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Found 38 Records with the keyword term of "Falling bodies"

2015  Backcalculation of Flexible Pavement Structural Properties Using a Restart Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy

2014  Modeling of the FWD Deflection Basin to Evaluate Airport Pavements

2014  Sustainable Road Management in Texas: Network-Level Flexible Pavement Structural Condition Analysis Using Data-Mining Techniques

2013  Confidence Interval of Pavement Layer Parameters Estimated from FWD Time Series Data

2013  Development of the Triangular Model for Pavement Evaluation Using the Rolling Wheel Deflectometer

2012  Drop Weight Impact Strength Measurement Method for Porous Concrete Using Laser Doppler Velocimetry

2012  Forward Calculation of Subgrade Modulus Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Time Histories and Wave Propagation Theory

2012  Study on Prevention Measures of Falling Accidents during Construction

2012  Use of Rockfall Rating Systems in the Design of New Slopes

2011  Comparisons between New and Traditional NDT Devices and Control Methods for Construction Quality of Highway Subgrade

2011  Limiting Base Moduli to Prevent Premature Pavement Failure

2011  Structural Response of Pervious Concrete Pavement Systems Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Testing and Analysis

2010  Comparative Study of Static and Dynamic Falling Weight Deflectometer Back-Calculations Using Probabilistic Approach

2010  Development of Performance Upgrade Technique of Existing Rockfall Protection Fence

2010  Field Test and Numerical Analysis on Performance Upgrade of Existing Rockfall Protection Fence by Using High Energy Absorption Net

2010  A Model for Rockfall Protection Structures Based on a Multi-Scale Approach

2010  Rock Catchment Area Design Charts

2008  Temperature Effects on Falling Weight Deflectometer Measurement

2007  Characteristics of Ground Vibrations in STSP Deduced from Falling Weight Tests

2007  Nonhomogeneous Spectral Element for Wave Motion in Multilayer Systems

2005  Laboratory Evaluation of the Geogauge and Light Falling Weight Deflectometer as Construction Control Tools

2005  Numerical Simulation of Flexible Rockfall Protection Systems

2004  Geogrid Reinforcement to Reduce Pavement Section Thickness: A Case Study

2003  Application of Construction and Building Debris as Base and Subbase Materials in Rigid Pavement

2003  Evaluation of FWD Data for Determination of Layer Moduli of Pavements

2003  Falling Weight Deflectometer for Estimating Subgrade Elastic Moduli

2002  Field and Laboratory Determination of Granular Subgrade Moduli

2002  Technology: Emergency Escape System Developed for High-Rises

2001  Forensic Study for Causes of Fall Using Fault Tree Analysis

1998  Gravitational Fall Velocity of Sphere in Viscous Fluid

1995  Fall Velocity of Sea Shells as Coastal Sediment

1994  Impact of Weight Falling onto the Ground

1993  Structural Evaluation of Airfield Rigid Pavements Using Falling Weight Deflectometer

1991  Drag Coefficient and Fall Velocity of Nonspherical Particles

1991  Use of FWD Data for Pavement Material Characterization and Performance

1990  Velocity of Particles Falling in Vertically Oscillating Flow

1980  Fall Velocity of Shells as Coastal Sediment

1968  Fall Velocity of Irregular Shaped Particles