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2015  Assessment of Modified Honey Bee Mating Optimization for Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Muskingum Models

2014  Accounting for Backwater Effects in Flow Routing by the Discrete Linear Cascade Model

2014  Dynamic Framework for Intelligent Control of River Flooding: Case Study

2014  Estimation of Seepage Losses in Ephemeral Network and Branching Streams

2014  Evaluation of Explicit Numerical Solution Methods of the Muskingum Model

2014  Floodway System Operation along Levee-Protected Rivers

2014  Hydraulic Modeling of Extreme Hydrologic Events: Case Study in Southern Virginia

2014  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Surface-Flow Routing

2013  Assessment of Hydrologic Controls on Applicability of Routing Methods

2013  Development of an Accurate Time Integration Technique for the Assessment of Q-Based versus h-Based Formulations of the Diffusion Wave Equation for Flow Routing

2013  Fast Approach for Unsteady Flow Routing in Complex River Networks Based on Performance Graphs

2013  Flood Routing Simulation and System Customization for a High-Leakage River Channel in China

2013  Improved Nonlinear Muskingum Model with Variable Exponent Parameter

2013  Parameter Estimation of the Nonlinear Muskingum Flood-Routing Model Using a Hybrid Harmony Search Algorithm

2013  Staged Labyrinth Weir Hydraulics

2012  Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Diffusion Wave Model

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Wave Model for Unsteady Flow in an Open Channel

2011  Effect of Channel Restoration on Flood Wave Attenuation

2011  Uncertainty in Flood Wave Routing in a Lateral-Inflow-Dominated Stream

2010  Coupled 1D–Quasi-2D Flood Inundation Model with Unstructured Grids

2010  Derivation of Flood Hydrographs for Ungauged Upstream Subwatersheds Using a Main Outlet Hydrograph

2010  Parameter Estimation for Nonlinear Muskingum Model Based on Immune Clonal Selection Algorithm

2010  Rating Curves for Dam-Break Flows

2009  Application of Genetic Algorithms for Estimation of Flood Routing Model Parameters

2009  Applying Particle Swarm Optimization to Parameter Estimation of the Nonlinear Muskingum Model

2009  Derivation of Reservoir’s Area-Capacity Equations

2009  The Effect of Step Height on Energy Dissipation in Stepped Spillways

2009  Graphical Sizing of Small Single-Outlet Detention Basins in the Semiarid Southwest

2009  Multilinear Muskingum Method for Stage-Hydrograph Routing in Compound Channels

2009  Numerical Solution to Reservoir Flood Routing

2009  Volume-Conservative Nonlinear Flood Routing

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave and Diffusion Wave Approximations for Flood Routing. I: Steady Analysis

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave Approximation for Flood Routing. II: Unsteady Analysis

2008  Adding Radar Rainfall and Calibration to the TR-20 Watershed Model to Improve Dam Removal Flood Analysis

2008  Algorithm for Real Time Correction of Stream Flow Concentration Based on Kalman Filter

2008  Case Study: Influence of Morphological Changes on Flooding in Jingjiang River

2008  Case Study of the Big Bay Dam Failure: Accuracy and Comparison of Breach Predictions

2007  Chance-Constrained Optimization-Based Parameter Estimation for Muskingum Models

2007  Conservative Formulation for Natural Open Channels and Finite-Element Implementation

2007  One-Dimensional Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Movable Beds

2007  Storm Event and Continuous Hydrologic Modeling for Comprehensive and Efficient Watershed Simulations

2007  Variable Parameter Muskingum Routing Considering Downstream Effects

2006  Flow Resistance and Momentum Flux in Compound Open Channels

2006  Parameter Estimation for the Nonlinear Muskingum Model using the BFGS Technique

2005  Comparison of Kinematic-Wave and Nonlinear Reservoir Routing of Urban Watershed Runoff

2005  Dam Break Flood Routing Using HEC-RAS and NWS-FLDWAV

2005  Using Fuzzy Modeling to Study Flood Routing in Natural Rivers

2004  2-D Numerical Model for the Analysis of Mixing in the Meandering Stream

2004  Accounting for Stream–Aquifer Interations in the State-Space Discretization of the Kalinin-Milyukov-Nash Cascade for Streamflow Forecasting

2004  Calculation of Flow and Sediment Transport in the Lower Yellow River Using CCHE2Dfvm Model

2004  Changing Course

2004  Computational Dam-Break Hydraulics over Erodible Sediment Bed

2004  Hydrology-Based Approach to Storm Water Detention Basin Design Using New Routing Schemes

2004  Information Theory and Neural Networks for Managing Uncertainty in Flood Routing

2004  Modeling of Hyperconcentrated Sediment-Laden Floods in Lower Yellow River

2003  Applicability of Kinematic, Noninertia, and Quasi-Steady Dynamic Wave Models to Unsteady Flow Routing

2003  Design of Circular Urban Storm Sewer Systems using Multilinear Muskingum Flow Routing Method

2003  Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Equation with Mixing-Cell Method for Channel Flood Routing

2003  Treatment of Natural Geometry in Finite Volume River Flow Computations

2002  Flood Routing in River Networks using Equivalent Muskingum Inflow

2002  Two-Dimensional Modeling of Floods to Map Risk-Prone Areas

2001  Channel Routing in Open-Channel Flows with Surges

2001  Development of a Real-Time Flood Forecasting System by Hydraulic Flood Routing

2001  Field Applications of a Variable-Parameter Muskingum Method

2001  Fractional-Step Method Solution of Diffusive Wave Equation

2001  Modeling Looped Ratings in Muskingum-Cunge Routing

2001  New Options for Overland Flow Routing in SWMM

2001  Palm Beach County Creates New Flood Maps Using Lasers

2001  Ten-Stage Discrete Flood Routing for Dams Having Gated Spillways

2000  Analysis of Muskingum Equation Based Flood Routing Schemes

2000  Assessing the Performance of a Routing Procedure Based on the Genetic Algorithm

2000  Dam Failure Routings using UNET and HEC-1

2000  Dendritic One-Dimensional Unsteady Flow (FLDWAV/DAMBRK) Model of the Sevier River, Utah

2000  Non-dimensional Peak Breach Outflow Analysis with Dam Breach Parameters

2000  Nonkinematic Effects in Storm Hydrograph Routing

2000  NWS FLDWAV Model Application to the River Forecasting of the Red River of the North

2000  Three-Dimensional Numerical Model Study of Flood Channel Realignment

1999  Analytical Solution for Channel Routing with Uniform Lateral Inflow

1999  Costs-Benefits Analysis for Flood Defence Works

1999  Method of Flood Routing for Multibranch Rivers

1999  Modeling of Mud/Debris Unsteady Flows

1999  Stepwise Flood Routing for Gated Reservoirs and Conjunctive Optimization of Hydroelectricity Income with Flood Losses

1999  Volume Conservation in Variable Parameter Muskingum-Cunge Method

1998  Analysis of Linear and Monoclinal River Wave Solutions

1998  Flood Routing in Ungauged Reservoir Watersheds

1998  Particle Model for Simulating Flow Over Large Areas

1998  A Physically-Based Hydrologic Method for Flood Routing in River Channels

1998  Reduction of Illinois River Flood Stages by Converting a Few Selected Levee Districts to Managed Storage Areas

1997  Accurate Diffusive Wave Routing

1997  Dynamic Flood Routing with Explicit and Implicit Numerical Solution Schemes

1997  On the Importance of Mudflow Routing

1997  One-Dimensional Routing of Mud/Debris Flows Using NWS FLDWAV Model

1997  Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Muskingum Models Using Genetic Algorithm

1997  Retrofitting for Flood Protection: A Status Report

1996  Channel Routing with Flow Losses

1996  An Extended Relaxation Technique for Unsteady Flows in Networks

1996  Large River Diversion Optimization Considering the Uncertainties Involved

1996  The Largest Water Reservoirs of Russia in Flood Control

1996  The Last Two Extreme Floods in Germany—Analyses and Consequences

1996  An LPI Numerical Implicit Solution for Unsteady Mixed-Flow Simulation