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2014  Equivalent Static Analysis of Piled Bridge Abutments Affected by Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction

2014  Finite Difference Analyses for Sand Drain Problems

2014  Impact of Concrete Thermophysical Properties on Pavement Structural Design

2014  New Approach to the Design of Tunnels in Squeezing Ground

2014  Thermal and Mechanical Modeling of Load-Bearing Cold-Formed Steel Wall Systems in Fire

2014  Two-Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow of Chemical Reaction MHD Fluid over a Shrinking Sheet with Suction and Injection

2013  Analysis of the Displacement of Buried Pipelines Caused by Adjacent Surcharge Loads

2013  Derivation of Normalized Pressure Impulse Curves for Flexural Ultra High Performance Concrete Slabs

2013  The Equivalent Inclusion Method for Poroelasticity Problems

2013  Liquefaction Effects on Piled Bridge Abutments: Centrifuge Tests and Numerical Analyses

2013  Numerical Solution of Stone Column-Improved Soft Soil Considering Arching, Clogging, and Smear Effects

2013  Optimal Removal of Heavy Metals Pollutants from Groundwater Using a Real Genetic Algorithm and Finite-Difference Method

2013  Real Options-Based Approach for Valuation of Government Guarantees in Public-Private Partnerships

2013  Temperature Field Evolution of Soils Surrounding a Cross-River Tunnel

2013  Three-Dimensional Analysis of Contaminant Migration through Saturated Homogeneous Soil Media Using FDM

2013  Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Time-Domain Computation of the Seismoelectric Field Generated by a Slipping Fault

2012  Analysis of 1D Contaminant Migration through Saturated Soil Media Underlying Aquifer Using FDM

2012  Design Methodology for Determining the Load Resistance of Heat-Treated Window Glass

2012  Differential Quadrature Method in Open Channel Flows: Aksu River, Turkey

2012  Mathematical Forms and Numerical Schemes for the Solution of Unsaturated Flow Equations

2012  Pasternak Model for Oblique Pullout of Inextensible Reinforcement

2012  Seismic Isolation Simulation of Pipeline in Utility Tunnel

2012  Subgrade Undercut Criteria Based on Modeling of Rutting and Pumping Response

2012  Temporal Moments for Reactive Transport through Fractured Impermeable/Permeable Formations

2012  Time-Dependent Modeling of Tunnels in Squeezing Conditions

2012  Two-Dimensional Inversion of Full Waveforms Using Simulated Annealing

2011  Analysis and Design of Vibration Isolation System Using Open Trenches

2011  Finite Difference Method for Computation of 1D Pollutant Migration through Saturated Homogeneous Soil Media

2011  A Hybrid Finite-Volume/Finite-Difference Scheme for One-Dimensional Boussinesq Equations to Simulate Wave Attenuation Due to Vegetation

2011  Hydrodynamic Pressures on Arch Dam during Earthquakes

2011  Numerical Simulation for Construction Process of a Very Deep Circular Pit

2011  A Process-Based Model for Fluidized Bed in Sand Filled Reservoirs

2011  Simple, Robust, and Efficient Algorithm for Gradually Varied Subcritical Flow Simulation in General Channel Networks

2010  FDTD Simulation of GPR Electromagnetic Wave

2010  Influence of Nonlinearity on the Stress Distribution in the Soil—Application to Road Engineering Problems

2010  Nonuniform and Unsteady Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation. I: Model Development

2010  Numerical Simulation Software for Oil Sand Slurry Flow in Flexible Pipelines

2010  An Unsteady Optimization Algorithm for Water Distribution Systems Including Hydraulics and Water Quality Criteria

2009  Damage Identification Using Electromagnetic Waves Based on Born Imaging Algorithm

2009  Mathematical Model and Numerical Simulation for Frost Heave of Airfield Subgrade

2009  Response Analysis of Field-Scale Fully Grouted Standard Cable Bolts Using a Coupled ANN-FDM Approach

2009  Time-Centered Split Method for Implicit Discretization of Unsteady Advection Problems

2008  Approximate Solutions for Forchheimer Flow to a Well

2008  An Extended 1-D Transient Corrosion Model Including Multi-Component Chemical Species

2008  Impact Mechanics and High-Energy Absorbing Materials: Review

2008  Liquefaction and Deformation Analyses Using a Total Stress Approach

2008  Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Analysis of Long Cables

2007  Extension of Preissmann Scheme to Two-Dimensional Flows

2007  Flood and Shock Waves Simulation by Using Finite Volume Technique on Unstructured Meshes

2007  Fundamental Mechanics of Asphalt Compaction through FEM and DEM Modeling

2007  Groundwater Mound due to Constant Recharge from a Strip Basin

2007  Influence of the 2002 Texas Section of ASCE Recommended Practice on the Beam Depths for Stiffened Slabs on Shrink-Swell Soils Using BRAB and WRI

2007  Parallel Computing Techniques for Sensitivity Analysis in Optimum Structural Design

2006  3-D Numerical Simulation of Air Losses in Compressed Air Tunneling

2006  Damage Assessment in Beams using Inverse Method

2006  Finite Difference Method for Probabilistic Load-Displacement Analysis of Drilled Shafts

2006  Generalized Fick’s Law and Fractional ADE for Pollution Transport in a River: Detailed Derivation

2006  Seepage from a Rectangular Ditch to the Groundwater Table

2006  Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Finite-Difference Analysis for Seismic Soil-Micropile-Structure Interaction: Effects of Nonlinearity of Soil and Micropile-Soil Interface

2005  Assessment of Temperature Fluctuations in Asphalt Pavements Due to Thermal Environmental Conditions using a Two-Dimensional, Transient Finite-Difference Approach

2005  Fractional Steps Scheme of Finite Analytic Method for Advection.Diffusion Equation

2005  Limitations of Kinematic Hardening for Modeling Soil Behavior

2005  Mathematical Formulation and Validation of a Mixed Finite Element–Finite Difference Model for Simulating Phreatic Surfaces

2005  Nonlinear Coupling of Carbonation and Chloride Diffusion in Concrete

2005  Overview of Constitutive Models for Soils

2005  Overview of Constitutive Models For Soils

2005  Settlement of Dredged and Contaminated Material Placement Areas. II: Primary Consolidation, Secondary Compression, and Desiccation of Dredged Fill Input Parameters

2005  Use of Artificial Neural Networks as Explicit Finite Difference Operators

2004  Modeling Water Balance Parameters for Rainfed Rice

2004  Numerical Modeling Study of Cooling Water Recirculation

2004  Numerical Solution of Boussinesq Equations to Simulate Dam-Break Flows

2004  Numerical Study of Tidal Effects on Seawater Intrusion in Confined and Unconfined Aquifers by Time-Independent Finite-Difference Method

2004  Simulating the Thermal Behavior of Buildings Using Artificial Neural Networks-Based Coarse-Grain Modeling

2004  Simulation of Transcritical Flow in Pipe/Channel Networks

2004  Three Dimensional Simulation of Fluid Flow in Granular Material Microstructure

2003  Coarse-Grain Method for Simulating the Thermal Behavior of Buildings

2003  Development of a Real Time Wave Model for Galveston Bay

2003  Practical Aspects in Comparing Shock-Capturing Schemes for Dam Break Problems

2003  Site Response at Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands, California

2003  Wave Simulations in Ponce de Leon Inlet using Boussinesq Model

2002  Errors of Scale in Discrete Element Computations

2002  Finite-Difference Analysis of Horizontal Gradients in Sigma-Coordinate Models

2002  Generalized-α Time Integration Solutions for Hanging Chain Dynamics

2002  Hybrid Finite-Difference Scheme for Solving the Dispersion Equation

2002  Responses of a Hybrid z-Level Model to Various Topography Treatment Methods for a Boundary Value Problem and an Initial Value Problem

2002  Stability and Accuracy of Weighted Four-Point Implicit Finite Difference Schemes for Open Channel Flow

2002  Vibration of Pressure Loaded Nonlinear Rectangular Plates with Cross Stiffener

2001  Boussinesq-Type Model with Boundary-Fitted Coordinate System

2001  Influence of Nonassociativity on the Bearing Capacity of a Strip Footing

2001  Time-Dependent Analysis of Shear-Lag Effect in Composite Beams

2000  Analysis of Muskingum Equation Based Flood Routing Schemes

2000  Application of Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Lake Okeechobee

2000  Buckling of Delaminated Composite Beams with Shear Deformation Effect

2000  Depth-Averaged Simulation of Supercritical Flow in Channel with Wavy Sidewall

2000  Design of Mechanical Viscous Dampers for Stay Cables

2000  Design Procedure of a Lateral Diversion from a Triangular Channel

2000  Evaluation of Hopscotch Method for Transient Ground-Water Flow

2000  Finite-Difference TVD Scheme for Computation of Dam-Break Problems

2000  Geotechnical Stability Analysis by Strength Reduction

2000  Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Contamination