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2014  Baltimore Facility Will Feature World’s Largest Denitrification Filter System

2014  Dimethyl Sulfide Removal Using Biofilter Immobilized Thiobacillus sp. ST22

2014  Effect of Media Packing Density on the Performance of Anaerobic Hybrid Reactors for the Treatment of Complex Phenolic Wastewater

2014  Effects of B20 on the Operation of a Single-Cylinder Engine Equipped with a SiC Diesel Particulate Filter

2014  Effects of Runoff Characteristics and Filter Type on Geotextile Storm Water Treatment

2014  Evaluation of Biochar as a Potential Filter Media for the Removal of Mixed Contaminants from Urban Storm Water Runoff

2014  Filtration of Bioaerosols Using a Granular Metallic Filter with Micrometer-Sized Collectors

2014  Graywater Reclamation by a Shredded Tire Biofilter and a Membrane Bioreactor in Series

2014  Hydrologic Modeling of Urban Vegetative Filter Strips

2014  Inactivation and Removal of Crustaceans in Biologically Activated Carbon Filters with CO2

2014  PAHs Removal from Urban Storm Water Runoff by Different Filter Materials

2014  Statistics of Flow and the Scaling of Ceramic Water Filters

2013  Adaptive Quantification of Noise Variance Using Subspace Technique

2013  Analytical Solutions for Filtration Process Based on Constriction Size Concept

2013  Arsenic Entrapment in Reactive Columns of Residual Soils

2013  Carbon Sequestration by Roadside Filter Strips and Swales: A Field Study

2013  Ceramic Filter, Tablet Treat Drinking Water Inexpensively

2013  Dynamic Behavior of Straining in Randomly Packed Beads: Experimental Study

2013  Effects of Chlorination on Silver-Coated Ceramic Pot Filters (CPFs)

2013  Full-Scale Up-Flo® Stormwater Filter Field Verification Tests

2013  Geotextile Filter Failures Under Challenging Field Conditions

2013  Impact of Media Aging on the Removal of Cryptosporidium in Granular Media Filters

2013  Mass Transfer Kinetics of Phosphorus to Filter Media from Wastewater, Storm Water, and Surrogate Matrices

2013  Nitrogen Removal in Vertical-Flow Filters Filled with Lightweight Aggregate Made of Fly Ashes and Gravel

2013  Phosphorus Equilibrium. II: Comparing Filter Media, Models, and Leaching

2013  Porosity, Flow, and Filtration Characteristics of Frustum-Shaped Ceramic Water Filters

2013  Preliminary Design Aid for Bioretention Filters

2013  Solids Loading Capacity of Stormwater Biomedia for Estimating Biofilter Longevity

2013  Variance-Reduced Particle Filters for Structural System Identification Problems

2013  Water Quality and Hydrologic Performance of a Permeable Pavement-Modular Bioretention Treatment Train and a Stormwater Filter Box in Fayetteville, North Carolina

2012  Comparison of Hollow-Fiber Ultrafilters with Pleated Capsule Filters for Surface and Tap Water Samples Using U.S. EPA Method 1623

2012  Determining Progression Adjustment Factor and Upstream Filtering Adjustment Factor at Signalized Intersections

2012  Enhanced Filter Performance by Fluidized-Bed Pretreatment with Al(OH)3(am): Observations and Model Simulation

2012  Enhanced Particle Capture through Aluminum Hydroxide Addition to Pores in Sand Media

2012  Field Evaluation of Storm-Water Control Measures for Highway Runoff Treatment

2012  Field Measurements of Tug Waves in the Cagliari Harbor, Italy

2012  Geosynthetic Filters for Water Quality Improvement of Urban Storm Water Runoff

2012  Implementation of a Hybrid Laplacian Filter in SLOSH to Suppress Numerical Grid Splitting

2012  Quantification of the Lifetime of Ceramic Pot Filters

2012  Quantifying the Potential for Re-Infection of CPF Filtered Water and Developing Techniques for Contaminated CPF Reactivation

2012  Signal Separation for Transient Wave Reflections in Single Pipelines Using Inverse Filters

2012  State and Parameter Estimation with an SIR Particle Filter in a Three-Dimensional Groundwater Pollutant Transport Model

2011  Aeration, Media, and Flow Rate Effects on the Ammonia Removal Performance of a Pilot Scale Continuous Up-Flow Filter

2011  Application of Downflow-Upflow Biological Aerated Filter in the Pretreatment of Raw Water Containing High Ammonia Nitrogen

2011  Ceramic Filters Impregnated with Silver Nanoparticles for Point-of-Use Water Treatment in Rural Guatemala

2011  Effect of Hydrous Manganese Dioxide on the Treatment of Low-Turbidity Source Water: Plant-Scale Experience

2011  Examining the Clogging Potential of Underdrain Material for Stormwater Biofilter

2011  Field Evaluation of Four Level Spreader–Vegetative Filter Strips to Improve Urban Storm-Water Quality

2011  Geosynthetic Filters for Water Quality Improvement of Urban Stormwater Runoff

2011  Influence of Bedding Conditions on the Behavior of Geotextile Filters

2011  Influence of Precipitates on Hydraulic Performance of Permeable Reactive Barrier Filters

2011  Novel Design Concept for Facultative Ponds Using Rock Filters to Reclaim the Effluent

2011  A Sequential Monte Carlo Method to Update the Conditional Solute Concentration in a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2011  Slug Test Analysis in Vertical Cutoff Walls with Consideration of Filter Cake

2011  Treatment of Greywater with Shredded-Tire Biofilters and Membrane Bioreactors

2011  Two-Stage Extended Kalman Filters with Derivative-Free Local Linearizations

2010  An Alternate Approach to Size Vegetative Filter Strips as Elements of a Highway LID Stormwater Management Strategy

2010  Alternating Direction Implicit Method-Based Nonlinear Filtering for Relative Orbit Estimation

2010  Bad Data Processing for Water Distribution System Demand Estimation

2010  Ceramic Water Filters Impregnated with Silver Nanoparticles for Point-of-Use Water Treatment: Results of Field Studies in Guatemala and South Africa

2010  Comparison of Arsenate, Lead, and Cadmium Adsorption onto Aged Biofilter Media

2010  Contrasting Clogging in Granular Media Filters, Soils, and Dead-End Membranes

2010  The Effect of Clay Content on Filter-Cake Formation in Highly Permeable Gravel

2010  Enhanced Biofilter Treatment of Stormwater by Optimizing the Residence Time

2010  Enhanced Biofilter Treatment of Urban Stormwater by Optimizing the Hydraulic Residence Time in the Media

2010  Evaluation of Roadside Filter Strips, Dry Swales, Wet Swales, and Porous Friction Course for Stormwater Treatment

2010  Impacts of Roadside Filter Strips, Dry Swales, Wet Swales, and Porous Friction Course on Stormwater Quality

2010  LMI Based Fault Detection and Isolation on Base Isolation System Model

2010  Low Impact Development Benefits of Level Spreader—Vegetative Filter Strip Systems

2010  Model to Quantify Removal and Inactivation of Microorganisms Occluded in Effluent Wastewater Particles Using Filtration and Disinfection Systems

2010  Numerical Analysis of Wave Propagation in Two-Phase Soil Medium

2010  On the Behaviour of Open Filters under Wave Loading

2010  Residence Time Distribution and the Investigation of Bed Movement in a Continuously Operated Upflow Filter (COUF) for Tertiary Wastewater Treatment

2010  Suffusion Evaluation-Comparison of Current Approaches

2010  The Urban Green BioFilter: An Innovative Tree Box Application

2010  Use of Ceramic Pot Filters for Drinking Water Disinfection in Guatemala

2010  Use of Impedance Probe for Estimation of Porosity Changes in Saturated Granular Filters under Cyclic Loading: Calibration and Application

2010  Using a Mobile Pilot Plant to Evaluate Need and Protocol for a Previously Failed Coagulant Changeover

2010  Using Filtered and Semicontinuous High Rate GPS for Monitoring Deformations

2010  A Weighted Recursive Least Square Relative Navigation Algorithm Based on Rendezvous-Radar Measurements

2009  Calgary Plant Features World’s Largest Filter Disk Installation

2009  Ceramic Filter for Small System Drinking Water Treatment: Evaluation of Membrane Pore Size and Importance of Integrity Monitoring

2009  A Comparison of Total Suction Measurements with Thermocouple Psychrometer, Filter Paper Technique, and Chilled-Mirror Device

2009  Evaluation of Seepage from an Embankment Dam Retaining Fly Ash

2009  Generation of Total Runoff Hydrographs Using a Method Derived from a Digital Filter Algorithm

2009  Hydrograph Separation and Development of Empirical Relationships Using Single-Parameter Digital Filters

2009  Multi-Objective Optimization for Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies

2009  Pavement Crack Automatic Recognition Based on Wiener Filtering

2009  Removal of Selenium and Nitrate from Surface Waters Using a Subsurface Microbial Filter

2009  Selecting Appropriate Analytical Methods to Characterize Asbestos in Various Media

2009  Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction with ACD and Particle Filter

2009  Structural Health Monitoring by Recursive Bayesian Filtering

2009  Urban Arterial Travel Time Prediction Using State Space Neural Network with Adaptive Filters

2008  Base-Flow Separation in the Source Region of the Yellow River

2008  Case Study of a Marine Filter Curtain System for Coliform Reduction at a Public Beach

2008  Experimental Study of an Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for Structural Damage Identification

2008  Field Evaluation of the Performance of Engineered On-Site Wastewater Treatment Units

2008  Hydrodynamic Characteristics in Biotrickling Filters as Affected by Packing Material and Hydraulic Loading Rate

2008  Karl Terzaghi: From Theory to Practice in Geotechnical Filter Design

2008  State Estimation in Structural Systems with Model Uncertainties