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2014  Discharge Coefficient Analysis for Triangular Sharp-Crested Weirs Using Low-Speed Photographic Technique

2014  Measurements of Fluctuation in Drag Acting on Rigid Cylinder Array in Open Channel Flow

2014  Stage-Discharge Rating Equation for an Elliptical Sharp-Crested Weir

2014  Submerged Flows over Rectangular Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2014  Turbulence Measurement of Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping of a Full-Scale HPTRM-Strengthened Levee

2013  Benefits of Grooving on Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding FRP Wet-Out of RC Beams

2013  Discharge Characteristics of Weirs of Finite Crest Length with Upstream and Downstream Ramps

2013  Generic Free-Flow Rating for Cutthroat Flumes

2013  Gravity-Powered Chemical Dose Controller for Sustainable, Municipal-Scale Drinking Water Treatment

2013  Low-Flow Variations in Source Water Supply for the Occoquan Reservoir System Based on a 100-Year Climate Forecast

2013  Measure of Correlation between River Flows Using the Copula-Entropy Method

2013  Mississippi River Streamflow Measurement Techniques at St. Louis, Missouri

2013  Pore-Scale Flow Measurements at the Interface between a Sandy Layer and a Model Porous Medium: Application to Statistical Modeling of Contact Erosion

2013  Supercritical Flow Measurement Using a Large Parshall Flume

2013  Time-Average Velocity and Turbulence Measurement Using Wireless Bend Sensors in an Open Channel with a Rough Bed

2013  Turbulence Characterization in a Gully with Reverse Flow

2012  Design and Testing of a Flow Measurement System for an Urban Sewage Drain

2012  Development and Application of an Automated River-Estuary Discharge Imaging System

2012  Environmental Flow Components for Measuring Hydrologic Model Fit during Low Flow Events

2012  Field Calibration of Weirs Using Partial Volumetric Flow Measurements

2012  Improvements in Flow Rate Measurements by Flumes

2012  Montana Flume Flow Corrections under Submerged Flow

2012  Seasonal Variation of Velocity Fields in Lined Channels: Impact on Flow Measurement

2012  Ultrasonic Flow Measurement for Pipe Installations with Nonideal Conditions

2012  Usefulness of Empirical Equations in Assessing Canal Losses through Seepage in Concrete-Lined Canal

2012  Variance of Discharge Estimates Sampled Using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers from Moving Platforms

2011  Conditional Assessment of Flow Measurement Accuracy

2011  Coupled PIV and PTV Measurements of Particle Velocities and Trajectories for Surface Waves Following a Steady Current

2011  Estimating the Overbank Flow Discharge using Slope-Area Method

2011  Flow Rating Improvement for Culverts and Spillways Using Hybrid of Field Flow Measurements and Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations

2011  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements and Numerical Modeling of a Saline Density Current

2011  Velocity Contour Weighting Method. I: Algorithm Development and Laboratory Testing

2011  Velocity Contour Weighting Method. II: Evaluation in Trapezoidal Channels and Roughness Sensitivity

2010  Climate Change Impacts on Extreme Flow Measures in Satluj River Basin in India

2010  Experimental Study of Sand and Slurry Jets in Water

2010  Near-Transducer Errors in ADCP Measurements: Experimental Findings

2010  Planform and Flexibility on Lift Characteristics for Flow over Low-Aspect Ratio Wings

2010  Subcritical Contraction for Improved Open-Channel Flow Measurement Accuracy with an Upward-Looking ADVM

2009  Application of Optical Measurement Techniques to Supersonic and Hypersonic Aerospace Flows

2009  Characteristics of Shear Layer Structure in Skimming Flow over a Vertical Drop Pool

2009  Discharge Characteristics of Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2009  Effect of Passive Surface Water Flux Meter Design on Water and Solute Mass Flux Estimates

2009  Environmental and Developmental Risks and Stressors Impacting a 2050 Vision

2009  Experimental Observations of Flow and Bed Processes in Large-Amplitude Meandering Flume

2009  Investigation of Two Elemental Error Sources in Boat-Mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Measurements by Large Eddy Simulations

2009  Managing Reservoir Discharge through Accurate Flow Measurement

2009  Mass Transport in Shallow Turbulent Wake Flow by Planar Concentration Analysis Technique

2009  Measurement of Particle Dynamics in Rapid Granular Shear Flows

2009  Supercritical Flow Measurement Using a Small Parshall Flume

2009  Tests of Concepts for Streamflow Sampler Design

2008  Current Status of River Discharge Observation Using Non-Contact Current Meter for Operational Use in Japan

2008  Design Hyetograph for Typhoon Rainstorms in Taiwan

2008  Field Testing of a Simple Flume (SMBF) for Flow Measurement in Open Channels

2008  Measured and Simulated Flow Near a Submerged Spur Dike

2008  Numerical Simulation of Flows in Cut-Throat Flumes

2008  Quick Method for Open-Channel Discharge Measurements Using Air Bubbles

2008  Statistical Uncertainty and the Estimation of Log Law Parameters

2007  ADV Measurements around a Cluster Microform in a Shallow Mountain Stream

2007  Application of Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters for Streamflow Measurements

2007  Comparison of Fixed- and Moving-Vessel Flow Measurements with an aDp in a Large River

2007  Correcting Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Discharge Measurements Biased by Sediment Transport

2007  Errors in Acoustic Doppler Profiler Velocity Measurements Caused by Flow Disturbance

2007  Flow Measurement Using Flying ADV Probes

2007  Framework for Estimating Uncertainty of ADCP Measurements from a Moving Boat by Standardized Uncertainty Analysis

2007  Head-Discharge Relationships for Submerged Labyrinth Weirs

2007  Laboratory Measurements of Flow through Culverts

2007  Measuring the Dispersion Coefficient with Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers

2007  Simple Flume for Flow Measurement in Sloping Open Channel

2006  Accuracy of Annual Volume from Current-Meter-Based Stage Discharges

2006  Application of Modified Log-Wake Law in Open-Channels

2006  Fish Passage over Weirs in Midwestern Streams

2006  Flow and Sediment Laboratory Measurements over Unsubmerged Roughness Elements

2006  Hydraulic Capacity Assessment of a Tidally-Affected Reach of the Loxahatchee River by Direct Hydroacoustic Flow Measurements

2006  Near-Transducer Errors in Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Measurements

2006  Recent Applications of Hydroacoustic-Based Field Flow Measurements in Understanding the Hydraulics of Water Control Structures

2006  The Use of LSPIV to Measure Large Streamwise Vortices

2006  Variation of Flow Pattern with Sinuosity in Sine-Generated Meandering Streams

2005  Analysis of Streamflow Trends in the Upper Midwest Using Long-Term Flowrecords

2005  Analytical Solution for Circular Gates as Flow Metering Structures

2005  Analyzing Turbulence Intensity in Gravel Bed Channels

2005  Applying the Energy-Momentum Method to Radial Gate Discharge Calibration

2005  Debris-Flow Hazards and Prevention Measures in Beijing

2005  Design and Calibration of a Compound Sharp-Crested Weir

2005  Experimental Study of Drag and Lift Forces on Prototype Scale Models of Large Wood

2005  Laboratory Evaluation of a Shallow-Water Acoustic Doppler Profiling Flowmeter

2005  Numerical Modeling of Free Overfall

2005  Relating Local Stage and Remote Discharge with Significant Lateral Inflow

2005  Rootwads and Stone Deflectors — 1 Year Later

2005  Simulated Moving Bed Form Effects on Real-Time In-Stream Sediment Concentration Measurement with Densitometry

2005  Time-Domain Simulation of Four-Quadrant Propeller Flows by a Chimera Moving Grid Approach

2005  Turbulence Measurements with Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters

2005  Uniform and Critical Flow Computations

2005  The Use of an Accelerated Test Procedure to Determine the Creep Reduction Factors of a Geosynthetic Drain

2005  Use of Stereoscopy for Dam Break Flow Measurement

2005  Watershed-Scale Cybertools: Real-time Stream Monitoring at Ungaged Sites

2004  Application of Sap Flow Measurement in Real Time Soil Moisture Management

2004  Case Study: Turbulent Flow and Sediment Distributions in a Groyne Field

2004  End Depth-Discharge Relation at Free Overfall of Trapezoidal Channels

2004  Estimation of Mean Velocity in Natural Channels Based on Chiu’s Velocity Distribution Equation

2004  Exploratory Study of the Influence of the Wake Produced by Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter Probes on the Water Velocities Within Measurement Volume