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2014  Fuzzy-Based Model for Predicting Failure of Oil Pipelines

2014  Information Framework for Intelligent Decision Support System for Home Energy Retrofits

2013  An Expert System Based on OpenStudio Platform for Evaluation of Daylighting System Design

2012  Cognitive Design of Learning Modules for Field Management Education

2012  Database Expert Planning System for On-Site Design Strategies

2012  Effect of Water on the Degradation of Gypsum Plaster Coatings: Inspection, Diagnosis, and Repair

2012  An Expert System for Construction Decision-Making Using Case-Based Reasoning

2011  An Expert System for Remote Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Railway Locomotives

2011  Fuzzy Preference Relations Consensus Approach to Reduce Conflicts on Shared Responsibilities in the Owner Managing Contractor Delivery System

2011  Fuzzy Similarity Consensus Model for Early Alignment of Construction Project Teams on the Extent of Their Roles and Responsibilities

2011  A Production Scheduling Method Based on Interactive Simulation and Expert System

2010  Expert System Approach for Soil Structure Interaction and Land Use

2010  Expert System Software: Use Only as Directed

2010  Hierarchical Fuzzy Expert System for Risk of Failure of Water Mains

2010  Inspection and Repair of Ceramic Tiling within a Building Management System

2010  Methodology for Bayesian Belief Network Development to Facilitate Compliance with Water Quality Regulations

2010  SuretyAssist: Fuzzy Expert System to Assist Surety Underwriters in Evaluating Construction Contractors for Bonding

2010  Using Fuzzy Logic and Expert System Approaches in Evaluating Flexible Pavement Distress: Case Study

2009  Development of a Fuzzy Expert System for Surety Underwriting

2009  Predicting and Evaluating Construction Trades Foremen Performance: Fuzzy Logic Approach

2009  ROTI Method: Evaluation of the State of the Built Environment in Finland

2008  Assessing Construction Engineering-Related Delays: Egyptian Perspective

2008  Improving Water Security Analysis by Interfacing EPANET and CLIPS Expert Systems

2008  Spatial Rule-Based Expert System for Sensor Network Planning in Rural Water Supply Systems, Kentucky

2006  Confidence in Expert Opinion: A Structural Engineering View

2006  Prediction of Concrete Strength using Neural-Expert System

2005  A Framework for Integrating Fuzzy Expert Systems and Discrete Event Simulation

2005  Predicting Industrial Construction Labor Productivity using Fuzzy Expert Systems

2005  Selecting Pile Construction Method Using Fuzzy Approach

2004  Simple Expert System for Evaluation of Nutrient Pollution Potential in Groundwater from Manure Application

2002  Expert System for Prioritizing the Inspection of Sewers: Knowledge Base Formulation and Evaluation

2002  An Expert System for Sustainable Urban and Regional Transport Development

2002  A Simple Expert System for Initial Size Estimation of Detention Basin

2002  The T.E.A.M. Approach in Geotechnical Engineering

2002  Towards Assessing Sewer Performance and Serviceability Using Knowledge Based Systems

2001  Developing a Draft Schedule Using Templates and Rules

2001  Expert System for Environmental Quality Evaluation

2001  Prototype Diagnosis Expert System with Knowledge Refinement Function

2001  Structural Health Monitoring and Symptom-Based Reliability

2001  Uncertainties in Expert-Opinion Elicitation for Risk Studies

2000  An AI Integrated System for NATM in Tunnel Engineering

2000  Bridge Damage Assessment Through Fuzzy Petri Net Based Expert System

2000  The Development of Public Transportation Dispatching Platform Based on Expert System

2000  EXPLORE–Hybrid Expert System for Water Networks Management

2000  GROUNDSS: Integrated Foundation Design Expert System

2000  Intelligent Model for Constructed Facilities Surface Assessment

2000  Knowledge Acquisition and Validation of an Expert System for Prioritizing the Inspection of Sewers

2000  Modeling of the Building Process by an Expert System

2000  Small Hydropower Advisor: Application and User Perspective

2000  SSPE: A Tool for Scraper Selection and Production

1999  Application of an Expert System to Control Treated Water Distribution

1999  Automated Multicriterion Building Damage Assessment from Seismic Data

1999  Automation of Quantity Surveying in Construction Projects

1999  Prioritizing Sewer Line Inspection with an Expert System

1998  Advisory Expert System for Non-Linear Seismic Analysis/Design of Coupled Walls

1998  Environment for the Selection of Industrial Equipments

1998  Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Model for Diagnosing Cracks in RC Structures

1998  Multimedia Network System for Landfill Siting

1998  Rule-Based Approach for Design Standards Scope Representation

1998  Scheduling Rail Track Maintenance

1998  Standards Modeling Language

1998  Use of Embedded Expert Systems in Wave Gages

1998  Using an Expert Critiquing System for Improving Construction Technology Diffusion Decisions

1998  Validation of a Knowledge-Based Expert System for Tall Building Design

1997  A Conceptual Model for Controlling Underground Construction Projects

1997  Creating an Expert Geographic Information System: Arc/Info-Nexpert Object Interface

1997  CUFAD+: Foundation Design with Knowledge-Based Input Data Advisors

1997  Development of Concrete Bridge Rating Prototype Expert System with Machine Learning

1997  Estimation of Unsaturated Soil Properties Using a Knowledge-Based System

1997  Expert System for Industrial Residuals Application Assessment

1997  An Expert System for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Design

1997  An Expert System for Selecting Computer Programs

1997  Expert System for Technology Screening for SOC and VOC Contaminated Water

1997  An Expert System for Wind-Resistant Residential Construction

1997  Expert Systems for Civil Engineers, Integration Issues

1997  Initial Use of an On-Line Expert System for Condition Assessment of Pumped Storage Hydromachines

1997  Integrated DBMS and KBES Application for Construction

1997  Integration Architecture of Bridge Rail Expert System

1997  Integration of Expert Systems and CAD Systems for Design Verification

1997  The Intermediate Zone of a Submerged Turbulent Buoyant Jet in Shallow Ambient Flowing Water

1997  Internet-Based Monitoring of Remote Instrumented Structures: Java Applets Etc.

1997  Knowledge-Based Advisory System for Predictive Control of Irrigation Management Strategies

1997  Multimedia KBES: What, How, and Hopes

1997  Municipal Solid Waste Composition Studies

1997  SEDAR: Expert Critiquing System for Flat and Low-Slope Roof Design and Review

1997  Two-Way Slab Design Expert System

1997  The Use of Tabular Knowledge Base in Construction Decision-Making

1997  Watching Under Boston

1996  The Agent Collaboration Environment, An Assistant for Architects and Engineers

1996  An AI Agent Construct for Space and Planetary Science Applications

1996  Aid-to-Decision for Variable Message Sign Control in Motorway Networks during Incident Condition

1996  Application of Expert Systems to Workflow in Construction Management

1996  Applications of Case-Based Reasoning in Construction Engineering and Management

1996  Appropriate Sanitation Technology Advisor: A Planner’s Tool in Less Developed Countries

1996  An Architecture Integrating Symbolic and Connectionist Models for Traffic Management Center Decision Support

1996  ASCE’s Technical Council on Computer Practices

1996  Automated Code Compliance Checking for Building Inspection

1996  Automated Constructibility Analysis of Work-Zone Traffic-Control Planning

1996  An Automated Design and Review Assistant: SEDAR

1996  Automated On-Scene Management of Traffic Accidents