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2014  Analysis of the Response of a Centrifuge Model of a Level Site Subjected to Biaxial Base Excitation

2014  Application of z-Transform Method for Dynamic Analysis of Periodic Shear Structures

2014  Dimension Reduction of the FPK Equation via an Equivalence of Probability Flux for Additively Excited Systems

2014  Dynamic Response Control of Rotating Thin-Walled Composite Blade Exposed to External Excitations

2014  Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment of Setback Buildings under Bidirectional Excitation

2014  Self-Excitation of Small Plate Impingement Tones from Flat Plates with and without Coaxial Hole

2013  Analytical Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Single Degree-of-Freedom Systems to Nonstationary Random Excitations

2013  Control for Multiple Objectives in Different Magnitude Excitations

2013  Dynamics of a Cylindrical Pile in a Transversely Isotropic Half-Space under Axial Excitations

2013  Effects of Acoustic Excitation and Annular Swirl Strength on a Non-Premixed and Swirl-Stabilized Flame

2013  Efficient and Accurate Method for Calculating the Stochastic Seismic Response of a Nonproportionally Damped Structure

2013  Investigating Seismic Behavior of Ballasted Railway Track in Earthquake Excitation Using Finite-Element Model in Three-Dimensional Space

2013  Response Analysis of a Long-span Arch Bridge under the Seismic Traveling Excitation

2013  Response of Underground Pipelines Subjected to Partially Coherent Seismic Excitation

2013  Shaking Table Tests of Underground Pipe with Connection Joints under Non-Uniform Earthquake Excitation

2013  Structural Damage Diagnosis Using Interstory Drift-Based Acceleration Feedback with Test Validation

2013  Time Domain Identification of Structures: Comparative Analysis of Output-Only Methods

2013  Torsional Responses under Bidirectional Seismic Excitations: Effect of Instantaneous Load Eccentricities

2013  Use of Ultrasound Excited Thermography Applied to Massive Steel Components: Emerging Crack Detection Methodology

2013  Vortex-Induced Dynamic Response Analysis for the Submerged Floating Tunnel System under the Effect of Currents

2012  Damage Detection for Space Truss Structures Based on Strain Mode under Ambient Excitation

2012  Detection of Local Wall Stiffness Drop in Steel-Lined Pressure Tunnels and Shafts of Hydroelectric Power Plants Using Steep Pressure Wave Excitation and Wavelet Decomposition

2012  Digital Generation of Non-Gaussian Spiky Excitations Using Spectral Representation with Additive Phase Structure

2012  Energy Dissipation in Nearly Saturated Poroviscoelastic Soil Columns during Quasi-Static Compressional Excitations

2012  Overturning of Retrofitted Rocking Structures under Pulse-Type Excitations

2012  Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Uncertain Stochastic Systems: Gradient-Based Scheme

2012  Sensitivity and Hessian Matrix Analysis of Evolutionary PSD Functions for Nonstationary Random Seismic Responses

2012  Slosh Dynamics of Liquid-Filled Rigid Containers: Two-Dimensional Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Approach

2012  Substructure Hybrid Simulation with Multiple-Support Excitation

2012  Tuned Mass Damper Control of Cross-Wind Excitation of a Solar Tower

2011  3D Analysis of Steep Slopes Subjected to Seismic Excitation

2011  Determination of Building Modal Parameters Using Low-Level Excitation

2011  Dynamic Parameters Identification for Xi’an Bell Tower under Ambient Excitation

2011  Effect of Ice Sheet on Stochastic Response of Offshore Wind Turbine–Seawater–Soil Interaction Systems Subjected to Random Seismic Excitation

2011  Effects of Inner Dynamic Excitation of Driving Gear on Locomotive Driving Motor

2011  Excitation of Waves inside a Bottomless Harbor

2011  Fluid-Structure Coupling Vibration Study on Heating Pipe under Parametric Excitation

2011  Instability of Axially Loaded Compression Members under Lateral Rigid Body Excitations

2011  Nonlinear Response of Two-Way Asymmetric Single-Story Building under Biaxial Excitation

2010  Decomposition and Effects of Pulse Components in Near-Field Ground Motions

2010  Ground Vibration Caused by Dynamic Excitation on Pile Foundation

2010  Hybrid Vibration Control for Structure and Device Platform under Environment Excitation

2010  Investigate on Dimension Effect of Dynamic Artificial Boundaries

2010  Key Findings from the Nonlinear Benchmark for Seismically Excited Buildings

2010  Large Scale Shake Table Test of a Port Container Crane under Strong Motion Excitation

2010  Mitigating the Stay Cable Vibration under Deck Excitation

2010  Monte–Carlo Based Method for Predicting Extreme Value Statistics of Uncertain Structures

2010  Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Piles under Horizontal Excitation

2010  Probabilistic Seismic Loss Assessment of a Vancouver High-Rise Building

2010  Pseudo Excitation Method and Its Application in Seismic Design and Disaster Mitigation of Long-Span Structures

2010  Stochastic Response Analysis of Structures with Random Properties Subject to Stationary Random Excitation

2010  Stochastic Response of an Inclined Shallow Cable with Linear Viscous Dampers under Stochastic Excitation

2010  Structural Health Monitoring and Simulation of RC Frames Subjected to Shake Table Excitations

2010  Wind-Induced Response Characteristics of Monolayer Cable Net

2009  3-D Finite Element Analysis of Underground Water Pipelines under Non-Uniform Seismic Excitation

2009  Bridge Structural Condition Assessment Based on Vibration and Traffic Monitoring

2009  Dynamic Response of the Long Channel Resting on the Soil and Excited by SH Waves

2009  The Effects of Micro-Vibration Excited by Traffic Vehicles on Xi’an Bell Tower

2009  Field Forced Excitation Tests of Water-Rich Loess Tunnel Subgrade for High-Speed Railway

2009  Mathematical Model to Generate Asymmetric Pulses due to Human Jumping

2009  Quasi-Static Response of Fixed Offshore Platforms to Morison-Type Wave Loadings

2009  Seismic Response Analysis of the Long-Span Curved Bridge

2009  Simplified Dynamic Analysis Methods for Guyed Telecommunication Masts under Seismic Excitation

2009  Study of Time-Domain Techniques for Modal Parameter Identification of a Long Suspension Bridge with Dense Sensor Arrays

2009  System Identification of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge Using Dynamic Field Test Data

2008  Deterministic Excitation Forces for Simulation and Identification of Nonlinear Hysteretic SDOF Systems

2008  Excitation and Flexibility Effects on Dynamic Response of Cantilever Retaining Walls

2008  Experimental Investigation of Super-Elastic Semi-Active Damping for Seismically Excited Structures

2008  Reliability of a 4-Story Steel Moment-Resisting Frame against Collapse Due to Seismic Excitations

2008  Stable Adaptive Control of Seismically Excited Nonlinear Structures

2008  Structural Health Monitoring of a Concrete Column Subjected to Shake Table Excitations Using Smart Aggregates

2008  Wave Propagation under Vertically Excited Surface Foundation

2007  Application of Structural Health Monitoring Techniques to Track Structural Changes in a Retrofitted Building Based on Ambient Vibration

2007  Displacements of Multiblock Geotechnical Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitation

2007  Elevators as a Repeatable Excitation Source for Structural Health Monitoring in Buildings

2007  Global and Local Nonlinear System Responses under Narrowband Random Excitations. I: Semianalytical Method

2007  Global and Local Nonlinear System Responses under Narrowband Random Excitations. II: Prediction, Simulation, and Comparison

2007  Least-Squares Estimation with Unknown Excitations for Damage Identification of Structures

2007  A Micro-Mechanical Study of Soil-Pile Interaction during Dynamic Excitations

2007  Reliability Analysis of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Elastoplastic Systems. I: Critical Excitations

2007  Reliability Analysis of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Elastoplastic Systems. II: Suboptimal Excitations

2007  Shake Table Experiment on Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Column under Multidirectional Seismic Excitation

2007  Variational Solutions for Externally Induced Sloshing in Horizontal-Cylindrical and Spherical Vessels

2007  Wave Propagation Due to Sinusoidal Excitation in Nonlinear One-Dimensional Soil Column

2006  Auto-Parametric Vibration of a Cable-Stayed-Beam Structure under Random Excitation

2006  Collapse Assessment of Degrading MDOF Structures under Seismic Excitations

2006  Dynamic Behavior of Nonlinear Cable System. IV

2006  Equivalent Linearization for the Nonstationary Response Analysis of Nonlinear Systems with Random Parameters

2006  A Micro-Mechanical Study of Soil Liquefaction and Soil-Pile Interaction During Dynamic Excitations

2006  Micromechanical Study of the Dynamic Response of Unsaturated Granular Soil Deposits

2006  Motion-Induced and Parametric Excitations of Stay Cables: A Case Study

2006  Nonlinear Response of Double-Wall Cylindrical Shell Vibrations under Random Excitation

2006  Optimal Nonlocal and Asymmetric Structural Damping using Regenerative Force Actuation Networks

2006  Optimal Vibration Absorber with Nonlinear Viscous Power Law Damping and White Noise Excitation

2006  Probabilistic Critical Excitation Method for Earthquake Energy Input Rate

2006  Sampled Data Feedback-Feedforward Control of Structures with Time Delays

2005  Cone Penetrometer Measurements during Mississippi Embayment Seismic Excitation Experiment

2005  Health Assessment at Local Level with Unknown Input Excitation

2005  Influence of Inelastic Tower Links on Cable-Supported Bridge Response

2005  Pedestrian Excitation on the London Millennium Footbridge