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2015  Comparative Study of the Dynamic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams Subjected to Underwater and Air Explosions

2014  Blast Resistance of Fully Grouted Reinforced Concrete Masonry Veneer Walls

2014  Dynamic Response of Steel Columns Subjected to Blast Loading

2014  High Fidelity Computations of Grain Silo Explosions and Resulting Blast/Debris Loads on Nearby Structures

2014  Improved Blast Protection of Buildings through Implementation of Ductile Building Envelope Connectors

2013  Are You Positive About Negative Phase?

2013  Causes of Natural Gas Pipeline Explosive Ruptures

2013  Effects of Surface Explosions on top of Earth Embankment Dams

2013  Evaluation of Harm Effect Distances after High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage

2013  Innovative Blast Resistant Glazing System

2012  Experimental Performance of Steel Beams under Blast Loading

2012  Innovative Material for Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures against Close Range Detonation

2012  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) As Blast-Resistant Barriers

2012  NewsBriefs: Parsons Unveils Second-Generation Ordnance Neutralization System (Parsons)

2012  Vapor Cloud Explosion Prediction Methods—Comparison of TNO Multi-Energy (ME) and Baker-Strehlow-Tang (BST) Models in Terms of Vulnerability of Structural Damage Caused by an Explosion

2011  Behavior of FRP-RC Slabs under Multiple Independent Air Blasts

2011  Blast Protection of Buildings

2011  Damage of Cast-Iron Subway Tunnels under Internal Explosions

2011  Expected Building Damage Using Stratified Systematic Sampling of Failure Triggering Events

2011  NewsBriefs: Last Megabomb in U.S. Dismantled (MSNBC)

2011  Overview of UFC 3-340-02 Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions

2011  Progressive Collapse Resistance of an Actual 11-Story Structure Subjected to Severe Initial Damage

2011  Research on the Real-Time Calculation of Gas Leakage and Diffusion and Hazards Prediction of Fire and Explosion for Nature Gas Pipeline

2011  The Safety of Hot Work in City Gas Pipeline

2011  Stability Analysis on Truss Overhead Crossing Structure of Oil and Gas Transmission Pipeline

2011  Testing and Analytical Evaluation of Doors

2010  Building Robustness Research during World War II

2010  Design Limits for Precast Concrete Sandwich Walls Subjected to External Explosions

2010  Explosion Performance of a Ball Powder Production Facility

2010  Explosion Phenomena and Effects of Explosions on Structures. I: Phenomena and Effects

2010  Explosion Phenomena and Effects of Explosions on Structures. II: Methods of Analysis (Explosion Effects)

2010  Explosion Phenomena and Effects of Explosions on Structures. III: Methods of Analysis (Explosion Damage to Structures) and Example Cases

2010  Femtotechnology: Design of the Strongest AB Matter for Aerospace

2010  Investigation of the Dynamic Performance of Large Reinforcement Bar Mechanical Couplers

2009  Blast Resistance of FRP-Strengthened Masonry Walls. I: Approximate Analysis and Field Explosion Tests

2009  A Case Study in Analyzing the Response of Structures to a Jet Fuel Vapor-Phase Explosion

2009  Effect of Soil Locking on the Cylindrical Shock Wave’s Peak Pressure Attenuation

2009  Experimental and Analytical Investigations on the Response of Structural Building Frames Further to a Column Loss

2009  Public Emergency Diffusion in Three Gorges Dam Region Based on SD Simulation — Fire and Explosion of the Ship with Dangerous Good

2009  Simulation on Sequences of Explosion Caused by Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage of Oilfield

2009  Use of Explosion in Improving Highway Foundation

2008  Blast Resistant Design Using Advanced, State-of-the-Art Materials

2008  Centrifuge Modeling of Explosion Craters Formed over Underground Structures

2008  Collapse Study of an Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Building Subjected to Internal Blast Loading

2008  Experimental and Numerical Studies of Impact Behavior of Fiber Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

2008  Laminated Glass Curtain Walls and Laminated Glass Lites Subjected to Low-Level Blast Loading

2008  A Novel Structure to Protect Against Explosive Loads

2008  Progressive Collapse Resistance of Hotel San Diego

2008  PWM Control of SMA Actuated Blowout Preventer Using PLC

2008  Strength of Building Elements When Subjected to Airblast

2008  Study of Soil-Structure Interaction Response to Nearby Explosions by Coupled 2D Godunov — Variational Difference Approach

2007  Explosive Testing to Evaluate Dynamic Amplification during Gravity Load Redistribution for Reinforced Concrete Frames

2007  Properties and Dynamic Behavior of Glass Curtain Walls with Split Screw Spline Mullions

2007  Reliability of Concrete Masonry Unit Walls Subjected to Explosive Loads

2006  Blast-Resistant Glazing Design

2006  Computation and 3D Visualization of Explosive Effects on Tunnels

2006  Incorporation of Engineering Model Uncertainties in Probabilistic Analysis of Explosive Effects on Tunnel Facilities

2006  Modeling of Surface Blast Effects on Underground Structures

2006  Murrah Building Bombing Revisited: A Qualitative Assessment of Blast Damage and Collapse Patterns

2006  Progressive Collapse — An Implosion Contractor’s Stock in Trace

2005  9/11 and the Structural Hereafter

2005  Analysis and Design of Critical Bridges Subjected to Blast Loads

2005  Analysis and Experimental Evaluation of In-Fill Steel-Stud Wall Systems under Blast Loading

2005  Centrifuge Experiments to Study Surface Blast Effects on Underground Pipelines

2005  Cost-Effective Decision Making for Blast Mitigation

2005  Explosion and Fire Analysis of Steel Frames using Mixed Element Approach

2005  Explosion Forensic Analysis

2005  Explosion in a High-Rise Building

2005  Response of Conventional Steel Stud Wall Systems under Static and Dynamic Pressure

2005  Revision of Army Technical Manual 5-1300/NAVFAC P-397/AFR 88-22, ”Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions”

2005  Simulation of Explosions of Pressurised Pipes in Geosynthetic Reinforced Embankments

2004  Explosion and Fire Analysis of Steel Frames Using Fiber Element Approach

2004  Explosion-Resistant Steel Stud Wall System

2004  Lessons Learned on Improving Resistance of Buildings to Terrorist Attacks

2004  Modeling Concrete Masonry Walls Subjected to Explosive Loads

2004  Performance Simulation of Nuclear Containments for Security

2004  Retrofitting Existing Masonry Buildings to Resist Explosions

2004  Survey of Window Retrofit Solutions for Blast Mitigation

2003  Lessons from the Progressive Collapse of the Ronan Point Apartment Tower

2003  Puzzle: Account of an Unusual Investigation

2003  Technology: Advanced Blast Simulation Software Models Effect of Explosions

2002  Distributed Structural Damage Generated by High-Freqency Ground Motion

2002  Modeling Underwater Oil/Gas Jets and Plumes: Comparison with Field Data

2001  Blast Mitigation Research and Technology Transfer

2001  The Explosive Threat - Preventing Progressive Collapse and Limiting the Extent of Debris

2001  Practical Experience in Blast Mitigation for Non-Structural Elements

2001  Preliminary Validation of Computer Programs for Prediction of Glazing Response to Explosive Airblast

2001  U.S. Embassy Designs against Terrorism: A Historical Perspective

1999  Designing for a World of Multiple Hazards

1999  Impact of Shelling on RC Frames with and Without Infill Walls

1999  Investigation of Explosive Damage and Repair Costs

1999  Precision Experiments for Evaluating Finite Element Models

1999  The Retrofit of Conventional Construction to Withstand Internal Explosions

1999  Sequential Experiments for Test Minimization

1998  Editor’s Note: Bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building

1998  Engineer Tells Congress How to Better Protect Federal Buildings

1998  Field Applications of Explosive Compaction in Silty Soils and Numerical Analysis

1998  Investigation of Predictive Methodologies for Explosive Compaction

1998  Shortcut Estimation of Safety Distances of Pipelines from Explosives

1998  Space Debris in Low-Earth Orbit