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2015  Extending the Fatigue Life of Reinforced Concrete T-Beams Strengthened in Shear with Externally Bonded FRP: Upgrading versus Repairing

2015  Fatigue Life of Wind Turbine Tower Bases throughout Colorado

2014  Analysis of Mechanical Responses of Asphalt Pavement Interlayers Based on Shear Spring Compliance

2014  Cohesive Model-Based Approach for Fatigue Life Prediction of Reinforced-Concrete Structures Strengthened with NSM FRP

2014  Effect of FRP Configurations on the Fatigue Repair Effectiveness of Cracked Steel Plates

2014  Fatigue Behavior of GFRP Reinforcing Bars in Air and in Concrete

2014  Fatigue Behavior of Precorrosion Deformed Bars

2014  Fatigue Life Model Including Crack Propagation for Wind Turbine Tower Base Connections

2014  Improving Fatigue Evaluations of Structures Using In-Service Behavior Measurement Data

2013  Artificial Neural Network Predictions of Fatigue Life of Steel Bars Based on Hysteretic Energy

2013  Bilinear S-N Curves and Equivalent Stress Ranges for Fatigue Life Estimation

2013  Crack Water Interaction and Fatigue Life Assessment of RC Bridge Decks

2013  Design and Development of In Situ Fatigue Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges

2013  Effect of Aging on Dynamic Modulus and Fatigue Life of Superpave Mixes

2013  Evaluation of Fatigue Life of Asphalt Mixture with High RAP Content Utilizing Innovative Scanning Method

2013  Fatigue Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Existing Steel Bridges by Integrating SHM into a Probabilistic Bilinear S-N Approach

2013  Fatigue Life of Piles in Integral-Abutment Bridges: Case Study

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of Using Recycled Marble Aggregates on the Mechanical Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt

2012  Modeling Mechanical Response of a Perpetual Pavement Test Road

2012  Probabilistic Fatigue Life Estimation of Steel Bridges by Using a Bilinear S- N Approach

2012  Response Modification Approach for Safe Extension of Bridge Life

2011  Fatigue Evaluation of Rib-to-Deck Welded Joints of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck

2011  Fatigue Life Prediction of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beams under Flexural Loading

2011  Fatigue Life Prediction of CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track

2011  Investigation into Circle Shear Test Method of Asphalt Mixture

2011  Investigation into the Fatigue Damage Process of Rubberized Concrete and Plain Concrete by AE Analysis

2011  Mechanisms Governing Fatigue, Damage, and Fracture of Commercially Pure Titanium for Viable Aerospace Applications

2011  Procedures for Fatigue Crack Growth Monitoring and Fatigue Life Prediction Using Acoustic Emission Data and Neural Networks

2011  Research on Fatigue Mechanism and Fatigue Life of Drill Pipes Used in Horizontal Directional Drilling

2011  Research on the Analysis Method of Coiled Tubing Fatigue Life

2011  Stochastic Fatigue Assessment for Berthing Monopiles in Inland Waterways

2010  Determination of Fatigue Life of a Granular Base Material Lightly Stabilized with Slag Lime from Indirect Diametral Tensile Testing

2010  The Fatigue Life Study of a Car BIW Based on Random Vibration

2010  Loads on Track, Ballast Fouling, and Life Cycle under Dynamic Loading in Railways

2010  Monitoring-Based Fatigue Reliability Assessment of Steel Bridges: Analytical Model and Application

2009  Fatigue Life Prediction of Rubber Nodes

2009  Prediction of Fatigue Life of Rubberized Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Using Artificial Neural Networks

2009  Research on Fatigue Life Prediction of Submarine Pipeline Free Span (X60) by High-Cycle Multi-Level Fatigue Test

2009  Statistical Comparison of Mechanistic-Empirical Models for Predicting Fatigue Life of Cement-Treated Base Layers over Weak Subgrades

2009  Study on Prolonging Asphalt Pavement Fatigue Life Based on Vision Transverse Intervention

2008  Behavior of Integrated Crosstie Trackwork System

2008  Design of Pavements Incorporating Grouted Macadams

2008  Dynamic Modulus and Fatigue Testing of Lightly Cementitiously Stabilized Granular Pavement Materials

2008  Fatigue Life Assessment and Static Testing of Structural GFRP Tubes Based on Coupon Tests

2008  Numerical Study of Stiffened Socket Connections for Highway Signs, Traffic Signals, and Luminaire Structures

2008  Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Mixes Containing Granular Volcanic Ash

2008  Probabilistic Fatigue Evaluation of Riveted Railway Bridges

2008  Research on Propagation and Fatigue Life of Asphalt Pavement Surface Crack

2008  Stress-Strain Relationship of Frost-Damaged Concrete Subjected to Fatigue Loading

2007  Durability of Soil — Cements against Fatigue Fracture

2007  Parametric Study of Hot Spot Stresses around Tubular Joints with Doubler Plates

2006  Assessment of Bridge Remaining Fatigue Life through Field Strain Measurement

2006  Bimodal Alongwind Fatigue of Structures

2006  Comparative Study of Fatigue Provisions for the AASHTO Fatigue Guide Specifications and LRFR Manual for Evaluation

2006  Estimating Fatigue Life of Bridge Components Using Measured Strains

2006  Fatigue Analysis of RC Slabs and Repaired RC Slabs Based on Crack Bridging Degradation Concept

2006  Fatigue Damage of Steel Bridges Due to Dynamic Vehicle Loads

2006  Fatigue of Corrugated-Web Plate Girders: Experimental Study

2006  Truck Models for Improved Fatigue Life Predictions of Steel Bridges

2005  Extending the Fatigue Life of Riveted Coped Stringer Connections

2005  Survival Analysis of Fatigue Cracking for Flexible Pavements Based on Long-Term Pavement Performance Data

2005  Why Differente Fatigue Lives? Answer is in the Tomograms

2004  Directional Wind-Induced Fatigue of Slender Vertical Structures

2004  Multiple Cracking and Fiber Bridging Characteristics of Engineered Cementitious Composites under Fatigue Flexure

2003  Cyclic Load Tests and Analysis of Bolted Top-and-Seat Angle Connections

2003  Degradation of Stiffness of Cemented Calcareous Soil in Cyclic Triaxial Tests

2003  Full-Scale Field Evaluation of Microelectromechanical System-Based Biaxial Strain Transducer and Its Application in Fatigue Analysis

2002  Cyclic Behavior of Headed Stud Shear Connectors

2001  Minimizing Distress on Flexible Pavements using Variable Tire Pressure

2001  Numerical Methodology in Fatigue Analysis: Applications

2001  Technology: Atomic-Level Tests Measure Material Fatigue

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Fatigue Model for Fiber-Reinforced Polymeric Composites

2000  Fatigue-Life Evaluation of Steel Post Structures. I: Background and Analysis

2000  Fatigue-Life Evaluation of Steel Post Structures. II: Experimentation

2000  Importance of Invasive Measures in Assessment of Existing Pavements

2000  Remaining Fatigue Life Estimates Using LRFD

2000  Wavelet-Based Approach for Structural Damage Detection

1999  Application of Field Data in Fatigue Life Estimation of Highway Bridges

1999  Behavior of Long Fatigue Cracks in Cellular Box Beam

1999  Cement Treated Marginal Aggregates for Roads

1999  Fatigue Evaluation through Field Testing

1999  Fatigue Properties of Reinforcing Steel Produced by Tempcore Process

1999  Fatigue Strength Assessment of I-95 Bridge over James River

1999  Numerical Methodology in Fatigue Analysis: Basic Formulation

1999  Sensitivity Analysis for Estimation of Pavement Fatigue Life

1999  Stochastic Fatigue Damage Accumulation of FRP Laminates and Joints

1998  Bridge Fatigue Life Estimation From Field Data

1998  Efficient Algorithm for Fatigue Life Calculations Under Broad Band Loading Based on Peak Approximation

1998  Fatigue Strength of Riveted Connections

1998  Improved Procedures for Structural Integrity Evaluation of Bridges

1997  Computer Simulation of Weldment Fatigue Life

1997  Editor’s Note

1997  The Effect of Runway Roughness on Aircraft Operations

1997  Fatigue Reliability Reassessment Applications: State-of-the-Art Paper

1997  Fatigue Reliability Reassessment Procedures: State-of-the-Art Paper

1997  Loads for Fatigue Life Assessment of Gates at Navigation Locks

1997  Simulation-Based Assessment of Fatigue Life

1997  Strategy for Identification of Critical Details for Hydraulic Steel Structures

1997  Wireless Global Bridge Evaluation & Monitoring System (WGBEMS)