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2015  Field Test Performance of Buried Flexible Pipes under Live Truck Loads

2015  Field Testing of a Decommissioned Skewed Steel I-Girder Bridge: Analysis of System Effects

2015  Field Testing of All-Steel Buckling-Restrained Braces Applied to a Damaged Reinforced Concrete Building

2015  Field Testing of Flexible Timber Diaphragms in an Existing Vintage URM Building

2015  Field Tests of Elevated Viaducts in Mexico City

2015  Field Verification of Simplified Analysis Procedures for Segmental Concrete Bridges

2015  Geosynthetic-Reinforced Piled Embankments: Comparison of Numerical and Analytical Methods

2015  In Situ Characterization of Damaging Soluble Salts in Wall Construction Materials

2015  In Situ CO2 Sparging. I: Neutralization of a Caustic Brine Plume and Reduction of Mercury Levels

2015  In Situ CO2 Sparging. II: Groundwater Mounding and Impacts on Aquifer Properties

2015  Influence of Atypical Vehicle Types on Girder Distribution Factors of Secondary Road Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

2015  Instrumentation of a Horizontally Curved Steel I-Girder Bridge during Construction

2015  Investigation and Retrofit of Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in a Double-Deck Cantilever-Suspended Steel Truss Bridge

2015  Joint Response of Existing Pipe Culverts under Surface Live Loads

2015  Temperature-Based Structural Identification of Long-Span Bridges

2014  Aging of Sands as a Micromechanical Process

2014  Alternative Approach for Conducting Construction Management Research: Quasi-Experimentation

2014  Automated Soil Lysimeter for Determination of Actual Evapotranspiration of a Bog in Quebec, Canada

2014  Beam-Truss Model of Steel-Concrete Composite Box-Girder Bridges

2014  Construction and Testing of GFRP Steel Hybrid-Reinforced Concrete Bridge-Deck Slabs of Sainte-Catherine Overpass Bridges

2014  Development of Load Rating Procedure for Railroad Flatcar Bridges through Use of Field Instrumentation. I: Data Collection and Analysis

2014  Development of Load Rating Procedure for Railroad Flatcar Bridges through Use of Field Instrumentation. II: Procedure Development

2014  Distributed Strain Behavior of a Reinforced Concrete Bridge: Case Study

2014  Dynamic Response of Steel Columns Subjected to Blast Loading

2014  Evaluation of Pull-Off Tests as a FRP-Concrete Bond Testing Method in the Laboratory and Field

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Field- and Laboratory-Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt

2014  Field Evaluation of Crack Sealing of AC Pavements in Alaska

2014  A Field Investigation of Pullout Resistance of Steel Anchors in Rock

2014  Field Load Test of a Curved Steel I-Girder Bridge During Construction and Comparison with 2D Grid Modeling Approach

2014  Field Test and Finite-Element Modeling of a Three-Span Continuous-Girder Bridge

2014  Field Test of Paved Area Reduction Factors Using a Storm Water Management Model and Water Quality Test Site

2014  Full-Scale Tests on Embankments Founded on Piled Beams

2014  Multiport Diffusers for Dense Discharges

2014  Performance Evaluation of a Stone Masonry-Arch Railway Bridge under Increased Axle Loads

2014  Potential Errors and Error Propagation in Methods Used to Determine Particle Removal Efficiency

2014  Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Recycled Concrete Aggregate Blends in Pavement Subbases: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2014  Recycled-Glass Blends in Pavement Base/Subbase Applications: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2014  Rehabilitation and Restoration of Old Steel Railway Bridges: Laboratory Experiment and Field Test

2014  Stabilization of Roadway Landslide Using Anchored Drilled Shaft Piles Performance Evaluation over the Last 15 Years

2013  Building a Lunar or Martian Launch Pad with In Situ Materials: Recent Laboratory and Field Studies

2013  Classification of Buoyant River Plumes from Large Aspect Ratio Channels

2013  Cross-Frame Forces in Skewed Steel I-Girder Bridges: Field Testing and Analytical Results

2013  Design Guide for Semirigid Pavements in China Based on Critical State of Asphalt Mixture

2013  Destructive Testing of a Decommissioned Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2013  Determining the Internal Wall Condition of a Water Pipeline in the Field Using an Inverse Transient

2013  Development and Field Testing of a Pressure-Sensing Grout Packer

2013  Development and Field Validation of a Burst Localization Methodology

2013  Effects of Creep and Built-In Curling on Stress Development of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement under Environmental Loadings

2013  Evaluation of a Noncomposite Steel Girder Bridge through Live-Load Field Testing

2013  Evaluation of Lateral Load Capacity of Bored Piles in Weathered Granite Soil

2013  Field Comparative Tests for Studying the Vertical Loading Performance of Piles Due to Water Level Periodical Fluctuation in Foundation Soils

2013  Field Experimental Study on Mechanical Effect of Invert Construction for Shallow Embedded Underwater Highway Tunnel

2013  Field Monitoring of Ship Wave Action on Environmentally Friendly Bank Protection in a Confined Waterway

2013  Field Performance of Corrugated Steel Plate Road Culvert under Normal Live-Load Conditions

2013  Field Test and Analysis of Piled-Raft Structure of High-Speed Railway Foundation

2013  Field Testing and Evaluation Indexes System of Composite Materials in Repairing and Reinforcing Pipelines

2013  Field Tests, Modification, and Application of Deep Soil Mixing Method in Soft Clay

2013  Field Tests on Vibration Response of Ballastless Subgrade under Excitation of High Speed Train in China

2013  Field Validation of a Statistical-Based Bridge Damage-Detection Algorithm

2013  Finite-Element Analysis and Load Rating of Flat Slab Concrete Bridges

2013  Health Assessment of a Plate Girder Railway Bridge under Increased Axle Loads

2013  Hydrated Lime for Metal Immobilization and Explosives Transformation: Field Demonstration

2013  Implicit TVDLF Methods for Diffusion and Kinematic Flows

2013  Influence of Track Support Stiffness of Ballasted Track on Dynamic Wheel-Rail Forces

2013  Mauna Kea, Hawaii, as an Analog Site for Future Planetary Resource Exploration: Results from the 2010 ILSO-ISRU Field-Testing Campaign

2013  On the Evaluation of Static Soil Properties

2013  Planetary Regolith Delivery Systems for ISRU

2013  Pressure-Discharge Relations with Application to Head-Driven Simulation of Water Distribution Networks

2013  Safety Assessment of a Masonry Arch Bridge: Field Testing and Simulations

2012  Analysis of Foundations Reinforced with Jet Grouting

2012  Analysis of Three Indoor Localization Technologies for Supporting Operations and Maintenance Field Tasks

2012  Assessing the Impact of Soil Media Characteristics on Stormwater Bioinfiltration Device Performance: Lab and Field Studies

2012  Cable-Stayed Bridges: Case Study for Ambient Vibration-Based Cable Tension Estimation

2012  Case History of Installing Instrumented Jacked Open-Ended Piles

2012  A Comparison of SASW Survey Results with In Situ Field Investigation Methods

2012  Correlation of Asphalt Concrete Layer Moduli Determined from Laboratory and Nondestructive Field Tests

2012  Coupled Field Monitoring and Structural Analysis to Assess Scour Conditions

2012  Design and Field Testing of Windows/Doors in Hurricane Zones

2012  Dry Soil Mixing and Vibro Replacement in Combination for a High Embankment

2012  Dynamic Analysis of the Bentley Creek Bridge with FRP Deck

2012  Examination of Multivariate Dependency Structure in Soil Parameters

2012  Experimental Performance of Steel Beams under Blast Loading

2012  Fast Bayesian Ambient Modal Identification Incorporating Multiple Setups

2012  Field and Laboratory Investigation of a Heat Exchanger Pile

2012  Field Data and Numerical Modeling of Water Balance of Lysimeter versus Actual Earthen Cap

2012  Field Investigations on Performance of T-Shaped Deep Mixed Soil Cement Column–Supported Embankments over Soft Ground

2012  Field Test and Finite-Element Model of a Skewed Railroad Truss Bridge

2012  Field Test and Simulation of High-Speed Railway Section Where the Plane Curve and Vertical Curve Overlapped

2012  Field Test of Magnetic Methods for Corrosion Detection in Prestressing Strands in Adjacent Box-Beam Bridges

2012  Field Test of the Reinforced Gabion Retaining Wall, a New Kind of Compound that Supports and Retains Structure

2012  Field Test of the Variable Source Area Interpretation of the Curve Number Rainfall-Runoff Equation

2012  Field Test on Conversion of Natural Watershed into Kinematic Wave Rectangular Plane

2012  Field Tests on Bearing Characteristics of X-Section Pile Composite Foundation

2012  Field Trials with Large Diameter Suction Piles

2012  Full-Scale Validation of Dynamic Wind Load on a Super-Tall Building under Strong Wind

2012  Geotechnical Performance of Dredged Material—Steel Slag Fines Blends: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2012  Hybrid Method for Analysis and Design of Slope Stabilizing Piles

2012  Instrumentation, Nondestructive Testing, and Finite-Element Model Updating for Bridge Evaluation Using Strain Measurements

2012  Jet Grouting Field Trial in Manhattan Soil Deposits, New York

2012  Laboratory and Field Trials for Deep Dry Soil Mixing to Stabilize a Live Railway Embankment Across Thrandeston Bog