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Found 35 Records with the keyword term of "Flow duration"

2014  Characteristics of Ephemeral Hydrographs in the Southwestern United States

2014  Design of Outlet Control Structures for Ecological Detention Ponds

2014  Flow Duration Curve Using Entropy Theory

2013  Comparing the Hydrologic Performance of a Bioretention Cell with Predevelopment Values

2012  Assessment of Flow Regulation Effects by Dams in the Han River, Korea, on the Downstream Flow Regimes Using SWAT

2010  Designing Storm-Water Controls to Promote Sustainable Ecosystems: Science and Application

2010  Hydrospatial Approach to Assist Decision Making on Reservoir Protection Zones

2010  Modeling and Sizing Bioretention Using Flow Duration Control

2010  A Simplified Sizing Tool for LID Practices in Western Washington

2009  Derived Flow – Duration Relationships for Surface Runoff Dominated Small Urban Streams

2008  Continuous Hydrology with Subbasin Specificity and LID: The Flow Duration Design Model

2007  Estimation of Channel Bankfull Occurrence from Instantatous Discharge Data

2007  Estimation of Flow-Duration Curves at Ungaged Sites in Southern New England

2002  Uncertainty Analysis of Regional Flow Duration Curves

2001  Ecologically Sustainable Watershed Management using Annualized Flow Duration Curves

2001  Regional Flow Duration Models for Large Number of Ungauged Himalayan Catchments for Planning Microhydro Projects

1999  Time Scale for Local Scour at Bridge Piers

1998  Multivariate Modeling of Flood Flows

1997  Evaluating and Improving Flow Duration Analysis Method to Determine Headwater Benefits

1997  The Influence of Record Length on Flow Duration Curve

1996  Estimation of Flood Forecasting Errors and Flow-Duration Joint Probabilities of Exceedance

1995  Confidence Limits for Hydroelectric Generation

1994  Effects of Flow Duration on Local Scour at Bridge Piers in New York

1994  Flow-Duration Curves I: New Interpretation and Confidence Intervals

1994  A Regional Model of Daily Streamflow for the Northeast United States

1993  FISHN Minimum Flow Selection Made Easy

1993  Prediction of River Discharge at Ungaged Sites with Analysis of Uncertainty

1990  Regional Flow-Duration Curves for Ungauged Sites in Massachusetts

1988  Trickle Lateral Hydraulics. II: Design and Examples

1988  Type Curves for Two-Regime Well Flow

1988  The Use of Time Series Analysis to Estimate Flow Duration Curves to Assess Energy Potential for Low Head Hydro Redevelopment

1985  Streamflow Losses in the Santa Cruz River, Arizona

1984  Small Scale Hydropower Design Optimization

1983  Regionalized Flow Duration for Philippines

1979  Nutrient Budget Analysis for Rend Lake in Illinois