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2015  Assessment of Pan Evaporation Modeling Using Bootstrap Resampling and Soft Computing Methods

2015  Modeling of an Exhaust Gas Cooler in a High-Altitude Test Facility of Large-Area Ratio Rocket Engines

2014  Evaluation of Nonlinear Root Uptake Model for Uniform Root Zone vis-à-vis Multilayer Root Zone

2014  Evaluation of Rule and Decision Tree Induction Algorithms for Generating Climate Change Scenarios for Temperature and Pan Evaporation on a Lake Basin

2014  Experimentally Determined Evaporation Rates in Pervious Concrete Systems

2014  Investigation of Evaporative Mass Transfer with Turbulent-Forced Convection Air Flow over Roughness Elements

2014  Reassessment of Soil Suction at the Evaporation Rate Reduction Point for Saturated-Unsaturated Soil Surfaces

2013  Analysis of Evaporation Data under Roughness-Induced Wind Flow

2013  Applicability of Classical Predictive Equations for the Estimation of Evapotranspiration from Urban Green Spaces: Green Roof Results

2013  Development of Desiccant and Evaporative Cooling Based 100% Outdoor System

2013  Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Root Water Uptake Patterns of a Flood-Irrigated Pecan Tree Using the HYDRUS (2D/3D) Model

2013  Fragmentation due to Desiccation and Shallow Failures in Clay Slopes

2013  Micro-Scale Study of Rupture in Desiccating Granular Media

2013  Reservoir Evaporation Prediction Using Data-Driven Techniques

2013  Revised Advection-Aridity Evaporation Model

2013  Simple ET0 Forms of Penman’s Equation without Wind and/or Humidity Data. I: Theoretical Development

2013  Simple ET0 Forms of Penman’s Equation without Wind and/or Humidity Data. II: Comparisons with Reduced Set-FAO and Other Methodologies

2013  Simplified Reference Evapotranspiration Formula Using an Empirical Impact Factor for Penman’s Aerodynamic Term

2012  Evaporation Studies of Canopy-Covered On-Farm Reservoir

2012  Generalized Neurofuzzy Models for Estimating Daily Pan Evaporation Values from Weather Data

2012  Model for Early-Age Rate of Evaporation of Cement-Based Materials

2012  Nonparametric Statistical Downscaling of Temperature, Precipitation, and Evaporation in a Semiarid Region in India

2012  Simple Method for Estimating Pan Coefficients: Conversion of Pan Evaporation to Reference Evapotranspiration

2012  Standardization of Reference Evapotranspiration Models for a Subhumid Valley Rangeland in the Eastern Himalayas

2011  Application of Artificial Intelligence to Estimate Daily Pan Evaporation Using Available and Estimated Climatic Data in the Khozestan Province (South Western Iran)

2011  Association between Uncertainties in Meteorological Variables and Water-Resources Planning for the State of Texas

2011  Effects of Troweling on Shrinkage of Concrete Treated with an Evaporation Reducer

2011  Estimating Air Vapor Pressure in a Semiarid Region Using FAO-56 Methodology

2011  Estimating Evapotranspiration by Using Atmometers for Irrigation Scheduling in a Humid Environment

2011  Evaporation from a Pervious Concrete Stormwater Control Measure: Parameterization, Quantifying, and Evaluation

2011  Experimental Investigation of the Desiccation Cracking Behavior of Soil Layers during Drying

2011  Patch Extrusion Welding of an Evaporation Pond As a Geomembrane Failure Mechanism—A Case History

2011  Performance Analysis of a Modular Adsorption Cooling System with Sonic Vibration at the Evaporator

2011  Use of Stable Isotopes Deuterium and Oxygen-18 to Derive Evaporation from Flood Irrigation on the Basis of Pan Evaporation Techniques

2011  Water Balance Study for the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin

2010  Comparison of Simplified Pan-Based Equations for Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration

2010  Comparison of the Rate of Evaporation from Six Rolled Erosion Control Products

2010  Evaporation, Unsaturated Flow, and Salt Accumulation in Multilayer Deposits of "Paste" Gold Tailings

2010  Modeling Evaporative Water Loss from the On-Farm Reservoir with Biological Shading

2010  New Performance-Based Approach to Ensure Quality Curing during Construction

2010  Quantifying Evapotranspiration Rates for New Zealand Green Roofs

2009  Actual and Reference Evaporative Losses and Surface Coefficients of a Maize Field during Nongrowing (Dormant) Periods

2009  Application of SVMs Algorithms for Prediction of Evaporation in Reservoirs

2009  Daily Pan Evaporation Modeling in a Hot and Dry Climate

2009  Data Mining Process for Integrated Evaporation Model

2009  Effect by Different Factors on Ductility of Evaporated Residue of Modified Emulsion Asphalt

2009  Estimation of Evaporation and Evapotranspiration during Nongrowing Seasons Using a Dual Crop Coefficient

2009  Modified Advection-Aridity Model of Evapotranspiration

2009  Total Soil Water Evaporation in a Riparian Environment: Model Development and Application

2008  Estimating the Soil Surface Evaporation and Transpiration Components from Satellite Images in the Absence of a Thermal Band

2008  Evaluation of a Method for Estimating Irrigated Crop-Evapotranspiration Coefficients from Remotely Sensed Data in Idaho

2008  Evaluation of a Two-Layer Model to Estimate Vine Transpiration and Soil Evaporation for Vineyards

2008  Maximization of Water Storage in Backfilled and Lined Channels and Dimples Subject to Evaporation and Leakage

2008  Performance Study of SPAW Model with Temperature-Derived ET0 as Input in Place of Pan Evaporation under Wheat Crop in a Semiarid Subtropical Climate

2008  Simple Equation to Estimate Reference Evapotranspiration from Evaporation Pans Surrounded by Fallow Soil

2008  Testing Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods Using Evaporation Pan and Modeling in Maritime Region of Canada

2007  Approach to Control the Depth of Water in Basin Irrigation and Wetland Flooding

2007  Comparison of Liquid-Liquid Extraction System and Extraction-Evaporation System for High Concentrations of Phenolic Wastewater

2007  Experimental and Modeling Study of the Soil-Atmosphere Interaction and Unsaturated Water Flow to Estimate the Recharge of a Phreatic Aquifer

2007  Ponding Analysis with Green-and-Ampt Infiltration

2006  Application of Fuzzy Modeling to Estimate Soil-Water Evaporation

2006  Artificial Neural Network Models of Daily Pan Evaporation

2006  Capillarity and Evaporation Exacerbated Seepage Losses from Unlined Channels

2006  Determination of the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Using the Evaporation Technique

2006  The Effects of Lake Precipitation and Evaporation on Reservoir Modeling

2006  Estimating Evaporation from Bare Soil using Soil Moisture Data

2006  Estimating Evaporative Fluxes in Dry Climates

2006  Estimation of Bare Soil Evaporation Using Fuzzy Modeling

2006  Evaporation — A Tool for Sustainable Drainage Management

2006  An Expansion of the Ungaged Pan Evaporation Using Neural Networks Model in Rural Regions, South Korea

2006  Finite-Element Modeling and Calibration of Temperature Prediction of Hydrating Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

2006  The Impact of Slope and Exposure on the Design of Soil Covers in Three Dimensions

2006  An Investigation of Factors that Influence the Water Diversion Capacity of Inclined Covers with Capillary Barrier Effects

2006  Measuring Evaporation from Grassed Surfaces and Trees by Energy Balance

2006  Radioactive Waste Foams: Formation and Mitigation

2006  Salt Encrusted Desert Flats (Sabkha): Problems, Challenges and Potential Solutions

2006  Seepage to a Drainage Ditch and Optimization of Its Shape

2005  Comparison of Measured and FAO-56 Modeled Evaporation from Bare Soil

2005  Estimating Evaporation from Bare Soil and the Crop Coefficient for the Initial Period Using Common Soils Information

2005  Evaporation from American Falls Reservoir in Idaho via a Combination of Bowen Ratio and Eddy Covariance

2005  Evaporation Research: Review and Interpretation

2005  FAO-56 Dual Crop Coefficient Method for Estimating Evaporation from Soil and Application Extensions

2005  Penman-Monteith Estimates of Reservoir Evaporation

2005  Recent Great Lakes Evaporation Model Estimates

2005  A Review of Evaporation Research on Japanese Lakes

2005  Simplified Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration from Pan Evaporation Data in California

2005  Steady-State Water-Table Depressions Caused by Evaporation in Lands Overlying a Water-Bearing Substratum

2005  Time-Space Trend Analysis in Pan Evaporation over Kingdom of Thailand

2005  Transient Rainfall-Runoff Loadings to a Partial Exfiltration System: Implications for Urban Water Quantity and Quality

2005  Using Modified Bellani Plate Evapotranspiration Gauges to Estimate Short Canopy Reference Evapotranspiration

2004  Evapotranspiration Crop Coefficients for Cattail and Bulrush

2004  Prediction of Water Vapor Movement through Waste Rock

2003  Evaporation Theory for Deformable Soils

2003  Measurement of Evaporation on Bare Soil and Estimating Surface Resistance

2002  Effects of Integrated Planning on Capacity-Yield-Performance Functions

2002  Evaluation of Class A Pan Coefficients for Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration in Humid Location

2002  Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly of Colloidal Particles into Two-Dimensional Array during Drying

2002  Pan Evaporation to Reference Evapotranspiration Conversion Methods

2002  Reservoir Design and Operation with Variable Lake Hydrology

2001  Case Study of Water Table Evaporation at Ichkeul Marshes (Tunisia)