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2014  Analysis of Segmentally Constructed Prestressed Concrete Bridges Using Hexahedral Elements with Realistic Tendon Profiles

2014  Analysis of Settlement-Induced Bending Moments in Battered Piles

2014  Anchorage Capacity of Concrete Bridge Barriers Reinforced with GFRP Bars with Headed Ends

2014  Appropriate Wood Constitutive Law for Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior of Timber Joints

2014  Assessment and Management of Concrete Bridges Supported by Monitoring Data-Based Finite-Element Modeling

2014  Axially Restrained Beam-Column with Initial Imperfections and Nonlinear End Connections Subject to High Temperatures

2014  Axisymmetric Lower-Bound Limit Analysis Using Finite Elements and Second-Order Cone Programming

2014  Blast Modeling of Steel Frames with Simple Connections

2014  Braced Ductile Shear Panel: New Seismic-Resistant Framing System

2014  Bridge Constructed with GFRP-Reinforced Precast Concrete Deck Panels: Case Study

2014  Buckling and Postbuckling Finite-Element Analysis of Pultruded FRP Profiles under Pure Compression

2014  Buckling Delamination of a Rectangular Viscoelastic Sandwich Plate Containing Interface Inner Cracks

2014  Buried Pipe Affected by River Erosion When Crossing the Yangtze River

2014  Cable Anchorage System Modeling Methods for Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges with Steel Box Girders

2014  Capacity Assessment of the Titus Tunnel Bridge Using Analytical and Numerical Techniques

2014  Combined FEM/DEM Modeling of Triaxial Compression Tests for Rockfills with Polyhedral Particles

2014  Comparison between Analytical and ANSYS Calculations for a Receding Contact Problem

2014  Composite Floor Systems under Column Loss: Collapse Resistance and Tie Force Requirements

2014  Computational Modeling of Steel Stud Wall Systems for Applications to Blast-Resistant Design

2014  Coupled Thermo-Poro-Mechanical Finite Element Analysis of an Energy Foundation Centrifuge Experiment in Partially Saturated Silt

2014  Curvature Limitations for Slab-on-I-Girder Bridges

2014  Cyclic Indentation Behavior of Layered Nanocomposites: Viscoplastic Numerical Study

2014  Damage and Failure of Laminated Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Composite under Low-Velocity Impact

2014  Damage Identification of Bolt Connections in a Steel Frame

2014  Defining the Plastic Limit Moment for Shell Intersections Based on a New Criterion

2014  Design of Locally Slender Structural Steel Columns

2014  Discrete-Like Crack Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Incorporated with Analytical Solution of Cyclic Bond Model

2014  Disturbed Stress Field Model for Unreinforced Masonry

2014  Effect of Installation on the Bearing Capacity of a Spudcan under Combined Loading in Soft Clay

2014  Effect of Surface Friction on Tire-Pavement Contact Stresses during Vehicle Maneuvering

2014  Effects of Tendon Spacing on In-Plane Behavior of Posttensioned Masonry Walls

2014  Elastography Method to Identify Material Distribution in Two-Phase Nonlinear Media

2014  Estimation of Slope Stability Using Two-Parameter Criterion of Stability

2014  Experimental and Parametric Investigation of Response of NSM CFRP-Strengthened RC Beams

2014  Experimental, Numerical, and Analytical Studies of Stress and Displacement in Full-Scale Beds of Activated Alumina Granular Material for Space Life-Support Systems

2014  Field Test and Finite-Element Modeling of a Three-Span Continuous-Girder Bridge

2014  Finite Element Analyses of Offshore Monopile Deflection Accumulation under Harmonic Loading

2014  Finite Element Modeling of Heat Transfer in a Reinforced Concrete Pavement

2014  Finite Element Simulation of Deep Excavation in Soft Cohesive Soils Using an Enhanced Anisotropic Bounding Surface Model

2014  Fire Protection Performance of Nanocoating on a LPG Tank under Fire Based on the Wavelet Finite-Element Method

2014  Fracture and Size Effect on Strength of Plain Concrete Disks under Biaxial Flexure Analyzed by Microplane Model M7

2014  A Framework for Analysis of Piles with Rectangular Cross Section

2014  Free-Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Frames

2014  Full-Scale Instrumented Testing and Three-Dimensional Modeling of Airfield Matting Systems

2014  Generalized Phenomenological Model for the Viscoelasticity of Idealized Asphalts

2014  Generalized Response Surface Model Updating Using Time Domain Data

2014  Geophysical Investigation of Solid Waste Dumpsite at Ballouneh in Lebanon

2014  Ground Shock Resistance of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

2014  Hand-Calculated Procedure for Rigidity Computation of Shear Walls with Openings

2014  Hysteretic Finite Elements for the Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures

2014  Impact of Concrete Thermophysical Properties on Pavement Structural Design

2014  Imperfection Modeling Using Finite Element Approach with Particular Discretization

2014  Implementation of a Triaxial Dynamic Modulus Master Curve in Finite-Element Modeling of Asphalt Pavements

2014  Improving Plate Anchor Design with a Keying Flap

2014  Influence of Soil Reinforcement on Horizontal Displacement of MSE Wall

2014  Instantaneous Stiffness of Cracked Reinforced Concrete Including Steel-Concrete Interface Damage and Long-Term Effects

2014  Investigating the Optimized Open V-Shaped Trench Performance in Reduction of Train-Induced Ground Vibrations

2014  Investigation of Lateral Resistance Factor (η) of Sand Using Pressuremeter: Numerical Approach

2014  Large-Deformation Numerical Modeling of Short-Term Compression and Uplift Capacity of Offshore Shallow Foundations

2014  Live Load Distribution Factors in Two-Girder Bridge Systems Using Precast Trapezoidal U-Girders

2014  Long-Term Foundation Response to Repetitive Loading

2014  Low-Velocity Impact Study on GLARE FMLs Using Various Indenters

2014  Material Model Incorporating Buckling of Reinforcing Bars in RC Columns

2014  Mean and Variance of Mobilized Shear Strength for Spatially Variable Soils under Uniform Stress States

2014  Mechanics of an Adhesive Anchor System Subjected to a Pullout Load. I: Elastic Analysis

2014  Mechanics of an Adhesive Anchor System Subjected to a Pullout Load. II: Viscoelastic Analysis

2014  Method to Determine the Probability of Failure for Annealed Monolithic Window Glass Loaded with a Uniform Wind Load

2014  Modeling and Analysis of Single-Plate Shear Connections under Column Loss

2014  Modeling Dynamic Site Response Using the Overlay Concept

2014  Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Assemblies under Column-Removal Scenario

2014  Modeling of the FWD Deflection Basin to Evaluate Airport Pavements

2014  Modeling Random Short Nanofiber- and Microfiber-Reinforced Composites Using the Extended Finite-Element Method

2014  Modeling Slip in Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges: Comparison of Two Finite-Element-Method Approaches and Test Values

2014  Modeling Using Coupled FEM-SBFEM for Three-Dimensional Seismic SSI in Time Domain

2014  Modeling Viscoelastic Behavior of Polyethylene Pipe Stresses

2014  Multilevel Adaptive Algorithm for Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Materials

2014  Multiscale Model of Collagen Fibril in Bone: Elastic Response

2014  New Approach to the Design of Tunnels in Squeezing Ground

2014  New Finite Element for Steel Shear Plate Analysis

2014  New Finite-Element Formulation for Buckling Analysis of Cracked Structures

2014  New York Times Building: Role of Selected Features

2014  Nonlinear Joint Model Updating in Assembled Structures

2014  Nonlinear Semianalytical Finite-Element Algorithm for the Analysis of Internal Resonance Conditions in Complex Waveguides

2014  Numerical Analyses of a Cracked Straight-Through Flattened Brazilian Disk Specimen under Mixed-Mode Loading

2014  Numerical and Experimental Analysis of a Waffle Slab Parking Floor

2014  Numerical Modeling of Shear Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Different Systems

2014  Optimizing Horizontally Curved, Steel Bridge, Cross-Frame Arrangements to Enhance Construction Performance

2014  Precise Finite-Element Model for Pulleys Based on the Hamiltonian Form of Elasticity

2014  Probabilistic Nonlinear Response Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

2014  Quantifying the Effects of Modeling Simplifications for Structural Identification of Bridges

2014  Response of Concrete Corbels Reinforced with Internal Steel Rebars and External Composite Sheets: Experimental Testing and Finite Element Modeling

2014  Robust Finite-Time Control for Flexible Spacecraft Attitude Maneuver

2014  Safety of Maglev Trains Moving on Bridges Subject to Foundation Settlements and Earthquakes

2014  Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers Subjected to Freshwater Pumping

2014  Seismic Displacements of Yielding Gravity-Type Earth-Retaining Walls-Results from a FEM study

2014  Shaft Resistance and Setup Factors for Piles Jacked in Clay

2014  Simple and Effective Approach for Polar Decomposition of the Deformation Gradient Tensor

2014  Solving Axisymmetric Stability Problems by Using Upper Bound Finite Elements, Limit Analysis, and Linear Optimization

2014  Stability of Unsupported Vertical Circular Excavations

2014  Static Strength of Axially Loaded Elliptical Hollow Section X Joints with Braces Welded to Wide Sides of Chord. I: Numerical Investigations Based on Experimental Tests