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2012  Hydrologic Feasibility of Storm Surge Barriers

2009  APM Feasibility Study for the Vienna Central Station Development Area

2009  Feasibility Analysis for the Ecological Sustainability of Engineering Construction of the Express

2009  Feasibility of Using In Situ FeS Precipitation for TCE Degradation

2009  Feasibility Study for Implementing Renewable Energy to Power a Groundwater Pump in Rural Guatemala

2009  Feasibility Study on Pipeline Leakage Detection under Pressure Testing Using Numerical Inversion Technology

2009  Hydrological Feasibility of Environmental Flows in the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin

2009  Investigating the Feasibility of Urban Link Travel Time Estimation Based on Probe Vehicle Data

2008  Application of a Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Model for Restoration Feasibility Assessment at Cottonwood Island, Washington

2008  Feasibilities and Challenges of Probe Technologies for Real-Time Traffic Data Collection

2008  Feasibility of Rehabilitating Timber Bridges Using Mechanically Fastened FRP Strips

2008  Feasibility of Thermoplastic Composite Jackets for Bridge Impact Protection

2008  Feasibility of Treating Contaminated Dredged Sediments Using Ultrasound with Acoustic and Flow Fields

2008  Feasibility Study of an Automated Tool for Identifying the Implications of Changes in Construction Projects

2008  Feasibility Study of Passive Electromagnetic Damping Systems

2008  Feasibility Study of Recycling Facilities in Brazil: The Case of Rio de Janeiro

2008  Feasibility Study on Quantitative Risk Analysis of Drinking Water Networks

2008  LID Feasibility, Design, and Implementation at Cape Lookout National Seashore

2007  Computer-Integrated System for Estimating the Costs of Building Projects

2007  Equivalent Wheel Load Approach for Slender Cable-Stayed Bridge Fatigue Assessment under Traffic and Wind: Feasibility Study

2007  Feasibility of Cooperative Development of Wetland Mitigation Projects in Iowa

2007  Safety Monitoring of the Yellow River Dike: A Feasibility Study on Various Instrumentation Schemes

2006  ASCE Panel Determines That Tunnel Alternative for Tysons Corner Segment of Washington Metrorail Extension is Feasible

2006  Assessing the Financial Feasibility of Utility-Provided Backup Power during Project Site Planning

2006  CAPM-Based Valuation of Financial Government Supports to Infeasible and Risky Private Infrastructure Projects

2006  Development of a Hydrodynamic Model for Skagit River Estuary for Estuarine Restoration Feasibility Assessment

2006  Feasibility of a Unique Skylight Design for Day and Night Illumination of a Large Volume Room

2006  Feasibility of Using Natural Zeolites to Remove Sodium from Coal Bed Methane-Produced Water

2006  Feasibility of Using the Piezoelectric Properties of Wood for Structural Health Monitoring

2006  Feasibility Study for Gray Theory Based Pavement Smoothness Prediction Models

2006  Implementation of a Feasible Control Design Process Incorporating Robustness Criteria for Wind-Excited High-Rise Buildings

2006  The Lower Olentangy River Watershed Lowhead Dams Feasibility Study

2006  Restoration of Hydrodynamic and Hydrologic Processes in the Chinook River Estuary, Washington — Feasibility Assessment

2006  The Use of Numerical Models for the Buena Vista Lagoon Restoration Feasibility Analyses

2006  Using RVA to Determine the Feasible Draft of Main Tunnel of the Diversion Work from the Datong River to the Huangshui River

2005  Feasibility of Automated Monitoring of Lifting Equipment in Support of Project Control

2005  Feasibility of Modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction Problems Using Full Three-Dimensional Finite Element Method

2005  Feasibility of Monolithic Covers for MSW Fills in Humid Climate

2005  Feasibility of Water Management Strategies for the Declining Ogallala Aquifer

2005  FLL airport / Port Everglades APM and Intermodal Center — Feasibility Analysis

2005  Stormwater BMP Evaluation and Feasibility Study — An Assessment of the Ability of BMPs to be able to Meet Potential TMDLs for Lake Tahoe

2005  Topanga Creek and Lagoon Restoration Feasibility Study: A Watershed-Scale Approach

2004  Basin-Specific Feasibility Studies: Overview of the Evaluation of Alternatives for the ECP Basins

2004  Challenges and Feasibility for Comprehensive Automated Survey of Pavement Conditions

2004  Diminishment Index for Considering Concurrently Project’s Feasibility and Financial Structure

2004  Feasibility Analysis of Shore Protection Alternatives for Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in the Chenier Plain of Southwestern Louisiana (USA)

2004  Feasibility of a 1,400 m Span Steel Cable-Stayed Bridge

2004  Feasibility of Assessing Bond Condition of Asphalt Concrete Layers with Dynamic Nondestructive Testing

2004  Feasibility of Restoring the Tuckasegee River Following the Potential Removal of the Dillsboro Dam

2004  Feasibility of Using Pneumatic Capsule Pipelines in New York City for Underground Freight Transport

2004  Feasibility of Using Urban Planning Models to Support Intermediate Traffic Forecasts

2004  A Feasibility Study on Bridge Scour Countermeasures

2004  Feasible Diversion and Instream Flow Release Using Range of Variability Approach

2004  Initial Assessment for the Feasibility of Erodable Bank Models

2004  New Berth 21 Container Terminal Feasibility Study, Port of Oakland, CA

2003  Construction Methods Feasibility Reasoning in an Integrated Environment

2003  Emerging Technology to Model Dynamic Knowledge Creation and Flow among Construction Industry Stakeholders during the Critical Feasibility-Entitlements Phase

2003  Feasibility and Optimization of Rigidified Inflatable Structures for Housing

2003  Feasibility of Rigidified Inflatable Structures for Housing

2003  Feasibility Study on Thruster-Assisted Turret-Moored FPSO by Coupled Dynamic Analysis

2003  Integrated Water Management System Feasibility Study for the Bang Pakong River Basin

2003  Los Angeles Contaminated Sediments Task Force Dredge Material Management Program Feasibility Study - Sediment Washing Bench Scale Studies

2003  A Screening Procedure for Assessing the Feasibility of Retrofitting Existing Stormwater Detention Facilities for Water Quality

2003  SFOBB Treatment BMP Feasibility Study

2003  Using EPA BASINS to Enhance Water Planning Feasibility Studies with Source Water Assessments

2002  Aseismic Roof Isolation System: Feasibility Study with 13-Story Building

2002  Feasibility of Measuring Currents in the Nearshore from a Personal Water Craft

2002  Feasibility of Using Freeway Service Patrol Trucks as Probe Vehicles

2001  Editor’s Note

2001  Electrical Energy from Ocean Waves—History and State of the Art in Australia

2001  Feasibility of a Privately Funded, Underground People Mover System in Downtown Rochester

2001  Ground Improvement Feasibility Reports for Large Highway Projects: A Case Study of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement Project

2000  Application of HEC-GeoRAS to the Tres Rios, Arizona Feasibility Study

2000  Feasibility Study of 4D CAD in Commercial Construction

2000  Feasibility Study of Thermal In Situ Bioremediation

2000  Levee Lowering of the North Bank Levee along the Salt River in Tempe, Arizona

2000  Transporting Solid Wastes by Pipelines: A Feasibility Analysis

1999  Feasibility of Amending Slurry Walls with Zero-Valent Iron

1999  Feasibility of Land Application of Aerobically Digested Phosphorus-Laden Sludge: A Case Study

1999  Feasibility of Low Concentration Diazinon Treatment in Large Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Secondary Effluent

1999  Feasibility Study of Prototype GFRP-Reinforced Wood Railroad Crosstie

1999  Hydrologic and Economic Uncertainties and Flood-Risk Project Design

1999  Remediation of Chromium-Contaminated Soils: Bench-Scale Investigation

1999  Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study: Bayview, Virginia

1998  Economic Analysis of a Monorail Link Between the Stratosphere Tower and Downtown Las Vegas

1998  Feasibility of a Transit Circulation System in Tunica and Rapid Link to Memphis

1998  The Feasibility of Alternative Hubbing in the Case of a Major Schedule Disturbance: A Case Study Using Austin as a Reliever-Hub for Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport

1998  Feasibility Study for Homeporting of Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers

1998  Feasible Improvements to Travel-Forecasting Procedures for Air Quality Analysis

1998  Fixed Guideway Transit for Riverside, California

1998  Land Disposal of Water Treatment Plant Sludge—A Feasibility Analysis

1998  Multi-Index Evaluation for the Construction of BSHSL

1998  Planning for a Niagara Falls People Mover System

1998  Simulation of Stormwater Infiltration Impact on Groundwater: Feasibility Study

1998  Technical Paper on the Concept and Development of the New General Santos (Tambler) Airport

1997  Feasibility Study on Freeze/Thaw Conditioning of Pulp Mill Waste Activated Sludge

1997  Feasibility Tests of New Pendular-Type Wave Energy Conversion Apparatus

1997  Financial Feasibility in Land Development

1997  Mozambique: A Feasibility Study for Hydroelectric Development

1997  Slurry Wall Construction in Deep Mined Area