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Found 61 Records with the keyword term of "Finite strip method"

2014  Design of Locally Slender Structural Steel Columns

2013  Constrained Finite Strip Method for Thin-Walled Members with General End Boundary Conditions

2013  Mechanical Buckling of Thick Composite Plates Reinforced with Randomly Oriented, Straight, Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Resting on an Elastic Foundation using the Finite Strip Method

2011  Design Field Bending Moment Coefficients for Interior Reinforced Concrete Flat Plates

2009  Elastic Buckling Finite Strip Analysis of the AISC Sections Database and Proposed Local Plate Buckling Coefficients

2009  Finite-Strip Method for the Analysis of Cracked Plates with Application to Plate-Girder Bridges

2003  Calculation of Moments on Top Slab in Single-Cell Box Girders

2003  Concrete Uniaxial Tensile Strength and Cylinder Splitting Test

2002  Dynamic Response of Plates on Elastic Foundation to Moving Loads

2002  Higher-Order Finite Strip Method for Postbuckling Analysis of Imperfect Composite Plates

2000  3D Flutter Analysis of Bridges by Spline Finite-Strip Method

1997  Interactive Buckling Behavior and Ultimate Load of I-Section Steel Columns

1997  Strength and Ductility of Fabricated Steel-Concrete Filled Box Columns

1994  Combined Boundary Element / Finite Strip Analysis of Bridges

1994  Local Buckling by Complex Finite Strip Method Using Bubble Functions

1991  Advanced Software for Thin Plate Analysis Using Unequally Spaced Cubic B-Splines

1991  Applications of Compound Strip Method for Folded Plates with Connecting Elements

1991  B-Spline Compound Strip Formulation for Braced Thin-Walled Structures

1991  Compound Strip Method for Folded Plates with Connecting Elements

1991  Coupled Vibrational Response of Floor Systems with Occupants

1991  Finite Strip Method for Analysis of Cold-Formed Purlins

1991  Finite Strip Method for Analysis of Structures with Material Nonlinearity

1991  Macrostrip for Variable Section Plates

1990  Analysis of Cantilever Decks of Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridges

1990  Buckling Analysis of Anisotropic Plates Using Perturbation Technique

1990  Elastic Local Buckling of Trough Girders

1990  Finite-Strip Free-Vibration Analysis of Wood Floors

1990  Smooth Indentation of Finite Strip Reinforced by Rigid Inclusion

1989  Analysis of Continuous, Haunched Box-Girder Bridges by Finite Strips

1989  Analytical Solution to Free Vibration of Sector Plates

1989  Bending of Multi-Bin RC Cylindrical Silos

1989  Finite Strip-Elements for Thick Plate Analysis

1989  Reliability-Based Design of Wood Structural Systems

1989  Stability Analysis of Steel Compression Members by a Modified Finite Strip Method

1988  Approximate Analysis of Concrete Box-Girder Bridges

1988  Curved Box-Girder Bridges

1988  Finite Strip Method in a Parallel Computing Environment

1987  Distortional Buckling Formulas for Channel Columns

1987  Plate-Bending Analysis Using Finite Strip-Elements

1987  Recent Developments of the Finite Strip Method

1987  A Simple Microcomputer Finite Strip Analysis

1986  Compound Strip Method for Analysis of Plate Systems

1986  Compound Strip Method for Continuous Sector Plates

1986  Spline Finite Strip Analysis of General Plates

1985  Composite Box Girder Bridge Behavior During Construction

1984  Columns: Static and Dynamic Interactive Buckling

1984  Compound Strip Method for Analysis of Continuous Elastic Plates

1984  Vibrations of Irregular Plates by Finite Strip Method with Spline Functions

1983  Equilibrium Method of Finite Strip for Plates with Intermediate Supports

1983  Inelastic Buckling Using the Finite Strip Method

1983  Numerical Solutions for Biot’s Consolidation of Layered Soil

1982  Mixed Formulation of Finite Strip Method

1981  Postbuckling Analyses with Finite Strips

1980  Heat Conduction in Plates by Finite Strip Method

1979  Finite Strip Laminated Sandwich Roof Analysis

1978  Finite Strip Analysis of Quadrilateral Plates in Bending

1978  Finite Strip Method in Polar Coordinates

1976  Variation of Tapered Plates by Finite Strip Method

1971  Analysis of Simply Supported Thick, Layered Plates

1969  Folded Plate Structures by Finite Strip Method

1968  Finite Strip Method Analysis of Elastic Slabs