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2014  Constructed Reefs in Two Michigan Rivers Aimed at Helping Sturgeon Populations Rebound

2014  Fish Passage Behavior for Severe Hydraulic Conditions in Baffled Culverts

2014  Integrative Method for Quantifying Floodplain Habitat

2014  Lessons Learned from Sediment Transport Model Predictions and Long-Term Postremoval Monitoring: Marmot Dam Removal Project on the Sandy River in Oregon

2014  Mean Flow Characteristics in a Rock-Ramp-Type Fish Pass

2014  Modeling Water-Depth Distribution in Vertical-Slot Fishways under Uniform and Nonuniform Scenarios

2013  Hatching Innovation

2013  Laboratory Study of Fish Passage and Discharge Capacity in Slip-Lined, Baffled Culverts

2013  Place of Circling Waters - Industrial Land to Habitat Site

2012  CE-QUAL-W2 Water Quality and Fish-Bioenergetics Model of Chester Morse Lake and the Cedar River

2012  Culvert Roughness Elements for Native Utah Fish Passage

2012  Ecohydrology and Fish-Passage Engineering: Legacy of Denil and the Call for a More Inclusive Paradigm

2012  Effect of Urban Catchment Composition on Runoff Temperature

2012  Estimated Trophic State Effects and Abatement Costs in Connection with Improved Urban Sewage Treatment in the Gulf of Riga

2012  Hydrodynamic Modeling Analysis of Tidal Wetland Restoration in Snohomish River, Washington

2012  Providing Fish Passage at the Middle Fork Nooksack River Diversion Dam

2012  Should Fish Passage through Culverts Be a Concern for Midwest Engineers and Planners? Determining the Percentage of Culverts That Act As Barriers to Fish Passage in NE Ohio

2012  Statistical Analysis of Stress Histories for Fatigue Damage Design of Floating Fish Cages

2012  Toxicity Characteristics of Drilling Mud and Its Effect on Aquatic Fish Populations

2012  Trabuco Creek Fish Passage Projects

2012  Water Management Adaptations to Prevent Loss of Spring-Run Chinook Salmon in California under Climate Change

2011  Evaluation of the Viability of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for the Velocity Field Analysis of Fish Entrainment Risk at Hydropower Dams

2011  Framework to Determine Total Maximum Daily Flow Diversions for Fish Protection

2011  Modeling and Optimization of Fish Passage Structures

2011  NewsBriefs: Wastewater Treatment Plants Fail to Remove Chemicals Toxic to Fish (Chemical & Engineering News)

2011  One-Dimensional Modeling Techniques for Energy Dissipation in U-Weir Grade-Control Structures

2011  Optical Fish Trajectory Measurement in Fishways through Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks

2011  A Post-Processing Tool for HEC-RAS for the Assessment of Fish Passage Conditions in Highway Culverts

2011  Projecting the Impact of Climatic Change on Coldwater Fish Habitat in Minnesota Lakes

2011  Reservoir Reoperation for Fish Ecosystem Restoration Using Daily Inflows—Case Study of Lake Shelbyville

2011  Reservoir Thermal Structure and Its Effect on Hydropower Operation Induced Fish Entrainment

2011  Temporal Development of Scour Holes around Submerged Stream Deflectors

2011  Using River2D Morphology to Predict Salmon Redd Survival during High Flow Events from Hydroelectric Dam Operations

2010  A Comprehensive Solution to Aquatic Habitat Fragmentation in the Milwaukee River Watershed, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

2010  Field Studies and Proposed Solutions to Facilitate Migration of the Peruvian Shrimp (Cryphiops Caementarius)

2010  Fish Movement and Weir Drown-Out

2010  Fish Passage Restoration and the NEPA Process: Balancing Environmental Considerations with Historical and Cultural Resources

2010  Fish-Friendly Turbine Captures Tidal Energy

2010  Hydraulic Complexity Metrics for Evaluating In-Stream Brook Trout Habitat

2010  Influence of Mechanical Draft Tube Fish Barrier on the Hydraulic Thrust of Small Francis Turbines

2010  Investigation of the Effects of Proposed Hurricane Protection Structures on the Characteristic Transport of Larval Fish into Lake Pontchartrain

2010  Lampricide Hindcast Modeling in Missisquoi Bay

2010  Modeling the Thermal Impact of Land Use Change in the Vermillion River Trout Stream Watershed, MN

2010  Modeling Unsteady Flow Characteristics of Hydropeaking Operations and Their Implications on Fish Habitat

2010  National Park Service Awards Construction Contract to Restore Fish Passage on Elwha River

2010  A Numerical Modelling Study for the Proposed Increase in Barramundi Production, Cone Bay, Western Australia

2010  Pelagic Habitat Visualization: The Need for a Third (and Fourth) Dimension: HabitatSpace

2010  Reducing the Error Associated with Manning’s Roughness in Culvert Design for Improved Fish Passage

2010  Removing Barriers to Fish Passage at the City of Bellingham’s Middle Fork Nooksack River Diversion Dam

2010  Thermal Reduction by an Underground Storm-Water Detention System

2010  Turbulent Flow near Vertical Angled Fish Screen

2010  Watershed Management 2010, Innovations in Watershed Management under Land Use and Climate Change

2009  Challenges of Managing California’s Sacramento — San Joaquin Delta

2009  Competing Risks and the Development of Adaptive Management Plans for Water Resources: Field Reconnaissance Investigation of Risks to Fishes and Other Aquatic Biota Exposed to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in Lake Mead, Nevada, USA

2009  Culvert Retrofit and Fish Passage: An Update

2009  The Effect of Natural Hydrological Disturbances (Defined from HSPF Simulated Hydrographs) on Trout Populations in Ungaged Streams of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

2009  Effects of Bed Roughness on Flow around Bed-Mounted Cylinders in Open Channels

2009  Evaluating the Potential Impact of Reservoir Operation on Fish Communities

2009  Fish Passage and Abundance around Grade Control Structures on Incised Streams

2009  Fish Passage Can Be Improved by Introducing Hydraulic Refuge: Can the Effects Be Quantified?

2009  Hydraulic Model Study of Canoe Chute and Fish Passage for the Chicago River North Branch Dam

2009  Particle Image Velocimetry Study of Flow near Trashrack Models

2009  Quantitative Evaluation of Rock Weir Field Performance

2009  Simulations of Aquaculture Dissolved Waste Transport and Mixing in Near-Coastal Waters

2009  Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Habitat Unit Composition Modeling

2008  Analysis on Spawning Site of Chinese Carps in the Reservoir of Three Gorges Project Based on the 1-D Hydrodynamic Model

2008  Application of a Nonhydrostatic Model to Flow in a Free Surface Fish Passage Facility

2008  Case Study of an Application of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to the Forebay of the Dalles Dam, Oregon

2008  Case Study of Impacts of Highway Culverts on Salmon and Steelhead

2008  A Comparative Study on Fish Physical Habitat Simulation Model

2008  Culvert Retrofit and Fish Passage: At Odds?

2008  Developing a Cost-Effective Methodology to Manage Fecal Coliform Loading in Shellfish Harvesting Areas of Upper Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

2008  Development of a Multi-Beneficial Surface Bypass Alternative for Juvenile Fish Passage at McNary Dam

2008  Dye Tracing within the St. Lawrence Confining Unit in Southeastern Minnesota

2008  Effectiveness of Artificial Substrate in Capturing and Retaining Sturgeon Eggs

2008  Environmental Restoration: California Project Will Reopen Critical Habitat to Imperiled Fish

2008  Episodic Stream Acidification in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park: An Investigation into the Mechanisms of Acidification and Impacts on Native Brook Trout

2008  Flow around Cylinders in Open Channels

2008  The Glen Canyon Dam Temperature Control Device: Restoring Downstream Habitat for Endangered Fish Recovery

2008  Hydraulic Design of a Tilting Weir Allowing for Periodic Fish Migration

2008  Lessons from Fish Passage Waterways in Oregon and Factors for Improving Their Construction

2008  Numerical Study for the Design of a Warm Water Fish Passage

2008  Physical Habitat Model for the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow

2008  Pool Simulation Culvert Design for Fish Passage

2008  Spring Characterization Methods and Springshed Mapping

2008  Study of the Free Surface Flow on an Ogee-Crested Fish Bypass

2008  Use of CFD Modeling for Creating Recreational Opportunities at the Calgary Bow River Weir

2008  Using Telemetry and a Fish Behavioral Model to Assess Fish Habitat Changes Caused by Alteration of River Morphology

2007  Creating Wet Acres in the Missouri River for Fish Populations

2007  Distributed Entrainment Sink Approach for Modeling Mixing and Transport in the Intermediate Field

2007  The Effect of Urban Stormwater BMPs on Runoff Temperature in Trout Sensitive Waters

2007  Environmental Restoration: Fish Passage to Be Restored to Much of Maine’s Presumpscot

2007  Hydrodynamic Conditions Surrounding Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout Redds

2007  Hydrodynamic Forcing of Long-Line Mussel Farms: Observations

2007  Identify Environmental Limits and Restoration Needs from Fish Community Implications — An Autecology Approach

2007  A Laboratory Study of Streambed Stability in Bottomless Culverts

2007  A Method for Evaluating the Impacts of Reservoir Operation on Fish Communities

2007  Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Fish Communities at the Watershed Scale

2007  NewsBriefs: Klamath River Dams May Be Removed to Save Salmon (The Washington Post)

2007  Predicting Equilibrium Scour-Hole Geometry near Angled Stream Deflectors Using a Three-Dimensional Numerical Flow Model