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2014  1D River Hydraulic Model for Operational Flood Forecasting in the Tidal Potomac: Evaluation for Freshwater, Tidal, and Wind-Driven Events

2014  2D Process-Based Morphodynamic Model for Flooding by Noncohesive Dyke Breach

2014  Application of Dormant Reliability Analysis to Spillways

2014  Characteristics of Ephemeral Hydrographs in the Southwestern United States

2014  Comparison between Response Surface Models and Artificial Neural Networks in Hydrologic Forecasting

2014  Comparison of Analytical Solutions to Evaluate Aquifer Response to Arbitrary Stream Stage

2014  Congress Delays Certain Changes to National Flood Insurance Program

2014  Contribution of Trapped Air, Deck Superelevation, and Nearby Structures to Bridge Deck Failure during a Tsunami

2014  Critical Examination of Area Reduction Factors

2014  Cumulative Hydrologic Impact of Wetland Loss: Numerical Modeling Study of the Rideau River Watershed, Canada

2014  Developing Strategies for Urban Flood Management of Tehran City Using SMCDM and ANN

2014  Dynamic Framework for Intelligent Control of River Flooding: Case Study

2014  Estimating Final Scour Depth under Clear-Water Flood Waves

2014  Evaluating the Form of the Rational Equation

2014  Evaluation of Flood-Resistant Capacity of Scoured Bridges

2014  Flooding Hazard Mapping in Floodplain Areas Affected by Piping Breaches in the Po River, Italy

2014  Flow Updating in Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Runoff Correction by a Dynamic System Response Curve

2014  Forecast Changes in Runoff Quality and Quantity from Urbanization in the DelMarVa Peninsula

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. I: Determination of the Possible Causes of Failure

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2014  Formulas for the Peak Discharge from Breached Earthfill Dams

2014  Framework for Anticipatory Water Management: Testing for Flood Control in the Rijnland Storage Basin

2014  Hydraulic Features of Air-Water Mixture Flow on a Staircase with Rest Platforms

2014  Identifying FDOT’s Physical Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

2014  Impacts of Elevation Data Spatial Resolution on Two-Dimensional Dam Break Flood Simulation and Consequence Assessment

2014  Impacts of Urbanization on Precipitation in Taihu Lake Basin, China

2014  Indirect Estimation of Design Flood in Urbanized River Basins Using a Distributed Hydrological Model

2014  Integrated Water Management for Environmental Flows in the Rio Grande

2014  Minimum Permeable Soil Area in a Sustainable Allotment

2014  Modeling Rapid Flood Propagation Over Natural Terrains Using a Well-Balanced Scheme

2014  Multilevel Governance of Flood Hazards: Municipal Flood Bylaws in British Columbia, Canada

2014  Multiobjective Optimization for Improved Management of Flood Risk

2014  Numerical Simulation of a Rising Seawall for Coastal Flood Protection

2014  Numerical Studies of I-Shaped Levee Flood Wall at St. Paul, Minnesota Site

2014  Plane Strain Versus Axisymmetric Modeling of the Natomas Levees - A Case Study

2014  Postoperation Performance of the Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme in Storm Events: 2D Hydraulic Analysis and Field Verification

2014  Rapid Flood Exposure Assessment of Vermont Mobile Home Parks Following Tropical Storm Irene

2014  Regional Rainfall Frequency and Ungauged Basin Analysis for Flood Risk Assessment in Haiti

2014  Response of Hydrologic Processes to Future Climate Changes in the Yangtze River Basin

2014  Revisiting the Concepts of Return Period and Risk for Nonstationary Hydrologic Extreme Events

2014  Self-Adaptive Kinematic-Dynamic Model for Overland Flow

2014  Transcritical Flows in Three and Four Branch Open-Channel Intersections

2014  U.K. Coastal Defense Scheme Creates Intertidal Habitat to Prevent Flooding

2013  1-g Scale Hydraulic Flume-based Soil-Fluid-Structure Model Testing and Evaluation of Surging and Scouring Effects

2013  Adapting Ports to the Impacts of Climate Change

2013  Analysis of the Impacts of Dikes on Flood Stages in the Middle Mississippi River

2013  Analytical and Experimental Investigation of a Side-Weir Detention Basin in Flood-Level Reduction in the Main Channel

2013  Application of Fuzzy Optimization Model Based on Entropy Weight in Typical Flood Hydrograph Selection

2013  ARkStorm II: A Hydraulic Modeling and Flood Inundation Mapping Effort on Santa Clara River for Emergency Planning Exercises by Local Responders in Ventura County, CA

2013  Arthur Morgan Ushers in the Era of Engineered Flood Control in the Wake of the 1913 Dayton Flood

2013  Basin Regionalization for the Purpose of Water Resource Development in a Limited Data Situation: Case of Blue Nile River Basin, Ethiopia

2013  Bivariate Flood Frequency Analysis with Historical Information Based on Copula

2013  Case Study of Rapid Levee Armoring During 2011 Mississippi River Flood and Potential Future Applications

2013  Characterization of Soil-Foundation Interaction for a T-Wall Flood Protection System in New Orleans

2013  Cloud Computing in Urban Flood Disaster Management

2013  Coastal and Estuarine Planning for Flood and Erosion Protection Using Integrated Coastal Model

2013  Coastal Hazards

2013  Coastal Inundation due to Tide, Surge, Waves, and Sea Level Rise at Naval Station Norfolk

2013  Combination of L-Moments Method and Hydrological Model for Design Flood Hydrograph Determination

2013  A Comparison of Runoff Quality and Quantity from a Urban Commercial Infill Low Impact Development and a Conventional Development

2013  Complex Problems and Adaptive Water Resource Engineering Solutions during the Construction of Rio Ojo de Agua Flood Control Project

2013  Concept of Community Fragilities for Tsunami Coastal Inundation Studies

2013  Confidence Interval Assessment to Estimate Dry and Wet Spells under Climate Change in Shahrekord Station, Iran

2013  Coupled Hydraulic and Kalman Filter Model for Real-Time Correction of Flood Forecast in the Three Gorges Interzone of Yangtze River, China

2013  Debris-Blocking Sensitivity of Piano Key Weirs under Reservoir-Type Approach Flow

2013  Delineating the Reality of Flood Risk and Loss in Southeast Texas

2013  Denmark Skateboarding Park Provides Fun, Prevents Flooding

2013  Design and Construction of Deep Mixing at Orleans Avenue Canal, New Orleans

2013  Design Flood Estimation Using Scaling Approach

2013  Design of Synthetic Impact Response Functions for Flood Vulnerability Assessment under Climate Change Conditions: Case Studies in Two Selected Coastal Zones in Australia and Japan

2013  Detecting Changes in River Flooding Patterns and Flood Frequencies in the Upper Midwest

2013  Developing Urban Water Infrastructure Modeling Approach to Control Flood Damages and Reduce Life Cycle Impacts

2013  Development of a Model of Flood Damage to Roads

2013  Driftwood: Risk Analysis and Engineering Measures

2013  Entropy Identification of Pipeline Failure under Flood

2013  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Local Mitigation Activities in Reducing Flood Losses

2013  Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Root Water Uptake Patterns of a Flood-Irrigated Pecan Tree Using the HYDRUS (2D/3D) Model

2013  Evaluation of the Influence of Climate Variability on Flood Risk in Moderately Impaired Watersheds

2013  Event Flow Hydrograph-Based Method for Modeling Sediment Transport

2013  Experiments on Urban Flooding Caused by a Levee Breach

2013  Exploring the Effect of Reservoir Storage on Peak Discharge Frequency

2013  The Failure Probability Analysis and Applied Research of the Flood Damage to the Submerged Wall

2013  Flood Control with Model Predictive Control for River Systems with Water Reservoirs

2013  Flood Indicators and Their Clustering Features in Wujiang River, South China

2013  Flood-Damage-Reduction Project Evaluation with Explicit Consideration of Damage Cost Uncertainty

2013  Foundations and Storm Surge

2013  Hydraulic Model Study of the Fuse Plug Spillway at Hagneck Canal, Switzerland

2013  Hydrologic Analyses of the July 17-18, 1996, Flood in Chicago and the Role of Urbanization

2013  Hydrologic Response of Solar Farms

2013  Hydroplaning of Rolling Tires under Different Operating Conditions

2013  Impact of Artificial Reservoir Size and Land Use/Land Cover Patterns on Probable Maximum Precipitation and Flood: Case of Folsom Dam on the American River

2013  Impact of Climate Change on Flood Discharge and Flood Stage in the River Basin

2013  Impact of Flood on a Simple Masonry Building

2013  The Impacts of Green Infrastructure on Flood Level Reduction for the Raritan River: Modeling Assessment

2013  In Service Welding and Hot Tapping and Plugging Enable Operational Safety of High-Pressure Natural Gas Transmission Line River Crossings in Bolivia and Mexico

2013  Integrating Relief and Recovery with Effective, Sustainable, Progressive Development in Yemen

2013  Is the Intensifying Wave Climate of the U.S. Pacific Northwest Increasing Flooding and Erosion Risk Faster Than Sea-Level Rise?

2013  Managing Flooding Risk in Response to Sea Level Rise

2013  Mechanical Response Analysis of Pipeline under the Action of Floods

2013  Method for Estimating Future Hurricane Flood Probabilities and Associated Uncertainty