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2005  Policy Briefing: Omnibus Bill Boots Transportation, Cuts Water Funding Sharply

2004  Clean It and They Will Come? Defining Successful Brownfield Development

2004  Passed by House, Wind Hazards Bill Encounters Unexpected Stall in Senate

2004  Policy Briefing: Congress Extends TEA-21 through May 2005

2004  Policy Briefing: Senate, House Bills Propose Increase in Funds For Water Supply Research

2004  Qualifications-Based Selection of Professional A/E Services

2003  The Doctrine of Harm in Law

2003  Policy Briefing: Federal Highway Administration Allows Design/Build

2002  Materials: U.S. Industry Continues to Suffer

2002  Policy Briefing: Brownfields Law Boosts Funding but Raises Concerns

2002  Policy Briefing: Transportation Appropriations Reach Record Level

2001  Environment: NEPA Process Review Determines Baseline for Performance Evaluation

2001  Infrastructure Security Is a Top Priority in Congress

2001  Researchers Use Sound to Spot Artifacts

2000  Responding to Clean Air Act Requirements

1999  Executive Order 13112: Invasive Species

1998  Incorporating Yellow-Page Databases in GIS-Based Transportation Models

1998  Paradigm Shift in Maryland Stormwater Management Regulations

1997  Associations Win Protection for Volunteers after 11-Year Effort

1997  Clinton Signs Act to Protect Volunteers

1997  Clinton Unveils Transportation Spending Bill

1997  EPAct is a Timesaver for Hydroelectric Developers

1997  Federal Regulation of Hydropower: What Changes are Necessary to Allow Hydropower to Compete in the New Competitive Power Market?

1997  Mandatory Conditioning Requirements: Strategies Following Bangor Hydro-Electric v. FERC, Rainsong v. FERC and Bennett v. Spear

1997  Two Members of Congress Named ASCE Honorary Fellows

1997  When the Property is the Project: Integrating the Federal Power Act with the Requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

1996  Commercial Wetland Mitigation Banking

1996  Congress Approves New Design-Build Law

1996  Federal Legislation Will Increase Design-Build Opportunities

1996  Managing Conflicting Demands from Endangered Species: Taking the Challenge

1996  This Year’s Budget, with Only Five Months Left, Is a Done Deal

1996  The Watershed Approach: A Framework for Action

1995  Americans with Disabilities Act: Issues for Design and Facility Managers

1995  DOTs Shuffle and Spend to Meet Challenges

1995  Engineers and ADA

1995  For This Project, Nothing Hard About Hard Metric

1995  Istea Embraces Bikes

1995  Overview Summary of the Conference

1995  Proposed WIPP Compliance Criteria (40 CFR Part 194)

1994  Americans with Disabilities Act and Employment Practices in Construction

1994  ASCE Urges White House to Back New Flood-Control Measure

1994  Asphalt Rubber a Federal Perspective

1994  Breakout Session 6A: Mass Transportation

1994  Centralized Government Control: A Bad Idea

1994  Conformity and the New Transportation Covenant

1994  DOE’s Dreyfus Seeks More Funds for Storing Hazardous Waste as Deadline Nears

1994  Federal Water Regulations Lack Local Focus

1994  Hit the Road, Metric

1994  How to Make Congestion Pricing Work

1994  Include Recreational Benefits in Beach Protection

1994  ISTEA Enhances Transportation

1994  Laws and Regulations Regarding Wetland Mitigation and Mitigation Banking

1994  MPOS Become VIPS

1994  National Water Resources Regulation, Where is the Environmental Pendulum Now?

1994  Transportation Planning and Air Quality II

1994  ‘Unholy Trinity’ May Stall Environmental Measures

1994  U.S. Drinking-Water Regulations: Treatment Technologies and Cost

1994  A Wetland Mitigation Bank - An Economic Model

1994  Wetland Mitigation Banks -- A Win-Win Situation

1993  Administration Approves Wetlands Policy

1993  Americans With Disabilities Act—Implications for APM Design

1993  Arbitration Act’s ‘May’ Not Mandatory

1993  ASCE Continues Efforts to Protect Brooks Procurement Act

1993  Delaware Adopts Hazwaste Expert System

1993  Endangered Species Act up for Review

1993  Hydroelectric Licensing: Toward a New Federalism

1993  Implications of ISTEA on the Implementation of APMs

1993  NOAA’s Damage Assessment Program: Past, Present, and Future

1993  Postal Rates to Rise for Nonprofit Groups

1993  Recent Actions May Affect Federal Engineers

1993  Report: Mass Transit May Not Mean Cleaner Air

1993  Responsible Governmental Structures: Coastal Management in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia

1993  So Much Pavement, So Little Time

1993  Standing Necessary to Challenge Minority Set-Asides

1993  Sustainable Development and National Laws

1992  Affordable Financing—The Crux of Affordable Housing

1992  ASCE Backs Revised Wetlands Manual From EPA

1992  Aviation Bill Takes Flight

1992  Can Design Professionals Be Made Responsible for Safety?

1992  Disabilities Act Leads to Confusion

1992  Government Declares War on Pirates

1992  Infrastructure Bill Clears Congress

1992  An Inside Look at the 40 CFR 191 Containment Requirements

1992  Massive Energy Bill Advances

1992  A New Era In Transportation

1992  New Seismic Code Has Widespread Implications

1992  Profession Doesn’t Lack Definition

1992  Profession must be Ready to Define Itself

1992  So How Do We Build Now?

1992  Transportation Funding Precarious

1992  Water-Projects Bills

1992  We Need to Integrate Water Transportation and Environmental Protection Planning and Policy

1991  Affirmative Action Levels Field and More

1991  Bridge Inspections Related to Bridge Scour

1991  Changing Legal Issues Regarding Transfer of a Plant Up for Relicensing

1991  Construction Site Safety Issue Back on Capitol Hill

1991  Cooperation and the Endangered Species Act

1991  CZMA Consistency Opinions: An Undiscovered Body of Law

1991  The Effects of Recent Legislation on Conventional, Non-Federal Hydropower

1991  Environmental Education