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Found 36 Records with the keyword term of "Flexible connections"

2004  Single Plate Shear Connection Response to Rotation Demands Imposed by Frames Undergoing Cyclic Lateral Displacements

2002  Flexible Shear Connectors for Railway Composite Girder Bridges

2001  Time-Dependent Analysis of Shear-Lag Effect in Composite Beams

2000  Deformation of a Flexible Structure Using an Actuating System for Enhancing Performance

2000  Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Identification of Flexible Structure Mounted Manipulator System

2000  Wound Construction of Inflatable Space Structures

1999  Practical Design Method for Flexibly Jointed Frames with Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

1998  Nondestructive Damage Identification of Flexible Aerospace Manipulating Systems

1996  Algebraic Methods For Creep Analysis of Continuous Composite Beams

1996  Minimum-Time Design of a Slewing Flexible Beam

1995  Finite-Element Model for Thin-Walled Space Frame Flexible Connection Behavior

1995  Flexible Connection for Fender Piles Supporting Ship Fenders

1995  Modified AAEM Method for Composite Beams with Post-Connected Slab

1995  Time-Dependent Analysis of Prestressed Composite Beams

1993  Simplified Creep Analysis of Composite Beams with Flexible Connectors

1993  Stability and Strength of Rigid and Semirigid Plane Frameworks

1992  Elastoplastic Nonlinear Analysis of Flexibly Jointed Space Frames

1992  Reliability of Nonlinear Frame Structures by SFEM

1992  Short-Term Behavior of Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Frame

1992  Transient Analysis of Flexible Space Structures

1991  Applicability of Three-Parameter Power Model to Structural Analysis of Flexibly Jointed Frames

1991  Semibifurcation and Bifurcation Analysis of Flexibly Connected Steel Frames

1989  Portal Frame Stability with Nonproportional Loads

1989  Seismic Response of Connections in Two-Bay R/C Frame Subassemblies

1989  Seismic Response of Flexibly-Connected Steel Frames

1988  Stochastic Finite Element Analysis of Frames with Flexible Connections

1987  Flexibly Connected Thin-Walled Steel Frame Response

1987  Practical Analysis of Flexibly-Connected Building Frames

1986  Analysis and Tests of Flexibly Connected Steel Frames

1985  Buckling of Flexibly-Joined Simple Frames

1985  The Effect of Connection Flexibility on Steel Members and Frame Stability

1985  Joint Flexibility in Steel Frames

1985  A New Alternative in Steel Construction—Partially Restrained Connections

1984  Influence of Connection Behavior on Steel Frame Designs at Factored Loads

1983  Elastic Stability of Flexibly Connected Frames

1982  Behavior of Type 2 Steel Frames