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2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. I: Model Development and Testing

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. II: Multivariate Stochastic Analysis of Root-Zone Hydrosalinity and Crop Yield

2011  Evaluation of Undrained Shear Strength Using Full-Flow Penetrometers

2010  Two-Dimensional Simulation of Subcritical Flow at a Combining Junction: Luxury or Necessity?

2009  Combined Flow over Weir and under Gate

2008  Modeling of 2D Flow Using Transparent Aquabeads

2007  Call for Collaboration in WMO Project for the Assessment of the Performance of Flow Measurement Instruments and Techniques

2007  Gas-Liquid Transfer Rate in Non-isotropic Flows

2007  Squeeze Flow of Viscoplastic Cement-Based Extrudate

2006  Plane Impulse Waves in Reservoirs

2005  Models for the Turbulent Diffusion Terms of Shallow Water Equations

2003  Higher-Order Approximations for Saturated Flow in Randomly Heterogeneous Media via Karhunen-Loéve Decomposition

2003  Investigation of Two- and Three-Dimensional Models of Transitional Flow Past a Square Cylinder

2002  Effects of Constituent Materials and Quantities on Water Demand and Compressive Strength of Controlled Low-Strength Material

2002  Real Porous Media: Local Geometry and Transports

2001  Geotechnical Engineering: Retired Mine Finds New Life as Air Storage Facility

2001  Measurements of Flow Velocity and Sediment Transport in a Rip Current

2001  Simulation and Identification of Organized Structures in Flows, edited by J.N. Sorenson, E. J. Hopfinger, and N. Aubry

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Extended Use of Linear Graph Theory for Analysis of Pipe Networks

2000  Flow Interaction of Meandering River with Floodplains

2000  Hydraulics of Stepped Spillways, edited by Hans-Erwin Minor and Willi Hager

2000  Numerical Modeling of Silo Discharge

2000  Optimization Modeling Approach in the Design of Stable Channel System

2000  Quadtree Grids for Dispersion and Inverse Flow Models

2000  Structural Design Forum: A Few Facts to Ponder

2000  Using Borehole Flow Data to Characterize the Hydraulics of Flow Paths in Operating Wellfields

2000  Validation of Forchheimer’s Law for Flow Through Porous Media with Converging Boundaries

1999  Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

1999  Computation for Rheological Phenomena of Elastic-Viscoplastic Body

1999  Effect of Astragalus on Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete

1999  Flow Structures in Swash Zone

1999  Fluvial Hydraulics: Flow and Transport Processes in Channels of Simple Geometry by Walter H. Graf in collaboration with M. S. Altinakar

1999  Hydraulics of Skimming Flow on Modeled Stepped Spillways

1999  Inception of Sediment Transport on Steep Slopes

1999  Onset of Skimming Flow on Stepped Spillways

1999  Recursive System Identification for Real-Time Sewer Flow Forecasting

1999  Stochastic Procedure for Generating Seasonal Flows

1998  Coastal Flow Modelling Using an Inverse Method with Direct Minimisation

1998  Comparison of Numerical and Analytical Solutions of Boussinesq Equation in Semiinfinite Flow Region

1998  Effect of Flow Velocity on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Experiments

1998  Experimental Investigation of Flow Past Submerged Vanes

1998  Fluid Mechanics, An Interactive Text

1998  Fluvial Hydraulics (Flow and Transport Phenomena in Channels of Simple Geometry), Val. Z: Unsteady Flow and Transport Phenomena by Walter Graf with M.S. Altinakar

1998  Lateral Flow Exchange in Transient Compound Channel Flow

1998  Pointing Out Patent

1998  Rheological Equations in Asymptotic Regimes of Granular Flow

1998  Scouring in Long Contractions

1998  Study Compares Rebar Splicing Benefits

1998  Two Applications of Flow in Porous Media with Threshold Gradient

1998  Use of a Hydrodynamic Model for Establishing a Minimum Freshwater Flow to the Lower Hillsborough River Estuary

1998  Wastewater Force Mains Problems and a Solution

1997  Air Bubble Entrainment in Free Surface Turbulent Shear Flow by Hurbert Chanson

1997  Analysis of Flow through Lateral Slot

1997  Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation, Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment

1997  Denil Fishways of Varying Geometry

1997  Discharge Measurement in Circular Sewer

1997  Emergency Minimum Flow System for Dams

1997  Hydrodynamique-Une Introduction by Walter H. Graf and M.S. Altinakar

1997  Mechanics of Deformation and Flow of Particulate Materials

1997  Numerical Modeling of Mudflows

1997  A Perturbation Solution for Bingham-Plastic Mud Flows

1997  Range of Tidal Flow Modeling

1997  Reservoir Flow Prediction by Contravariant Shallow Water Equations

1997  Round Jet in Ambient Counterflowing Stream

1997  Simulation of NAPL Dissolution in Fractured Permeable Formation: Quasi-steady Behavior

1997  Structural Modifications at Hydro Dams: An Opportunity for Fish Enhancement

1997  Time of Concentration Formula for Sheet Flow of Varying Flow Regime

1997  TVA Experience with Minimum Flow Techniques at Hydropower Dams

1997  Weakly Nonlinear Stability Analysis for Dune Formation

1996  Analysis Tools of Transitioning and Turbulent Flows

1996  Bifurcation of Line Thermals

1996  Biomechanics and Testing of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices

1996  Centrifugal, Gravity and Side-wall Effects in Annular Shear Cells

1996  Computation of Velocity Fields of Intravenous Balloon Pumping

1996  Computational Modeling of Fluid Dynamics in Aortopulmonary Shunts: Comparison to In Vitro Studies

1996  Determination of Force and Surface Pressure Coefficients of High Reynolds Number Flow over Circular Cylinder by Discrete Vortex Method

1996  Dilution of Dense Bottom Plumes

1996  Dominant Eddy Simulation in Turbulent Flow

1996  The Effect of Diameter Mismatch Upon Hemodynamics in the Distal Anastomoses of Vascular Bypass Grafts

1996  Effect of Grade Control Structures on DEC Streams

1996  Energy Transfer Rates in Unsteady Plane Mixing Layers

1996  Engineering a Novel Intravenous Oxygenator

1996  Engineering Design Considerations for Artificial Lungs

1996  Experimental Study of Steady and Pulsatile Flows in Models of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

1996  Flow Induced Charging of Liquids in Reduced Gravity

1996  Fluid Vortices edited by S.I. Green

1996  Granular Flow Based on Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics

1996  Investigation of On-Orbit Servicing Robot

1996  Jamming of the Flow of Granular Materials

1996  Magnetic Fluid Dynamics of Blood Flow

1996  Mixing of a Bent-over Jet in Crossflow

1996  Multiphase Flow in Deforming Porous Media by the Finite Element Method

1996  Numerical Modeling of Turbidity Currents

1996  Platelet Activation in Time Varying Shear Flow Field

1996  Pulsatile Flow Circuitry for Dynamic Study of a Volume Plethysmograph

1996  Segregation in Hopper Flows

1996  Selection of Sediment Transport Relations Part III: Numerical Ranking of Sediment Transport Relations

1996  Simulation of Dilute Gas-Solid Flows in Horizontal Channels

1996  Simulation of Pulsatile Flow Past a St. Jude Valve