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2015  Flowability and Density Characteristics of Controlled Low-Strength Material Using Native High-Plasticity Clay

2015  Seismic Performance of Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Two Different Design Philosophies of Infill Plates. II: Assessment of Collapse Potential

2015  Using Sewage-Sludge Ash as Filler in Bituminous Mixes

2014  Are the Mechanical Properties of Recycled-Content Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Comparable to Nonrecycled EPS Geofoam?

2014  Cyclic Response of Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frames with Unreinforced Masonry Infills Retrofitted with Engineered Cementitious Composites

2014  Design of Nuclear-Island Fill Concrete

2014  Effect on Bearing-Capacity Ratio of Strip Footing for Various Granular Fill Thicknesses and Numbers of Geogrid Layers in Granular Fill Overlay on Soft Soil

2014  Elasto-Plastic Behavior of Jute-Geocell-Reinforced Sand Subgrade

2014  Engineering Properties of Recycled Materials for Use as Embankment Fill

2014  Interpretation of Dual Roller-Integrated Compaction Measurements on Layered Granular Fill

2014  Large Fill Shrinkage and Instrumentation along a Levee Enlargement

2014  Performance Model of Archimedes Screw Hydro Turbines with Variable Fill Level

2014  Profile-Induced Column Separation and Rejoining during Rapid Pipeline Filling

2014  Simulation of Seismic Collapse in Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings with Masonry Infills

2014  Static and Dynamic Soil Pressures over a Primary Crusher Station at a Copper Mine in Chile

2014  Use of Saline Water in Compaction of Engineered Fills

2014  Using Compaction Equipment Instrumented with Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology to Monitor Field Lift Thickness

2013  Centrifuge and Large-Scale Modeling of Seismic Pore Pressures in Sands: Cyclic Strain Interpretation

2013  Evaluation of Fly Ash Stabilization of Recycled Asphalt Shingles for Use in Structural Fills

2013  The Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Infilled Rock Joints with Fill Materials in Unsaturated Conditions

2013  Impact of Joint Filling Materials on Cracking in Concrete Gutters at Large Airfields

2013  Influence of Fracture Filling on Mechanical Behavior of Loess

2013  Ingenious Infill

2013  Kodiak Pier 3 - Ship Motion Tests for a Solid Fill and Pile-Supported Pier

2013  Long-Term Performance of Engineered Fills

2013  Numerical Modeling of Wetting-Induced Settlement of Embankments

2013  A Numerical Study on Artificial Fill Embankment with Liquefiable Foundation Using FLAC

2013  Performance Characteristics of Bituminous Concrete with Industrial Wastes as Filler

2013  Real-Time Monitoring Technology of Material Transportation to Dam and Its Application in Core Rockfill Dam

2013  Seismic Stability Analysis of Slopes Stabilized with EPS-Block Geofoam

2013  Settlement Mitigation Using Light Weight Fill Embankment Systems

2013  Thixotropic Properties of Mastics Incorporates Secondary Filler

2013  Use of EPS Geofoam for Support of a Bridge

2013  Use of the One-Point Proctor Modified Compaction Method in Family Compaction Curves Possessing a Limited Trend Characteristic

2012  Accelerated Testing of Cement Treated Singapore Marine Clay Cured under Elevated Temperature

2012  Alternative Geotextile Tube Fill Materials for Marine Applications

2012  Centrifuge Model Tests on Rail Embankments Constructed with Coal Ash As a Structural Fill Material

2012  Characterization of Compacted Coal Wash As Structural Fill Material

2012  Effects of Fillers on Properties of Asphalt-Concrete Mixture

2012  Influence of Filler Addition on Mechanical Behavior of Cementitious Mortar-Rubber Aggregates: Experimental Study and Modeling

2012  Internal Influence Factors of Asphalt-Aggregate Filler Interactions Based on Rheological Characteristics

2012  Investigation of the Potential Use of Heavy Oil Fly Ash as Stabilized Fill Material for Construction

2012  Monitoring and Analysis of High Fill Embankment Settlements

2012  Performance of Zero-Level Fill-In Preconditioning Techniques for Iterative Solutions with Geotechnical Applications

2012  Reinforcement Effect of Broken Stone Fills under Dynamic Consolidation

2012  Research on the Technique of Utilizing River Sludge As Road Fill

2012  Sustainable Flowable Fill

2011  Analysis of Hydraulic Destruction of Fill Slope in Mountain Areas

2011  Fill Placement on Slopes Underlain by Franciscan Mélange

2011  The Influence of Mineral Fillers on Mastic Aging Properties

2011  Investigation of Load-Transfer Mechanisms in Geotechnical Earth Structures with Thin Fill Platforms Reinforced by Rigid Inclusions

2011  Theory and Method of Dynamic Monitoring for Superhigh Fill Station Subgrade Stability in Three Gorges Reservoir

2011  Verification of Scientificity and Rationality of Three Indices for Classification of Expansive Soil Filler

2011  Water Retention Behaviour of an Embankment Model

2010  Analytical Investigation of Lateral Strength of Masonry Infilled RC Frames Retrofitted with CFRP

2010  An Assessment of the Performance of Corrugated HDPE Pipe in Shallow Fills under Railroads

2010  Fill Walls-Recent Advances and Future Trends

2010  Increased Lateral Resistance of Pile Group in Clay Using Compacted Fill

2010  Laboratory Evaluation of Moisture Susceptibility of Hot-Mix Asphalt Containing Cementitious Fillers

2010  Measuring and Modeling Proportion-Dependent Stress-Strain Behavior of EPS-Sand Mixture

2010  A Model for the Characterization of the Scrap Tire Bale Interface

2010  Modeling Differential Settlement in the Partial-Cut and Partial-Fill Embankments of the Mountainous Expressways of China

2010  pH Changes in Solidified Dredged Materials

2010  Properties of SCC Produced with Limestone Filler or Viscosity Modifying Admixture

2010  Rockery Design and Construction Guidelines

2010  Simulation of Groundwater Composition Change Due to Deposition of Uranium Minerals in Dolomite Gravel Fill

2010  Stabilization of a 70-ft-High Side-Hill Fill in West Virginia

2010  Structural Stability and Filling Materials on Geotube Dams

2010  Study of Transient Flow Caused by Rapid Filling and Drawdown in Protection Levees

2010  Tests and Analysis of Cantilevered GFRP Tubular Poles with Partial Concrete Filling

2010  Use of Lightweight ECS as a Fill Material to Control Approach Embankment Settlements

2010  Vibration Testing of Cantilevered Steel Pole with Partial Concrete Filling

2009  The Characteristic of Vertical Stress in the Fill of Piled Embankments

2009  Continuous Test for Construction Quality of Mixed Filling Roadbed

2009  Cracking in Concrete Fill on Metal Decks, Cracking in Flat Plate Concrete Slabs, and Cracking in Concrete Walls

2009  Development of Specification for Accelerated Approval Process of Flowable Fill Mixtures

2009  Dual-Control Method to Determine the Allowable Filling Height of Embankment on Soft Soil Ground

2009  Dynamic Compaction of Fill in a Mountainous Area

2009  Evaluation of a Sprayable, Ductile Cement-Based Composite for the Seismic Retrofit of Unreinforced Masonry Infills

2009  FRP Retrofit for Collapse Mitigation of RC Frames with URM Infills: 3-D Computational Modeling of an As-Built and Retrofitted One Story Building

2009  Granular Lightweight Fill Composed of Sand and Tire Scrap

2009  Infill Walls as a Spine to Enhance the Seismic Performance of Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Frames

2009  Influence of Swell Pressure from Expansive Fill on Retaining Wall Stability

2009  Modeling Stress-Strain Behavior of Sand-EPS Beads Lightweight Fills Based on Cam-Clay Models

2009  Seismic Assessment of Existing RC Frames: Probabilistic Approach

2009  Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frame with New CFRP Units Infilled Wall

2009  Seismic Performance of Non-Ductile RC Frames with Brick Infill

2009  Use of Explosion in Improving Highway Foundation

2008  Analysis of the Stability of I-Walls with Gaps between the I-Wall and the Levee Fill

2008  Density Tests above Zero Air Voids Line

2008  Dredged Material Stabilization: The Role of Mellowing on Cured Properties

2008  Evaluation of Ground Movement Due to COPR Expansion

2008  Influence of Overburden Pressure on Soil — Nail Pullout Resistance in a Compacted Fill

2008  Loose Fill Slope Stabilization with Soil Nails: Full-Scale Test

2008  Reductive Treatment of Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR): Lessons from a Field Study

2007  Assessing Beach Fill Compatibility through Project Performance Evaluation

2007  Experimental Behavior and Performance Evaluation of a Large-Scale Composite MRF System under Seismic Loading

2007  Generalized Model for Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Fill-Soft Soil with Stone Columns

2007  Performance of Beach Fill and Nearshore Breakwaters at East Ocean View Beach, Norfolk, VA

2007  Settlement of Footing on Compacted Ash Bed