techniques for Extension of Streamflow Records

1999  Stochastic Procedure for Generating Seasonal Flows

1999  Swash Zone Velocity and Volumetric Measurement Using a Simple Video Technique

1999  Tidal Ellipses in the Near-Shore Zone (-3 to -10 m); Modelling and Observations

1998  Bendway Weirs and Highway Protection in Colorado: A Case Study on the Blue River

1998  Characteristics of Shallow Rain-Impacted Flow over Smooth Bed

1998  Convection and Diffusion of Sediment Under Large Waves