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2009  Flexible Operation of Coal Fired Power Plants with Postcombustion Capture of Carbon Dioxide

2009  Nonlocal Damage Formulation for a Flexibility-Based Frame Element

2008  Ambient Vibration Data Analysis for Structural Identification and Global Condition Assessment

2008  NewsBriefs: ”Liquid Metal” Bends without Breaking (California Institute of Technology)

2008  Problem-Solving Base Building under Uncertainty and Ambiguity: Multiple-Case Study on an Airport Expansion Program

2006  Flexibility-Based Damage Localization from Stochastic Realization Results

2006  Reliability Analysis of Deflection of Buried Flexible Pipes

2006  Responding to Concerns About Flexibility in Agricultural Water Management in the Western U.S: A Climate of Uncertainty

2006  Seismic Design Forces. II: Flexible Nonstructural Components

2006  Use of Modal Flexibility for Damage Detection and Condition Assessment: Case Studies and Demonstrations on Large Structures

2005  Effect of Spread Footing Flexibility on Structural Response

2005  Overturning Stability Criteria for Flexible Structures to Earthquakes

2004  Cold-formed Steel Member Cross-section Shape Optimization by Knowledge-Based Global Optimization Method

2004  Effects of Flexibility on Rocking Impedance of Deeply Embedded Foundation

2004  Flexibility-Based Approach for Damage Characterization: Benchmark Application

2004  Seismic Design of Column of Short Bridges Accounting for Embankment Flexibility

2003  Integrated Development of Facilities Design and Services

2002  ASCE, TISP Lend Support to ER One Project

2002  Dynamic Response of a Flexible Structure with Internal Actuating System to Enhance Performance

2002  Technology: Reinventing the Wall with Liquid Metal

2001  Local Versus Global Ductility Demands in Simple Bridges

2001  Small Business Report: The Home Advantage

2000  Be Leaders, Not Followers

2000  Benefits of Flexible Irrigation Water Supply

2000  Berthing Manipulation by a Space Robotic Arm with Consideration of Joint Flexibility

2000  Bridle Sling Lifting of Elastic Beam

2000  Comprehensive Model for Embedded Plates

2000  Computation of Eigenvector Derivatives Using HPDF Expression

2000  Design of a Lightweight Flexible Nonplanar Manipulator Testbed

2000  Interactions of Horizontal Porous Flexible Membrane with Waves

2000  Irrigation District Service in Western United States

2000  Simplified Analysis for Flexible Retaining Walls

2000  Towers in Motion (available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)

2000  Turbulent Boundary Layer over Symmetric Bodies with Rigid and Flexible Surfaces

2000  Unacceptable Floor Flexibility Resulting from Earthquake Damage

1999  Comparisons of Building Analyses Assuming Rigid or Flexible Floors

1999  Dynamic Analysis of Rigid Walls Considering Flexible Foundation

1999  A Follow-the-Leader Approach to Serpentine Robot Motion Planning

1999  Noniterative Flexibility Method for Nonlinear Analysis of Frames

1998  Capacity of Masonry Arches and Spatial Frames

1998  Concrete Stabilizes San Bernardino Penstocks

1998  Ductile Seismic Retrofit of Steel Deck-Truss Bridges. II: Design Applications

1998  Dynamics of Solid-Containing Tanks. II: Flexible Tanks

1998  Flexible Dual Membrane Wave Barrier

1998  Flexible, Low-mass Robotic Arm Actuated by Electroactive Polymers and Operated Equivalently to Human Arm and Hand

1998  Geometrically Nonlinear Flexibility-Based Frame Finite Element

1998  Motion Planning for Serpentine Robots

1998  New Automobile Terminal Provides Flexibility for Future Requirements

1998  On the Design of Joint Trajectory for a Flexible-Link Robot

1998  Output Feedback Sliding Mode Control for a Planar Flexible Manipulator

1998  Understanding Generation X

1998  Vibration Control of Flexible Manipulators Using Smart Structures

1997  Alleviation of Surface and Subsurface Drainage Problems by Flexible Delivery Schedules

1997  Analysis of R/C Chimneys with Soil-Structure Interaction

1997  A Bridge to Manhattan Paved with Good Intentions

1997  Design and Congestion Considerations for Flexible Irrigation Supply Systems. Part I - Concept

1997  Design and Congestion Considerations for Flexible Irrigation Supply Systems. Part II - Application

1997  Dynamic Response of Cantilever Retaining Walls

1997  Evaluation of Nonlinear Frame Finite-Element Models

1997  A Flexible Irrigation Water Supply - Why and How

1997  Global Stability of a Thick Solid Supported by Elastica Columns

1997  Irrigation District Modernization for the Western U.S.

1997  Nonrigid, Nonsubmerged, Vegetative Roughness on Floodplains

1997  Pima-Maricopa Flexible Irrigation Project

1997  Pullout of Inclined Flexible Fiber in Cementitious Composite

1997  Stiffness, Flexibility, Impedance, Mobility and Hidden Delta Function. I: Theory

1997  Use of Reservoirs and Large Capacity Distribution Systems to Simplify Flexible Operations. Part I - System Capacity

1997  Use of Reservoirs and Large Capacity Distribution Systems to Simplify Flexible Operations. Part II - Reservoir Capacity and Case Studies

1996  Computation of Structural Flexibility for Bridge Health Monitoring Using Ambient Modal Data

1996  Dynamic Response of Flexible Retaining Walls

1996  Flexible Boundary for Discrete Element Simulation of Granular Assemblies

1996  Lining the Line

1996  Localized Load Effects in High-Order Bending of Sandwich Panels with Flexible Core

1996  Minimizing Floor Vibrations from Occupant Activities

1996  Modified Janssen Theory for Flexible Circular Bins

1996  A New Element Flexibility Based FEM for Stochastic Structures

1996  Numerical Simulation of Permanent Deformation in Flexible Pavement Systems Subjected to Moving Loads

1996  Optimized Input Shaping for a Single Flexible Robot Link

1996  Seismic Behavior of Structures with Flexible Diaphragms

1996  Structural Analysis Model for Mat Foundations

1995  Designing for Drama

1995  Dynamics and Control of Flexible Robots

1995  How Congress Should Act on Stormwater

1995  Nylon Matting Combats Erosion at South Carolina Dam

1995  Safety Evaluation of Frames with PR Connections

1995  Session IX: Closing Session - Discussion

1995  Statistical Analysis to Test the Influence of Flexibility on Construction Processes

1995  Vibration Control of Moving Flexible Member Using Piezoelectric Actuators

1994  Asphalt Portland Cement Concrete Composite: Laboratory Evaluation

1994  Effect of Flexibility on Impedance Functions for Circular Foundation

1994  Experimental Verification of Beam Models for RC

1994  High-Order Bending of Sandwich Beams with Transversely Flexible Core and Nonparallel Skins

1994  Identification of Aeroelastic Parameters of Flexible Bridges

1994  The Light at the End of the Sewer: How Interested Parties Negotiated a Consensus Solution to the Combined Sewer Overflow Problem

1994  Modular Spacecraft

1994  On the Dynamics and Control of Flexible Orbiting Systems: An Approach with Application

1994  Simulation of Blast Pressure on Flexible Panels

1994  Soil Water Model for Evaluating Water Delivery Flexibility

1994  Turbulent Boundary Layer Over Flat Plate with Rigid and Flexible Surfaces

1994  Use of Waste Rubber in Light-Duty Concrete Pavements