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Found 88 Records with the keyword term of "Fertilizers"

2014  Agronomic and Stream Nitrate Load Responses to Incentives for Bioenergy Crop Cultivation and Reductions of Carbon Emissions and Fertilizer Use

2014  Effective Vertical Solute Transport in Soils by Artificial Macropore System

2014  Impact of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Maize Evapotranspiration Crop Coefficients under Fully Irrigated, Limited Irrigation, and Rainfed Settings

2013  Developing DRAINMOD-Geostatistical Technology to Predict Nitrate Leaching

2013  Optimum Design of Alternate and Conventional Furrow Fertigation to Minimize Nitrate Loss

2013  Total Nitrogen Losses from Fertilized Turfs on Simulated Highway Slopes in Florida

2013  Two-Dimensional Surface Flow and Solute Transport Model for Basin Irrigation with Conventional Fertilization

2012  Alkaline Hydrolysis of Resin-Based Combustible Cartridge Case and Application of its Hydrolysate as Crop Fertilizer

2012  Influence of Process Parameters on the Characteristics of Struvite Pellets

2012  One-Dimensional Surface Flow and Solute Transport Model for Basin Irrigation in Traditional Surface Application of Fertilizer

2010  Competitive Sorption of Pesticides onto Treated Wood Charcoal and the Effect of Organic and Inorganic Parameters on Adsorption Capacity

2010  Nonuniform and Unsteady Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation. I: Model Development

2009  Effects of Temperature, Moisture Content, and Fertilizer Addition no Biological Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Soils

2009  Manure Application to Soybeans in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

2009  Physiological and Yield Response of Green Bell Pepper to Soil Moisture Sensor Controlled Drip Irrigation

2009  Water Quality Effects of Varying Crop, Fertilizer, and Carbon Prices

2008  Analysis of Nitrate Contamination of Gaza Coastal Aquifer, Palestine

2008  Quantifying Nitrate Flux during Storm Events

2008  Selection of Superior Tillage and Fertilizer Practices Based on Rainfall and Soil Moisture Effects on Pearl Millet Yield under Semiarid Inceptisols

2006  Environmental Engineering: Engineers Remediate Land Polluted with Fertilizer, Pesticide

2006  Impact of Agriculture on Water Quality in the North Carolina Middle Coastal Plain

2004  Spatial Distribution of Ions in Groundwater under Agricultural Land

2003  Fertilizer Runoff from Rain-fed Rice Cultivation

2003  Modeling Nitrate Concentration in Natural Streams by Using Artificial Neural Networks

2003  Overland Water Flow and Solute Transport: Model Development and Field-Data Analysis

2003  Performance Indices for Surface N Fertigation

2001  Nitric Oxide Emissions from Fertilized and Biosolids-Amended Soil

2001  Simulation of Water and Nitrogen Balances of Irrigated and Fertilized Corn-Crop Soil

2000  Fertilizer 15N Presence in Lysimeter Drainage Water

2000  Nitrate Electromigration in Sandy Soil: Closed System Response

2000  Solute Transport Modeling in Overland Flow Applied to Fertigation

1998  An Analysis of the Importance of Allee Effects in Management of Red Sea Urchins: Differences Between Oregon/Washington and Southern California

1998  Heavy Metal Speciation and Uptake to Durum Wheat from Sewage Sludge

1998  Land Application of Biosolids: Comparison Among Stabilization Methods

1998  Low Soil Nitrate Levels in Louisiana Golf Courses Related to N Immobilized to Organic-Matter Sink

1998  Modeling Water Quality Resposne to Fertilizer BMPS

1997  Effect of Crop Rotations on Ground Water Quality

1997  Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Nitrate Transport in Ando Soils

1997  Fertilizer Injection in Rivers for Rehabilitation of Salmon Runs

1997  Impact of Nitrogen and Water Management on Ground Water Quality

1997  Nitrogen Isotopes in Groundwater as Indicator of Land Use

1997  Nutrient Management Planning in the Nanticoke River Watershed

1997  Process Development for Removal of Substituted Phenol by Carbonaceous Adsorbent Obtained from Fertilizer Waste

1996  River Dnister Pollution with Toxic Waste as a Result of Accident at Potassium Fertilizers Factory

1995  Organic Desorption and Chemical Regeneration of Spent Carbon Developed From Fertilizer Waste Slurry

1995  Representing Poultry Litter Management with Gleams

1994  DOE Lab Develops System to Sack Sodium Nitrate

1994  Effects of Golf Course Management on Pesticide and Fertilizer Fate

1993  A Comparison of Electromagnetic Survey Results and Groundwater Quality Samples at an Animal Waste Storage Pond

1992  Simulation of Two Approaches to Curb Potential Buildup of Nitrates in Groundwater

1992  Use of Groundwater Models to Simulate Remediation

1991  Impact of Nitrogen and Water Management on Ground Water Quality

1991  Modeling Nitrogen Movement Through Loess Soils

1991  Multiobjective Decision Theory — Decision Support Systems with Embedded Simulation Models

1991  Nutrient Loads to Delaware’s Inland Bays Estuary

1991  Survey of Rural, Private Wells: Statistical Design

1991  Transport Models to Simulate Nitrate Contamination

1990  Influence of Method of Fertilizer Application on Groundwater Pollution

1990  New Plants Puts Sludge to Work

1990  Pollutant Export from Soil Amended with Sewage Sludge Compost

1990  Research Need on Integrated System for Water and Pest Management to Protect Groundwater Quality

1990  Soil Nitrate Profiles Under Irrigation on Coastal Plain Soils

1990  Water and Nitrogen Management in Central Platte Valley of Nebraska

1989  Irrigated Agriculture and Water Quality in South

1989  Modeling of Nitrate Transport Coupled Dentrification in the Saturated Zone

1988  Future Shock for Farmers

1988  Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Impacts on Ground-Water Quality

1988  Potassium Fertigation in Drip Irrigated Peppers in Puerto Rico

1988  Trickle Irrigation of Peppers in Eastern Canada

1988  Water and Nitrogen Management Practices in the Central Platte Valley of Nebraska

1987  Effect of Irrigated Agriculture on Groundwater

1986  Effects of Agriculture on Ground-Water Quality in Dade County, Florida

1985  Dried Sludge for Fertilizer

1983  Groundwater Studies in Texas and Oklahoma

1983  Increasing Irrigation Efficiencies and Their Effect on Nitrates in the Environment

1982  Impact of Irrigation-Fertilization on Groundwater

1982  Scheduling Irrigation and Fertilization for Maximum Yield and Minimum Environmental Pollution in the Southeast

1982  Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Processing Tomatoes

1981  Groundwater Investigations at Lathrop, CA

1980  Computer Mapping in a Catchment Land Use Study

1979  Fish Growth and Plankton Response to Attempted Intrafertilization of a Small Ohio Lake Using Artificial Circulation

1972  Agricultural Runoff-Characteristics and Control

1971  Estimating Eutrophic Potential of Pollutants

1970  Environmental Protection—TVA Experience

1970  Solidification of Sludges with Portland Cement

1970  Stream Enrichment from Farm Operations

1945  Dewatering, Incineration, and Use of Sewage Sludge: A Symposium: Experience of Chicago, ILL., in the Preparation of Fertilizer

1945  Dewatering, Incineration, and Use of Sewage Sludge: A Symposium: Use of Sewage Sludge as Fertilizer