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2014  Extraction of Spudcan Foundations in Single and Multilayer Soils

2013  Extraction of PCBs from Transformer Oil and Its Dechlorination Using Visible Light

2013  Observation of the pH-Induced Hormesis for the LDH Cytotoxicity Test of MSWI Baghouse Ash Extract

2013  Simple Methodology for Deriving Continuous Shorelines from Imagery: Application to Rivers

2009  Assessing a Response Surface-Based Optimization Approach for Soil Vapor Extraction System Design

2008  Comparison of Extractants for Removal of Lead, Zinc, and Phenanthrene from Manufactured Gas Plant Field Soil

2008  Modeling Elution Histories of Copper and Lead from Contaminated Soil Treated by Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers

2008  Waste Characterization by Leaching and Extraction Procedures

2006  Bioavailability Prediction of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Field-Contaminated Sediment by Mild Extractions

2006  Evaluating an Electrokinetically Driven Extraction Method for Measuring Heavy Metal Soil Contamination

2004  Chelating-Agent-Enhanced Heavy Metal Extraction from a Contaminated Acidic Soil

2004  Extraction of Copper from a Low-Grade Ore by Rhamnolipids

2004  Heavy Metals in Bottom Ash from a Medical-Waste Incinerator in Thailand

2003  Estimation of Operation Time for Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

2003  Numerical Simulation of Dual-Phase Vacuum Extraction to Remove Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Subsurface

2002  Evaluation of Electrokinetic Removal of Heavy Metals from Tailing Soils

2002  Sediment Removal Efficiency of Vortex Chamber Type Sediment Extractor

2001  Chromium (III) Isolation from Acid Extract of Tannery Sludge

2001  Sequential Extractions for Partitioning of Arsenic on Hydrous Iron Oxides and Iron Sulfides

2000  Effects of Amorphous Iron on Extraction of Lead-Contaminated Soil with EDTA

2000  Enhancement of Electrokinetic Extraction from Lead-Spiked Soils

2000  Recovery of Cr(III) from Tannery Spent Chrome Liquor for Reuse

2000  Sun-Powered Blower System Reduces Remediation Costs

2000  Vapor Flow to Trench in Leaky Aquifer

1999  ASCE Adopts Policies in Three Different Areas

1999  Battling Concrete Corrosion

1999  BTEX Extraction from Clay Soil Using Prefabricated Vertical Drains

1999  Effect of Water Content and Soil Type on Mass Transfer Limitations in the Soil Vapour Extraction Process

1999  Engineering Solution for Predicting Contaminant Removal by Pneumatic Fracturing

1999  Ex Situ Electroreclamation of Heavy Metals Contaminated Sludge: A Pilot Scale Study

1999  Extraction Method for Analysis of PAHs in Coal-Tar-Contaminated Soils

1999  Formulation of a Better Synthetic Gasoline for Use in Soil Vapour Extraction Experiments

1999  Modeling Water Uptake by Plant Roots

1999  Practical Aspects of In-Situ Electrokinetic Extraction

1999  Procedure to Extract Ritz Vectors from Dynamic Testing Data

1999  SVE Design: Mass Transfer Limitation Due to Molecular Diffusion

1999  Volatile Contaminant Extraction Enhanced by Pneumatic Fracturing

1998  Analytical Inverse Model for Multicomponent Soil Vapor Extraction

1998  Chloride Extraction and Realkalization of Reinforced Concrete Stop Steel Corrosion

1998  Dealing with DNAPLs

1998  Dual-Phase Extraction for TCE DNAPL Remediation

1998  Ex-Situ Remediation of a Metal-Contaminated Superfund Soil Using Selective Extractants

1998  Gas Permeability and Diffusivity in Undisturbed Soil: SVE Implications

1998  Impact of Remedial Landfill Cover Systems and Gas Extraction Systems on Groundwater VOC Concentrations

1998  Influence of Water Content on SVE in a Silt Loam Soil

1998  Laboratory Study of Soil Flushing by Aqueous Solutions

1998  Location and Schedule Optimization of Soil Vapor Extraction System Design

1998  Numerical Simulation of Radial Gas Flow: Effects of Soil Anisotropy, Well Placement and Surface Seal

1998  VOC Vapor Sorption in Soil; Soil Type Dependent Model and Implications for Vapor Extraction

1997  Case Study: In-Situ Methods for the Recovery of Dissolved and Free-Phase TCE

1997  Cost Effectiveness of Wave Power Extraction at Erosive Coasts

1997  Delaware DOT Saves Corroded Bridge

1997  Digital Terrain Model: Elevation Extraction and Accuracy Assessment

1997  Effect of Solubility on Enhanced Electrokinetic Extraction of Metals

1997  Evaluation and Analysis of Soil Washing for Seven Lead-Contaminated Soils

1997  Ground Freezing Goes for the Gold in Canada

1997  Irreversible Binding of Chlorophenols to Soil and Its Impact on Bioavailability

1997  Liquid-Liquid Extraction for Surfactant-Contaminant Separation and Surfactant Reuse

1997  Methodology for Analyzing Soil Vacuum Data at VOC-Contaminated Sites

1997  A Mixed-Integer Programming Model for Soil Vapor Extraction Design

1997  Multilevel Soil-Vapor Extraction Test for Heterogeneous Soil

1997  Soil Vapor Extraction System Design Scale-Up Considerations

1997  Soil Vapor Extraction to Correct a Gasoline Release in Discontinuous Basalt

1997  Successful Operation of an In Situ Remediation System

1996  Cleaning Up Clay

1996  Conceptual Design of Soil Venting Systems

1996  Control of Seawater Intrusion through Injection-Extraction Well System

1996  EDTA-Enhanced Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead

1996  Effects of Vapor Extraction on Contaminant Flux to Atmosphere and Ground Water

1996  Long-Term Leaching of Metals from Concrete Products

1996  Optimization of Soil Vapor Extraction System Design

1995  Biofiltration of Gasoline Vapors from a Soil Vapor Extraction System

1995  Case Study of Shallow Soil Mixing and Soil Vacuum Extraction Remediation Project

1995  Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead From Spiked Norwegian Marine Clay

1995  Gas Generation, Transport, and Extraction in Landfills

1995  Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization of Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

1995  Remediation in Clay Using Two-Phase Vacuum Extraction

1995  Remediation Using Nested, Horizontal Wells

1995  Removal of Cesium and Strontium from Nuclear Wastes Using Solid Phase Extraction Membranes

1995  Review of Technologies for In-Situ Cleanup of DNAPLs

1995  Site Remediation Via Simultaneous Dual Extraction

1995  Soil Treatment Using Photolytic Solvent Recycle

1995  Strategies for Control and Remediation of Solvent Pollution from the Dry Cleaning Industry

1995  Using Specialized Adsorbents for Remediation

1994  Air Permeability from Pneumatic Tests in Oxidized Till

1994  In-situ Extraction of Lunar Soil Volatiles

1994  Optimization of the Design and Operation of Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

1994  Oxygen from Lunar Soil via Fluorination

1994  A Probability Based Approach to the Design and Operation of Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

1994  Thermally Enhanced Bioremediation of a Gasoline-Contaminated Aquifer Using Toluene Oxidizing Bacteria

1994  Vortex-Tube Sediment Extractors. Part I: Trapping Efficiency

1994  Vortex-Tube Sediment Extractors. Part II: Design

1993  Analysis of Segmentation Algorithms for Pavement Distress Images

1992  Extraction of Potable Water from Urine for Space Applications

1992  Flux of Metals Between Sediment and the Water Column

1992  NonPolar Organics Toxicity in a Municipal Effluent

1992  Tackling Trapped Sediments

1991  Elution Profiles of Three Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Leaching Through Sandy Soil

1991  Offshore Sand Extraction and Nearshore Profile Nourishment

1991  Vortex-Settling Basin Design Considerations