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2015  New Congress Faces Financial Challenge in Reauthorizing Surface Transportation Program

2015  Synthetic Cash Flow Model with Singularity Functions. II: Feasible Prompt Payment Discount Scenarios

2014  Correlation Analysis of Capital and Life Cycle Costs in Private Financial Initiative Projects

2014  Dynamic Threshold Cash Flow-Based Structural Model for Contractor Financial Prequalification

2014  Enhanced Trade-Off of Construction Projects: Finance-Resource-Profit

2014  Falling Behind? Boom, Bust & the Global Race for Scientific Talent By Michael S. Teitelbaum. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2014

2014  Financial Seismic Risk Analysis of Building Portfolios

2014  Improving Forecasting Accuracy of Project Earned Value Metrics: Linear Modeling Approach

2014  Leveling Process of Annual Budgetary Requirements for Pavement Preservation

2014  Mathematical Formulation of the Project Quarterback Rating: New Framework to Assess Construction Project Performance

2014  Nature of Firm Performance in Construction

2014  Proposed Water Trust Fund Would Be Financed by Voluntary Labeling System

2014  Valuation of Projects with Stochastic Cash Flows and Intertemporal Correlations: Practical Modeling Guidelines

2013  Adverse Selection Problem in the Market of Real Estate

2013  Alternative to Government Revenue Guarantees: Dynamic Revenue Insurance Contracts

2013  Avoiding Performance Failure Payment Deductions in PFI/PPP Projects: Model of Critical Success Factors

2013  Comprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Listed Real Estate Company Based on GARCH Models and Factor Analysis

2013  Construction Price Prediction Using Vector Error Correction Models

2013  Effects of Competitive and Growth Strategy Type on Financial Strategies in Construction Companies

2013  Empirical Research of the Logistic Model-Based Financial Risk Warning on the Real Estate Listed Companies

2013  Empirical Study of Factors Affecting the Financing Ability of Small- and Medium-Sized Real Estate Enterprises

2013  Empirical Study on Earnings Management of Listed Construction Enterprises in China

2013  An Empirical Study on the Correlation between Capital Structure and Firm Value from the Perspective of Different Monetary Policy

2013  Failure Caused by Inappropriate Construction Methods: An Expensive Lesson

2013  Fatalities among Civil Infrastructure Workers: Variable Annuity with Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefits Approach

2013  Finance-Related Critical Success Factors for the Briefing of PPP Projects in Construction

2013  Financial and Environmental Payback Periods of Seismic Retrofit Investments for Reinforced Concrete Buildings Estimated Using a Novel Method

2013  Financial Valuation of Investments in International Construction Markets: Real-Options Approach for Market-Entry Decisions

2013  Financing Risk Analysis of Chinese Metro Projects Based on the AHM-Fuzzy Evaluation Model

2013  Foreign Exchange Risk Management of Air Transportation Listed Companies

2013  Germany’s Experience and the Reform Direction of China’s Housing Market

2013  Improved Genetic Algorithm for Finance-Based Scheduling

2013  Integration of Financial and Contract Management on the Shanghai Expo Construction Program

2013  Modeling Profitability and Stock Market Performance of Listed Construction Firms on the Athens Exchange: Two-Stage DEA Approach

2013  Municipal Spending in Spain: Spatial Approach

2013  Potential Impacts of Longer and Heavier Vehicles on Texas Pavements

2013  Predicting Loss for Large Construction Companies

2013  Public-Private Partnerships: Capital Market Conditions and Alternative Finance Mechanisms for Australian Infrastructure Projects

2013  Ranked Critical Factors in PPP Briefings

2013  Rapid Adaptation to Resource and Financial Drought Conditions: A Primer for Utilities

2013  Risk and Financial Impacts of Prevention through Design Solutions

2013  Risk and Value in Privately Financed Health Care Projects

2013  Study of Real Estate Financing Risk and Prevention under Macro-Control Policies

2013  Study of the Development Difference between Domestic and Foreign Top Construction Contractors: A Sustainable Financial Capability Perspective

2013  Study on the Financial Risks of Real Estate Enterprise

2013  Suburban Ponzi Scheme

2013  Turning Green to Gold in the Construction Industry: Fable or Fact?

2013  Using the Economic and Financial Reequilibrium Model to Decrease Infrastructure Contract Incompleteness

2012  2011 Annual Report: Moving Forward

2012  Analyzing the Impact of Negative Cash Flow on Construction Performance in the Dubai Area

2012  Congress Examines Regulatory, Financial Needs of Water Infrastructure

2012  Developing Key Performance Indicators for Public-Private Partnership Projects: Questionnaire Survey and Analysis

2012  Finance-Based Scheduling for Multiple Projects with Multimode Activities

2012  Financial Consequences of Delaying Pavement Rehabilitation: Case Study Using LTPP Data

2012  Financial Impact of Certified ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems in the UK and Ireland

2012  House Subcommittee Examines Proposals For Financing Water Infrastructure

2012  Improving the Assessment of Economic Foreign Exchange Exposure in Public–Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2012  LEED Economic Assessment Program (LEAP)

2012  Optimization of Bid-Winning Potential and Capital Structure for Build-Operate-Transfer Road Projects in India

2012  Performance of Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm in Finance-Based Scheduling

2012  Predicting Construction Contractor Default with Barrier Option Model

2012  Public Financing into Build-Operate-Transfer Hospital Projects in Italy

2012  Spending Scarce Funds More Efficiently—Including the Pattern of Interdependence in Cost-Benefit Analysis

2012  Study on the Development Environment of Loose Monetary Policy

2012  Sustainable Management of Infrastructure Projects: The Role of Workers’ Satisfaction through Financial Loss Reduction

2012  Urban Sprawl and Local Infrastructure in Japan and Germany

2012  Which Strategies Are More Effective for International Contractors during Boom and Recession Periods?

2011  The Analysis of the Public Transport Financial Subsidies Based on the Inspired Mechanism

2011  Annual Report 2010: Executive Summary: Moving the Vision Forward

2011  The Case for Declaring a Financial Emergency for Infrastructure Development in India: A Civil Engineer’s Perspective

2011  Critical Success Factors for Bond Financing of Construction Projects in Asia

2011  Electimize: New Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimization with Application in Construction Engineering

2011  Impact of the Capital Market Collapse on Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2011  Logistics Finance Service: A Supply Chain Perspective

2011  MIA Mover-Project Delivery in a Constrained Financial Environment

2011  Model for Efficient Risk Allocation in Privately Financed Public Infrastructure Projects Using Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques

2011  Optimization of Project Time-Cost Trade-Off Problem with Discounted Cash Flows

2011  Optimizing Cash Flows for Linear Schedules Modeled with Singularity Functions by Simulated Annealing

2011  Portfolio Cash Assessment Using Fuzzy Systems Theory

2011  Predicting Construction Contractor Default with Option-Based Credit Models—Models’ Performance and Comparison with Financial Ratio Models

2011  The Prerequisite to Investment in Inter-City Railway Based on Financial Analysis

2011  President Obama Signs America COMPETES Reauthorization Act

2011  Risk Allocation in the Operational Stage of Private Finance Initiative Projects

2011  Risk-Based Framework for Safety Investment in Construction Organizations

2011  Strategies for Professional Engineering Firms during Economic Recession

2011  Toward Sustainable Financial Innovation Policies in Infrastructure: A Framework for Ex-Ante Analysis

2010  Analysis on the Financial Subsidies of Bus Companies

2010  Comprehensive Evaluation of Credit Risk of Warehousing Logistics Financial Business Supervisor

2010  Debating the Federal Role in Infrastructure Spending

2010  Debating the Federal Role in Infrastructure Spending

2010  Developing Optimal Hazard Investment Strategies

2010  Engineering Leadership and Management during Financial Crisis

2010  Eurohypothec: Drafting a Common Mortgage for Europe

2010  A Financial Market Entry Decision Model for International Construction Business Using Real Option Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation

2010  International Instruments on Housing Rights

2010  Mechanisms for Transportation Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries

2010  Methodological Framework for Evaluation of Financial Viability of Public-Private Partnerships: Investment Risk Approach

2010  A Model for Financial Distress Early-Warning for Logistics Enterprises Using Support Vector Machine

2010  Modeling Cash Flow Profiles with Singularity Functions

2010  NewsBriefs: California Parks Feel Effects of Tighter Budgets (The Sacramento Bee)