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2014  Reconceptualization and Optimization of a Rapidly Deployable Floating Causeway

2013  Design-Build Efforts for Naval Marina

2013  Dynamic Response of a Floating Bridge to a Moving Light Rail Train

2013  Floating Bridge to Floating Docks: Complex Criteria for Small Craft Naval Harbor

2013  Floating Port - Design, Construction, and Test

2013  Formula to Predict Transmission for π-Type Floating Breakwaters

2013  Geotechnical Design: Deep Water Pontoon Mooring Anchors

2013  Reliability of Suction Caissons for Deep Water Floating Facilities

2013  St. Louis Service Base Floating Wharf Mooring System Replacement

2013  Wave-Induced Drift of Large Floating Objects in Regular Waves

2012  The Calculation of Wave Load for Floating Pipes in the Sea

2012  A Case Study of the Impact of Wind and Wave Action on Floating Dock Anchorage Systems on Lake Brownwood, Texas

2012  Replacement of World’s Longest Floating Bridge Will Be Even Longer

2012  The Sea Tree, proposed by the architecture firm Waterstudio.NL, of Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is a floating structure that can be anchored in the harbors of large cities or in rivers, lakes, and other offshore sites...

2012  The Technology of Construction of Cast-in-Place Concrete Power Pipes

2011  Analysis of Static Stress of Floating Steel Pipeline

2011  Floating Breakwater for Reservoir Marinas

2011  Floating Visitor Center Welcomes Guests to New U.K. Nature Reserve

2011  New Jersey Reservoir Features Floating Solar Panels Designed to Withstand Winter

2011  Safe Harbor

2011  Shaft Resistance of Piles in Normally Consolidating Marine Clay Subjected to Compressive and Uplift Load

2011  Submerged Floating Tunnel: A New Type for Transportation

2010  Alternative Deck System for Moveable Bridges

2010  Development and Qualification of a Floating Pier for the U.S. Navy Fleet

2010  Heavy Movable Structure Health Monitoring: A Case Study with a Movable Bridge in Florida

2010  Icons of Movable Bridges Utilizing Orthotropic Bridge Decks

2010  Innovation in Ingleside

2010  NewsBriefs: Designer Proposes Roomier Houseboat

2010  Opportunities to Improve Reliability and Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs

2010  Optimal Layout of Gill Cells for Very Large Floating Structures

2010  Passive Restraint System for Floating Docks with Large Water-Level Excursions

2010  Semi-Active Algorithm for Edgewise Vibration Control in Floating Wind Turbine Blades

2009  Dynamic Response of Floating Bodies

2009  Limit Analysis of Rigid Foundations on Floating Columns

2009  Modeling Floating Objects at River Structures

2009  NewsBriefs: World’s First Large-Scale Floating Wind Turbine Installed

2009  No Ordinary Fix

2009  Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering, Hall of Fame Papers from the Early Years: Volume Four

2008  An Approach to Estimate the Optimum Depth of Floating Type Columns for Embankment Stability

2008  Numerical Simulation of Floating Sluice Resistance Characteristics during Pulling Process

2007  Current Effects on Nonlinear Wave-Body Interactions by a 2D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank

2007  Design of a Floating Breakwater for the Port of Bremerton

2007  Performance Characteristics of Horizontal Interlaced Multilayer Moored Floating Pipe Breakwater

2007  Solid Foundation

2007  Structural Engineering: New Jersey Clubhouse ’Floats’ on Reclaimed Landfill

2006  2D-V Hydrodynamics of Double Floating Breakwaters

2006  Analytical Solution to the Vortex-Excited Vibration of Tether in the Submerged Floating Tunnel

2006  The Application of Underwater Pressuremeter Test to In-Situ Testing of Bridge Foundation

2006  Design, Construction, and Installation of a Floating Caisson used as a Bridge Pier

2006  Experimental Study on the Hydrodynamics of a Floating, Production, Storage, and Offloading System

2006  Probability of Fatigue Failure in Steel Catenary Risers in Deep Water

2006  Treatment of Polishing Wastewater from Semiconductor Manufacturer by Dispersed Air Flotation

2006  Viscous Effect on the Roll Motion of a Rectangular Structure

2006  Wave Forcing of Small Floating Bodies

2005  The Effect of Wavelength on the Response of Floating Bodies

2005  Performance of Multiple Pontoons Floating Breakwater – A Numerical Approach

2005  Performance of Submerged Floating Breakwater Supported by Perforated Plates under Wave Action and Its Dynamics

2005  Pneumatic Effect of Nonlinear Waves and a Freely Floating Body Simulation by a 2D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank (NWT)

2005  Simulation of Wave Runup Around Offshore Structures by a Chimera Domain Decomposition Approach

2005  Two-Body Resonant Interactions by Fully Coupled Method and Partially Coupled Method

2004  Behavior of a Contractile Floating Reservoir for the Confinement and Recovery of Oil Slicks

2004  Floating Breakwater Response to Waves Action Using a Boussinesq Model Coupled with a 2DV Elliptic Solver

2004  Frequency Domain Dynamic Analysis of a Floating Bridge

2004  Hood Canal Floating Bridge East Half Replacement Graving Dock

2004  Maximum Impact Force of Woody Debris on Floodplain Structures

2004  Mooring Bridge Caissons during Construction using Jetted-In Driven Plate Anchors

2004  Optimization of the Allowed Drilling Domain in the Exploration of Marine Floating Platforms

2003  Analysis Method for the Mooring System of a Flexible Floating Body

2003  Centrifuge Tests on Installation of Suction Anchors in Soft Clay

2003  Coupled Analysis of Floating Production Systems

2003  Deepwater Mooring Systems, Concepts, Design, Analysis, and Materials

2003  Dynamic Simulation of Polyester Mooring Lines

2003  Impacts of Different Riser Models on Global Responses of a Truss Spar

2003  Non-Gaussian Air Gap Response Models for Floating Structures

2003  Numerical and Experimental Study on Hydrodynamic Interaction of Side-by-Side Moored Multiple Vessels

2003  Optimization of Mooring and Riser System for Deep Water Floating Production Systems Including Fatigue Life Requirements

2003  Polyster Mooring for the Mad Dog Spar - Design Issues and Othe Considerations

2003  Suction Anchor Piles for the Na Kika FDS Mooring System Part 1: Site Characterization and Design

2003  Suction Anchor Piles for the Na Kika FDS Mooring System Part 2: Installation Performance

2002  Comparison of Hydrodynamic Parameters for a Floating Breakwater

2002  Time Domain Analysis on the Dynamic Response of a Flexible Floating Structure to Waves

2001  Design/Build Project Management of Floating Terminals - Successful Implementation in a Complex Environment

2001  Floating Breakwaters for Small Boat Marina Protection

2001  Gigantic Floating Crane Places Pedestrian Bridge over River

2001  Performance Characteristics of a Rapidly Installed Floating Breakwater

2001  Port of Brownsville Floating Breakwater

2001  Theoretical Study of the Drift of Small Rigid Floating Objects in a Wave Field

2000  FDR: Floating Detour Roadway

2000  Floating Bridge Repaired After Collision

2000  Port Authority Designs Permanent, Floating Ferry Terminal

2000  Use of Membrane Boundaries to Simulate Fixed and Floating Structures in GLLVHT

1999  But How Does it Work?

1999  Effect of Multiple Floating Events on a 275 cm (108-inch) Diameter Pipeline

1999  Experimental Study on Floating Characteristics of a Sewer Due to Soil-Liquefaction and Its Countermeasures

1999  Keeping a Low Profile

1999  Radiation Hydrodynamics of Floating Vertical Cylinder in Viscous Fluid

1999  Reliability of Floating Structures: Extreme Response and Load Factor Design

1998  Analysis of Floating Roofs by ODE-Solver Method

1998  Forced Motions of a Pneumatic Floating Platform

1998  Interaction of Floating Breakwaters with the 2DH Hydrodynamic Processes in the Coastal Zone