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2015  Analytical Slope Stability Analysis Based on Statistical Characterization of Soil Primary Properties

2015  Bearing Capacity of Circular Footings on Reinforced Soils

2015  DEM Analyses of an Uplift Failure Mechanism with Pipe Buried in Cemented Granular Ground

2015  Rectangular Foundations on a Sand Embankment over Mine Tailings

2015  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Embedded Foundations on a Sloping Ground Surface

2014  Adaptive Plasticity Model for Bucket Foundations

2014  Application of Liquid Nitrogen Freezing to Recovery of a Collapsed Shield Tunnel

2014  Automated Detection of Pipe Bursts and Other Events in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations in Reinforced Soils

2014  Burst Detection Using an Artificial Immune Network in Water-Distribution Systems

2014  Calibration of Failure Criteria for Bucket Foundations on Drained Sand under General Loading

2014  Comparison of Retrofits for Three Strut-Arm Tainter Gates Using a Longevity Corrosion Maintenance Factor

2014  Development of a Standard Data Structure for Predicting the Remaining Physical Life and Consequence of Failure of Water Pipes

2014  Effect of Fluid Temperature on Rock Failure in Borehole Drilling

2014  Effect of Loading Direction on the Bearing Capacity of Cold-Reduced Steel Sheets

2014  Effect of Uniaxial Strength and Fracture Parameters of Concrete on Its Biaxial Compressive Strength

2014  Effects of Delamination on the Performance of Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2014  Estimating Parameters from a Single Test for the Three-Dimensional Failure Criterion for Frictional Materials

2014  Evolutionary Algorithm and Expectation Maximization Strategies for Improved Detection of Pipe Bursts and Other Events in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Experimental Test of Theory for the Stability of Partially Saturated Vertical Cut Slopes

2014  Failure Analysis, Condition Assessment Technologies, and Performance Prediction of Prestressed-Concrete Cylinder Pipe: State-of-the-Art Literature Review

2014  Failure of a Large Circular Excavation

2014  Failure Progression Analysis of Observed Residential Structural Damage within a Tornado Wind Field

2014  Flexural Behavior of Preloaded RC Slabs Strengthened with Prestressed CFRP Laminates

2014  Flexural Test for Steel-Concrete Composite Members Using Prefabricated Steel Angles

2014  Floodway System Operation along Levee-Protected Rivers

2014  Fuzzy-Based Model for Predicting Failure of Oil Pipelines

2014  Hazard Topography: Visual Approach for Identifying Critical Failure Combinations for Infrastructure

2014  Large-Scale Experiment and Numerical Modeling of a Riverine Levee Breach

2014  Method to Determine the Probability of Failure for Annealed Monolithic Window Glass Loaded with a Uniform Wind Load

2014  Mitigation of Soft-Story Failures in Multi-Story Steel Concentrically Braced Frames through Implementation of Stiff Rocking Cores

2014  Modeling Deterioration in Concrete Pipes as a Stochastic Gamma Process for Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis

2014  Modeling Mode I Cracking Failure in Asphalt Binder by Using Nonconserved Phase-Field Model

2014  Moment Methods for Assessing the Probability of Serviceability Failure in Braced Excavations

2014  Nonlinear Failure Surface and Pseudodynamic Passive Resistance of a Battered-Faced Retaining Wall Supporting c-Φ Backfill

2014  Numerical Analysis of Pressurized Cold Bend Pipes under Bending to Investigate the Transition from Compression to Tension Side Failures

2014  Numerical and Experimental Study of Overtopping and Failure of Rockfill Dams

2014  Pipe Burst Risk State Assessment and Classification Based on Water Hammer Analysis for Water Supply Networks

2014  Predicting the Timing of Water Main Failure Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Reliability Analysis of Load and Resistance Factor Design of Slopes

2014  Seismic Rocking Isolation of an Asymmetric Frame on Spread Footings

2014  Seismic Vulnerability of Older Braced Frames

2014  Shear Behaviors of Reinforced Ultrahigh Toughness Cementitious Composite Slender Beams with Stirrups

2014  Splitting Failure of Reinforced Concrete Columns

2014  Stability of Unsupported Vertical Circular Excavations

2014  Time-Progressive Dynamic Assessment of Abrupt Cable-Breakage Events on Cable-Stayed Bridges

2014  Transformed Stress Method for Generalizing Soil Constitutive Models

2014  Use of Live Poles for Stabilization of a Shallow Slope Failure

2014  Using a Negative Binomial Regression Model with a Bayesian Tuner to Estimate Failure Probability for Sewerage Infrastructure

2014  Web Buckling in Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deep Beams Subjected to Concentrated Loads

2014  Weighted Least Squares with Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Burst Detection in U.K. Water Distribution Systems

2013  Analytical Failure Prediction of Inclined Boreholes

2013  Artificial Neural Network Predictions of Fatigue Life of Steel Bars Based on Hysteretic Energy

2013  Avoiding Surprises in Slope Stability

2013  Back Analysis of Landslide Deposit Basal Failure Plane Residual Shear Strength

2013  Buckling Behavior and Failure of Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Pultruded Short Columns

2013  Case Study of Offshore Pile System Failure in Hurricane Ike

2013  Causes of Natural Gas Pipeline Explosive Ruptures

2013  Comparison of BTC, RBTC and HLP Models in the Calculation of the Dynamic Ductile Fracture Propagation Velocities Based on the X80 Full-Scale Burst Test

2013  Damaged Mechanism and Reinforcement Analysis of Concrete Bridge Deck in Blizzard Conditions

2013  Discussions on the Application of the Pipe Bursting Method for Pipeline Rehabilitation

2013  Effect of Wind Directionality on the Vulnerability of Rural Houses due to Cyclonic Wind

2013  Effects of Principal Stress Directions and Mean Normal Stress on Failure Criterion for Cross-Anisotropic Sand

2013  Entropy Identification of Pipeline Failure under Flood

2013  Evaluation on Failure of Fiber-Reinforced Sand

2013  Experimental Study of Collapse Limits for Wood Frame Shear Walls

2013  Experiments on Urban Flooding Caused by a Levee Breach

2013  Failure Analysis of the Rotor of Downhole Drilling Motors

2013  The Failure Probability Analysis and Applied Research of the Flood Damage to the Submerged Wall

2013  Failure Process of Brittle Rock Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

2013  Galling Failure Analysis of Drill Pipe Rotary-Shouldered Thread Connections for Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  High Strength Glass Testing and Model Validation for Static and Dynamic Loading

2013  Improving Resilience of Water Distribution System through Burst Detection

2013  Iterative Methodology of Pressure-Dependent Demand Based on EPANET for Pressure-Deficient Water Distribution Analysis

2013  The Jump-Out Failure Analysis of Long, Round Thread Casing

2013  Limit Analysis of Slope Stability by Rigid Finite-Element Method and Linear Programming Considering Rotational Failure

2013  Linearization of Drucker-Prager Yield Criterion for Axisymmetric Problems: Implementation in Lower-Bound Limit Analysis

2013  Longitudinal Bending and Failure of GFRP Pipes Buried in Dense Sand under Relative Ground Movement

2013  Method to Account for Human Intervention in Calculating the Probability of Failure

2013  Modelling the Roof-to-Wall Connections and Roof Failures in Residential, Wood-Frame Buildings under Realistic Wind Loads

2013  Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study of Physical Hardening Rates in Asphalt Cements

2013  New Geometric Average Method for Calculation of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Stratified Sands

2013  Numerical Modeling of Piles in Collapsible Soil Subjected to Inundation

2013  Numerical Simulation of Aggregate Shapes of Three-Dimensional Concrete and Its Applications

2013  Optimal Design of Water Distribution Systems Using Many-Objective Visual Analytics

2013  Performance of a Geobag Revetment. II: Numerical Modeling

2013  Performance of Cast-Iron-Pipe Bell-Spigot Joints Subjected to Overburden Pressure and Ground Movement

2013  Permeability Evolution Laws and Equations during the Course of Deformation and Failure of Brittle Rock

2013  Pipe Burst Analysis Based on GIS

2013  Preparation and Characterization of Steel Surfaces for Adhesive Bonding

2013  A Probabilistic Approach to Nonstructural Failure

2013  Quantifying the Uncertainty of Return Period and Risk in Hydrologic Design

2013  Reliability Based Design of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills using Translational Failure Mechanism

2013  Robust Geotechnical Design of Drilled Shafts in Sand: New Design Perspective

2013  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Foundations on Cohesionless Slopes

2013  Sheet Pile Quay Wall Safety: Investigation of Posttensioned Anchor Failures

2013  Simulation to Aid Disaster Planning and Mitigation: Tools and Techniques for Water Distribution Managers and Emergency Planners

2013  SMA Anti-Crack Performance at Low Temperatures

2013  Stability Charts for 3D Failures of Homogeneous Slopes

2013  Stochastic Evaluation of Hydraulic Hysteresis in Unsaturated Soils