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2011  Analysis of Influence on the Travelers’ Choice of Parking Lots by Parking-Charging Based on SP Data Downtown

2011  Self-Financing and Distance-Based Highway Pricing Scheme: State Highway System Perspective

2010  Equitable Credits for Stormwater Fee Assessment

2010  Infrastructure Cargo Fees—A Way Forward

2009  Determining the Parking Fee Using the Contingent Valuation Methodology

2009  Factors That Influence a Jurisdiction’s Probability of Charging Impact Fees

2009  “Lean” Comparison Using Process Charts of Complex Seismic Retrofit Projects

2008  Analysis of Parking Fee Effect on Travel Behavior in a Downtown District

2008  Architectural and Engineering Fees from the Public Institutional Perspective

2008  Design Professional Unable to Prove Fees under .Quantum Meruit. Theory

2007  Relating Cost Growth from the Initial Estimate to Design Fee for Transportation Projects

2005  Design Fees, the State of the Profession, and a Time for Corrective Action

2005  Willingness-to-Pay for Personal Rapid Transit in the City of Almelo

2004  Consultancy Fees: Dichotomy between A/E’s Need to Maximize Profit and Employers’ Need to Minimize Cost

2004  Principles, Models and Approaches for Traffic Impact Fee Allocation

2003  Court Decisions: Payment of Impact Fee Is Key

2003  Court Supports Impact Fees

2003  Impact Fee Change Does Not Affect Work in Progress

2002  Court Decisions: Fees and Multiple Damages Covered by Arbitration Clause

2002  Court Decisions: Village Cannot Impose Impact Fee on Property Owners

2002  Methodologies and Applications of Traffic Impact Fee Allocation

2001  Contractor Can Claim Fees

2001  Contractors Entitled to Permit Fee Refund

2000  Efficient and Equitable Impact Fees for Urban Water Systems

2000  Fee Employed to Discourage Groundwater Use in Texas

2000  Impact Fee for Roadway Development Ruled Constitutional

2000  Survey Shows Clients Value Service over Fees

1999  Permit Fees Constitutional, Court Says

1999  Risky Business

1999  The Role of User Fees in Licensed Project Recreational Resource Development

1998  Design Fee Versus Design Deficiency

1998  Ethics Cases in Professional Practice

1998  Multimodal Impact Fees

1997  Assessment of a Development Fee Shortfall

1997  County Cannot Charge a School Impact Fee

1997  Forecasts of Funding Needs for Infrastructure Renewal

1997  A Salve, Not a Cure

1996  COFPAES Supports House Bill on Design-Build Fee Reimbursement

1996  Estimating Effects of TLC Into Urban Public Road Transport

1996  Major Changes to the AAA’s Construction Arbitration Rules

1996  Services Rendered, Payment Due

1996  Storm-Water Utility User Fee Credits

1995  Court Finds Processing Fees Reasonable

1995  Determination of Charge Levels for Solid-Waste Generator-Pay Systems

1995  Fee-Collection Program to Improve Water Quality

1995  Open-Space Requirement is Not a Tax

1995  Standards Have Been Lost

1995  What Price Congestion Management?

1994  From Crane Safety to Watershed Management, ASCE Board Adopts Five New Policies

1994  Willingness and Ability to Pay for Rural Water

1994  Willingness-to-Pay for Alternative Shortage Probability Distributions

1993  Cross Section 90’s—A Profile of User Fee Funded Stormwater Utility Practices in the U.S.

1993  Designing Private Funding Programs for Public Highways

1993  Development and Implementation of Stormwater Utilities in Texas Cities

1993  disaster Work: Standard Profit is Standard Practice

1993  Housing Linkage Fees: Lessons for Los Angeles

1993  How Can Structural Engineering Fees be Improved?

1993  Is It Ethical to Profit from a Natural or Man-made Disaster?

1993  Survey Says Design Fees are Stagnant

1993  U.S. Alters Formula for Setting Highway Engineering Costs

1993  When the Well Runs Dry Paying for Storm Water

1992  Acquisition Issues

1992  The Application and Use of Impact Fees: Legal Issues

1992  Computer Vendor-User Relationships

1992  Developers to Pay into Fund for Worker’s Housing

1992  Impact Fees: Practical Guide for Calculation and Implementation

1992  Positive Influence of Impact-Fee Policy in Urban Planning and Development

1992  Site Impact Analysis Using the Tranplan Computer Model

1992  Site Traffic Impact Analysis Process: The Developer’s Perspective

1992  Traffic Impact Fees in Schaumburg, Illinois

1992  The Traffic Impact Study and Traffic Impact Fees

1992  The Use of Road Impact Fees in the United States

1992  User Fees: Who Pays and How Much?

1991  ASCE Plays Watchdog on New Airport User Fees

1991  Cities Can Impose Fees for Housing Fund

1991  How to Pay for Coastal Protection: Governmental Approaches

1991  Impacts of Development and Infrastructure Financing

1990  Addressing Nontechnical Issues in C.E. Education

1990  Consulting Engineer’s View of Governmental Overhead and Audits

1990  Critical Elements of Development Impact-Fee Programs

1990  Developer Fees Violate Uniform Taxation

1990  Infrastructure Outlook Improves

1990  Is Pay-As-You-Go The Way to Go?

1990  New Water Projects Bill

1990  Public/Private Partnerships: Recent Trends in France

1990  Towns Must Explain Development Fees

1989  Collection of Fees Negates Exempt Status

1989  Contractor Entitled to Sue

1989  Entropy Model for Consistent Impact-Fee Assessment

1989  Fee Vs. Quality

1989  Fees Versus Quality

1989  Impact Fee Program for Fulton County, Georgia

1989  Nonresident Access to Beaches

1988  Stormwater Management by Utility Approach

1987  Cost Recovery and User Charges for Community Water Supply

1987  Review of Financing Options for Highways and Transit

1987  Taxing Response Evasion on the Great Barrier Reef

1986  More Money for Fast Track Design

1986  Street Fares

1985  Contractor’s Fee Limited by Licence