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Found 86 Records with the keyword term of "Fenders"

2013  Collection of Berthing Velocities and Resulting Design Recommendations by PIANC Working Group MarCom 145

2013  Design Build Fender System and Panelized Construction

2013  Fender Modernization at Pier 1, Port of Davisville, RI

2013  Fender Modernization at Veterans Terminal, Pier M

2013  Innovative Rigid Concrete Fender System Reduces Life Cycle Costs

2007  Fender System Evaluation and Upgrade at Waterfront Street Terminal

2007  Floating Rubber Fenders for All-Tide Moorage of Vessels

2006  Simple Dynamic Model for Fender Pile Analysis and Design

2004  Marine Fender Systems

2001  Performance Evaluation of Existing Bridge Fenders for Ship Impact

2001  Reliability of Timber Fender Systems in Waterfront Facilities

2001  Retrofit Analysis of Bridge Fender Systems

2001  Static Finite-Element Analysis of Bridge Fenders for Barge Impact

2001  Structural Evaluation of Engineered Wood Composites for Naval Waterfront Facilities

1999  Effect of Fenders on Local Pier Scour

1999  Effect of Fenders on Local Pier Scour

1999  Performance Reliability of Timber Fender Systems

1999  Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for Calculation of Scour at Bridge Piers with Fender Systems

1998  Alternative Mooring and Fender Design to Reduce Container Ship Motions

1998  FRP Composite Piling Systems for Waterfront Applications

1998  Protective Fender System, Waterfront Park–Louisville, KY

1998  Rehabilitation and Strengthening of U.G.G. Jetty #3

1998  Ships, Barges, and Fenders—Preventing Things That Go Bump

1998  Use of Temperature & Velocity Correction Factors in Establishing Marine Fender Performance

1996  Delaware Authority Puts Money on Composite Bridges

1996  Design Criteria for Fenders at Ferry Landings

1996  Environmentally Acceptable Piling for Use in Navy Pier Fender Systems

1995  Composite Recycled Plastic Marine Piling and Timber: An Alternate to Traditional Wood Products for Marine Use

1995  Criteria, Design and Construction of the Steel Pipe Pile Wingwall for the Washington State Ferries

1995  Design of Fender Systems for Barge Operations

1995  DOW A-22 Barge and Ship Dock Project

1995  Emergency Ferry Landing Design

1995  Fender Systems in the 90’s and Beyond

1995  The Fenderless Fender System, Port of Texas City

1995  Flexible Connection for Fender Piles Supporting Ship Fenders

1995  Marine Application of Recycled Plastics

1995  Navy Waterfront RDT&E

1995  Repairs to the Richard E. Knight Bulk Pier Tampa Port Authority

1995  Research on Structural Types of Wharf in River Ports of China

1995  Risk Design of Dolphin and Fender Systems

1995  Use of Composites in Fender Systems

1993  Effect of Fenders on Local Pier Scour

1992  A Computational Berthing Model for the Design of Fender Systems

1992  Design Criteria for Ferry Landings

1992  Gate Maritime Wharf and Intermodal Facility

1992  Modifications to Coal Pier 6 Made Necessary by a Deeper Channel

1992  Pre-Compression of Concrete Breasting Dolphins Solves Construction Problem

1992  Recycled Materials for Port Construction

1992  Results of a Monitoring Program of Moored Ship Response to Gravity and Infragravity Waves

1992  Seismic Rehabilitation of Seattle’s Pier 69

1989  Explosive Handling Wharf No. 1

1989  Fender Selection Criteria

1989  Navy Refit Wharves Designed for Operational Needs

1989  Prestressed Concrete Fender Piles Final Designs and Recent Field Experience

1989  U.S. Navy’s First Double Deck Pier, Post Construction

1987  An Adjustable Marine Fender System Programmed with the Aid of Numerical Models in Order to Minimize Berthing and Mooring Loads

1986  Berthing Simulation Method for Fender System

1986  Capacity Rating of Existing Piers and Wharves

1986  Development of Prestressed Concrete Fender Piles

1986  Dynamics of Fender and Rack Systems for Docking Ferries

1986  A Multi-User Fender Design and Installation

1986  Port of Long Beach Supertanker Terminal

1985  Pier Review

1983  Dock Renovation in Corpus Christi-Aspects of Fendering

1983  Fender System Problems in U. S. Ports

1983  Optimizing Pier Design by Utilizing Deck Stiffness

1983  The Role of Marine Fenders for Repairing, Upgrading, and/or Rehabilitating Existing Facilities

1983  U.S. Coast Guard Delineates Today’s Fendering Crisis and Its Solutions

1980  The Berthing of a Ship to a Jetty

1980  Fender System Requirements at Open-Sea Berths

1980  Fendering Requirements/Design Fender Impact Criteria

1980  Marine Fender Specifications

1980  Specialized Fender System Requirements and Design

1979  The Floating Donut Fendering System

1978  Dynamic Response of Bridge Fendering Schemes

1977  Subharmonic Components in Hawser and Fender Forces

1976  Ocean Oil Terminal – Fixed and Single Point

1976  Supertanker Fixed Berth in Open Ocean

1971  Avalon Transportation Wharf

1971  Port Construction at Burns Waterway Harbor

1969  A Design Criteria Recommended for Marine Fender

1969  Hi-Dro Cushion Camel — A New Floating Fender

1968  Resilient Ferry Slip with Retractable Fender

1967  Full Scale Investigation of Berthing Impacts and Evaluation of a Hydraulic-Pneumatic Floating Fender

1961  Operative Energy Concept in Marine Fendering

1958  New Retractable Marine Fender System