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2014  Decision Analysis of Preferred Methods for Locating Underground Conduits

2014  Distributed Strain Behavior of a Reinforced Concrete Bridge: Case Study

2013  Analysis of a simple displacement sensor based on BOTDR optical fiber

2013  Demonstration of Fiber Optic Instrumentation System for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Elements

2013  Fiber Optic Sensored Geotechnical Testing and Field Monitoring

2013  Key Problem and Technical Research of Optic-Fiber Cable Buried in Same Trench with Oil (Gas) Pipeline Project

2013  Optical Instrumentation and Nondestructive Evaluation Branch Research and Technology Advances at NASA Glenn Research Center since 1941

2013  Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Crack Detection with BOTDR-Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors

2012  Monitoring Twin Tunnel Interaction Using Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Measurements

2012  A Novel Leakage Detection Method for Long Distance Gas Pipelines Based on Optic Fiber Sensor and Optical Multiplexing

2012  The Single Chip Optical Fiber Positioning Technology Used in Long Distance Pipelines

2011  Geopolymer-Based Smart Adhesives for Infrastructure Health Monitoring: Concept and Feasibility

2011  Geosynthetic Enabled with Fiber Optic Sensors for MSE Bridge Abutment Supporting Shallow Bridge Foundation

2011  Performance Monitoring of a Secant-Piled Wall Using Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensing

2011  Photoelectrocatalytic Wastewater Treatment Using TiO2/ ITO Bilayers Prepared on Optical Fibers by Pulsed Laser Deposition

2011  Preliminary Development and Evaluation of Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensors

2011  Railway Track Performance Monitoring and Safety Warning System

2010  Crack Detection Application for Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using BOCDA-Based Optical Fiber Strain Sensor

2010  Fiber Optic Sensors as NDT Tool for Structural Monitoring

2010  Parametric Estimation for RC Flexural Members Based on Distributed Long-Gauge Fiber Optic Sensors

2010  PCCP Damage during Depressurization/Pressurization Cycles

2010  Social Benefits of ELF-Monitoring

2009  Acoustic Fiber Optic Monitoring: How It Is Changing the Remaining Service Life of the Water Authority’s Pipelines

2009  Assessing 380km of PCCP Using Acoustic Monitoring — A Comparison of Technologies

2009  Extended Distance Fiber Optic Monitoring for Pipeline Leak and Ground Movement Detection

2008  Distributed Strain Measurement in Steel Bridge with Fiber Optic Sensors: Validation through Diagnostic Load Tests

2008  Fibre Optics Monitoring of Clay Cuttings and Embankments along London’s Ring Motorway

2008  Infrared Laser-Activated Shape Memory Actuators

2008  Monitoring of a FRP-Wrapped Balsa Wood Bridge Deck with Fiber Optic Sensors

2008  Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for In Situ Monitoring of Geoenvironment

2008  Solar Thermal Power for Lunar Materials Processing

2008  A Tutorial Review on Fiber-Optic Sensors

2007  Contaminant Detection, Identification, and Quantification Using a Microchip Laser Fluorescence Sensor

2007  Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Sensing in a Secant Piled Wall

2007  Monitoring Tunnel Deformation Induced by Close-Proximity Bored Tunneling Using Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Measurements

2007  Water Leakage Detection Using Optical Fiber at the Peribonka Dam

2006  Active Control with Optical Fiber Sensors and Neural Networks. I: Theoretical Analysis

2006  Active Control with Optical Fiber Sensors and Neural Networks. II: Experimental Verification

2006  Advances in Water Content Measurement with Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensor

2006  Brillouin Scattering Fiber Optic Sensor for Distributed Measurement of Liquid Content and Geosynthetic Strains in Subsurface

2006  Deployment of Fiber Optic Networks through Underground Sewers in North America

2006  Designing and Testing of Concrete Bridge Decks Reinforced with Glass FRP Bars

2006  Dynamic Strains with Brillouin Scattering Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor

2006  Fiber Optic Sensors for Acoustic Monitoring of PCCP

2006  Study on the Monitoring System of Slope Failure Using Optical Fiber Sensors

2006  The Use of Fibre Optic Sensors to Monitor Pipeline Response to Tunnelling

2005  Field Investigation on the First Bridge Deck Slab Reinforced with Glass FRP Bars Constructed in Canada

2005  Measuring Ground Anchor Forces of a Quay Wall with Bragg Sensors

2005  Pipeline Integrity Assessment Using Fiber Optic Sensors

2005  Theoretical Modeling of Signal Loss versus Crack Opening for a Novel Crack Sensor

2004  Application of FBG Sensors to Ground Heat Pump System

2004  Technology: Fiber-Optic Sensors Embedded in Interstate Highway

2003  Analysis of Fiber Optic Traffic Sensors in Flexible Pavements

2003  CIPP Process: Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Sewers

2003  Contractors’ Concept of Optical Fiber in Sewers or Abandoned Pipelines

2003  Fiber Optic Sensors for Bridge Monitoring

2003  Internal Strain Measurements in Concrete Elements by Fiber Optic Sensors

2003  Municipal Optical Fiber through Existing Sewers, Storm Drains, Drinking Waterlines, and Gas Pipes May Complete the Last Mile

2003  NewsBriefs: Breakthrough Allows Laser Light More Capabilities (National Science Foundation)

2002  Comparison Study of Installing Fiber Optic Cable in University Campuses Using Trenchless Techniques Relative to Open Cut

2002  Elasto-Plastic Bonding of Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors in Concrete

2002  Fiber Optic Sensor Networks for Monitoring Existing Bridges

2002  Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Sewers Using a CIPP Process

2002  Installing Fiber Optic Cables in Sewers Maximizing the Potential of Existing Underground Infrastructure

2001  Concrete Fracture Process Zone Characterization with Fiber Optics

2001  Robotic System Installs Fiber Optics in Sewers

2001  Technology: Sensors on Tunnel and Drill Rigs Can ‘See’ What’s Ahead

2000  Concrete Strain Monitoring with Fabry-Pérot Fiber-Optic Sensor

2000  Debonding and Calibration Shift of Optical Fiber Sensors in Concrete

2000  Fiber Optic Distributed Crack Sensor for Concrete Structures

2000  Multipoint Detection of Acoustic Emissions in Structures by an Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensor

2000  Shear Lag Model for Embedded Interferometric Optical Fiber Sensors

2000  Structural and Traffic Monitoring of an Interstate Bridge Using Optical Fiber Sensors

2000  Vibration Monitoring with Fiber Optic Sensor

1999  Bridge Sensors May Reduce Inspection Frequency

1999  High-Tech Highway

1998  Design of River Crossings for the Trans-Alaska Fiber Optic Cable: Case History

1998  Determination of Heat Production Zones at Open-Cast Mine Dump

1998  Laser Detects Pollutant Levels in Harbor

1998  Mechanics of Bond and Interface Shear Transfer in Optical Fiber Sensors

1998  Optically Powered Electrical Accelerometer and Its Field Testing

1998  Self-Referencing Fiber-Optic Fluorescence Sensor for Turbid Samples

1998  Vibration Control of Flexible Manipulators Using Smart Structures

1997  Advanced Strain Measurement Using Fiber Optic Grating Sensors for Civil Structure Applications

1997  Fiber Optic Bridge Deck Chloride Detection

1997  Fiber Optic Strain Monitoring Inside a Power Plant Boiler

1997  Fiber Optics Monitors Composite Bridge

1997  A High Resolution Optical Fiber Polarimetric Strain and Displacement Transducer for Structural Elements

1997  Inspection and Evaluation of a 100-Year Old Aqueduct Tunnel

1997  Michael Baker In Mexico

1997  Micromechanics Based Design of Optical Fiber Crack Sensor

1997  Monitoring and Repair by Release of Chemicals in Response to Damage

1997  Optimal Fiber Optics

1997  Pseudo-Heterodyne Demodulation Technique for Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: Application in Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Strain

1997  Speckle-Field-Intensity Optical Fiber Strain Sensor

1997  Stress Analysis of Bond for Integrated Optical Fiber Sensors

1997  Structural Monitoring with Fiber Optic Bragg Gratings

1997  Theory and Applications of Integrated Fiber Optic Sensors in Structures

1996  Bridge Monitoring Using An Optical Fibers Sensor System

1996  Embedded Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor for Concrete Elements