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2014  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Materials by Deterioration Trends

2014  Synthetic Rating Procedures for Railway Bridges

2013  Assessment and Control of the Quality of Data Used during Dam Reviews by Using Expert Knowledge and the ELECTRE TRI Method

2013  Issues in Evaluating Capacity of Rock Socket Foundations

2013  Operational Structural Performance of Bridge Types by Areas

2013  Optical Instrumentation and Nondestructive Evaluation Branch Research and Technology Advances at NASA Glenn Research Center since 1941

2013  Reducing Bias and Uncertainty in Multievaluator Multicriterion Decision Making

2013  Using a Guiding Network to Determine Efficient Evacuation Routes in a Public Building

2012  Development of Panel Rating Protocol and Condition Evaluation Model for Pervious Concrete Pavement

2012  Evaluation and Regional Calibration of Solar Radiation Prediction Models in Southern Spain

2012  Field Evaluation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Technologies

2012  Fuzzy Set Theory Approach for Measuring the Performance of Relationship-Based Construction Projects in Australia

2012  Governance of Learning Mechanisms: Evidence from Construction Firms

2012  Lime Stabilization of Soils: Reappraisal

2012  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Materials by Areas

2012  Performance Evaluation of the Embedded Sensors in the I-40 Pavement in New Mexico

2012  Proposed System for Measuring Project Performance Using Process-Based Key Performance Indicators

2011  Comprehensive Evaluation on Transfer and Link-Up of Urban Passenger Transport Hub

2011  Development of Flexural Strength Rating Procedures for Adjacent Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2011  Development of Water Quality Indexes to Identify Pollutants in Vietnam’s Surface Water

2011  The Effects of Deteriorating Bridges on Bridges on the Bridge Network Connectivity

2011  Evaluation Model of Marine Key Equipment and Systems’ Whole Performance

2011  Evaluation of 13 Empirical Reference Potential Evapotranspiration Equations on the Island of Crete in Southern Greece

2011  Evaluation of Railway Passenger Station Service Level Based on Artificial Fish-BP ANN

2011  Evaluation of Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods under Southeast Australian Conditions

2011  Extrapolation for Future Maximum Load Statistics

2011  Framework for Computing a Performance Index for Urban Infrastructure Systems Using a Fuzzy Set Approach

2011  Fundamental Insight into Signal Plan Transition Methods

2011  Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities

2011  Laboratory Evaluation of Abrasion Resistance of Portland Cement Pervious Concrete

2011  Laboratory Evaluation of Effects of Soaked Duration on Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt Mix

2011  Layout Planning Scheme Evaluation Model about Comprehensive Hub Passenger Stations

2011  Multihierarchical Gray Evaluation Method to Assess Building Energy Conservation

2011  Nondestructive Strength Assessment of In-Place Wood Utility Poles

2011  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Types

2011  Performance Evaluation of Innovative Hybrid Coupled Core Wall Systems

2011  Performance of Conventionally Reinforced Coupling Beams Subjected to Cyclic Loading

2011  Performance-Based Seismic Evaluation of Ping An International Finance Center

2011  Scheme Evaluation on Introducing Passenger Dedicated Line into Exiting Railway Terminal

2011  Seismic Evaluation of Bridge G-947 in Clark County, Nevada Using Nonlinear Static Procedures

2011  Study of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Movements during a New York City Marathon

2011  A Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Road Transportation Safety Based on Grey Relational Grade

2011  Technical Due Diligence: Study of Building Evaluation Practice

2011  Theory and Methods of Post Evaluation for Urban Rail Transit Investment Project

2010  An AHP-FCE-Based Study on Green Logistics Performance Evaluation

2010  Bend Strength of FRP Stirrups: Comparison and Evaluation of Testing Methods

2010  Certifying That Existing Suspended Scaffold Structural Support Elements and Lifeline Anchorages Comply with Federal OSHA Requirements

2010  The Coordination Evaluation Research for Multi-Modal Public Transport System

2010  Effect of Concrete Compositions in Energy Transmission of Surface Waves for Nondestructive Crack Depth Evaluation

2010  Establishing an Evaluation Matrix for Condition Assessment of Water Mains

2010  Establishing an Evaluation Matrix for Water Main Rehab

2010  Evaluating the Functionality of Water Distribution Networks in the Aftermath of Big Earthquakes Based on Nonlinear Modeling of Pipes Connections

2010  Evaluating Unplanned Stand-Alone Transportation Projects: Linking Incremental and Comprehensive Planning

2010  Evaluation, Inspection, and Rehabilitation of a Major Storm Sewer in the City of Aurora, Colorado

2010  Evaluation of the PVD Smear Zone Using Micro Penetrometer

2010  Gray Clustering-Based Pavement Performance Evaluation

2010  Impact of Irrigation Management Transfer on Land and Water Productivity and Water Supply in the Gediz Basin, Turkey

2010  Interrater Reliability of Manual Pavement Distress Evaluations

2010  Performance of Bridge Materials by Structural Deficiency Analysis

2010  Performance-Based Evaluation for the 450m Nanjing Greenland Financial Center Main Tower

2010  Pipe Wall Evaluation Using Acoustic Pulses

2010  Process for Evaluating Sanitary Sewer Pipe and Manhole Condition Assessment Data

2010  Research on Integrated Evaluation System of Corporate Business and Staff Performance

2010  Stability Analysis of Strain-Softening Slope Reinforced with Stabilizing Piles

2010  Testing and Evaluation of a New Potable Water Pipe Renewal Product

2010  Vibration Serviceability of a Building Floor Structure. II: Vibration Evaluation and Assessment

2009  2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

2009  Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process in Performance Evaluation of Existing Concrete Cable-Stayed Bridge

2009  Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Grey Fixed Weight Clustering for Airport Pavement Service Performance

2009  The Comprehensive Evaluation of the Sustainable Developing Ability of the Urban Traffic System Based on the Improved Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process

2009  Comprehensive Evaluation on Regulation Schemes of Gas Transmission Pipelines

2009  Design and Field Evaluation of Hybrid FRP/Reinforced Concrete Superstructure System

2009  Evaluating the Fireproof Quality of Building Interior Using Recycled Materials

2009  Evaluation Method of Customer Satisfaction in Public Transit Based on Cloud Model

2009  The Evaluation Methodology of Pipeline Coatings Based on AC Current Attenuation Survey

2009  An Evaluation Model Based on Grey Trigonometry Whitening Weight Function for Logistic Center

2009  Evaluation of a UV/Ozone Treatment Process for Removal of MTBE in Groundwater Supplies in New Mexico

2009  Evaluation of Alternative Geospatial Models Using Image Ranking and Machine Learning: An Application in Shallow Groundwater Recharge and Discharge

2009  Evaluation of Road Transportation Developmental Level of Provinces by a New Evaluating Model Based on Rough Set

2009  Evaluation of Wind Characteristics and Energy Potential in Kayseri, Turkey

2009  An Evaluation System of Logistics Enterprise Based on DEA-AHP Method

2009  Failure of a Church Fresco: The Engineering of Art vs. the Art of Engineering

2009  Field Evaluation of Damages from Super Heavy Load Moves

2009  Field Evaluation of Fly Ash Stabilized Subgrade in US 12 Highway

2009  Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method for the Train Working Diagrams Based on Rough Set Theory

2009  Generic Methodology for Evaluating Net Benefit of Asset Management System Implementation

2009  Ground Penetrating Radar— Deciphering the Signals

2009  The Lawrence Technological University Greenroof Performance Evaluation Project

2009  Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Support Alliance Team Selection

2009  An Objective Evaluation Approach of Traffic Safety Situation in Beijing

2009  Pervious Pavement System Evaluation

2009  Potential Data Analysis Methodology to Evaluate the Performance of Manufactured BMPs

2009  Recent Advances in Performance Evaluation and Flexural Response of Existing Bridges

2009  Residential Roofing Evaluation

2009  Safety Evaluation System Research of Municipal Pipeline

2009  Seismic Performance Evaluation of Facilities: Methodology and Implementation

2009  Siting Major Public Facilities: Facts, Values, and Accountability

2009  Solute Flux Rate Uncertainty Evaluation at a Monitored Boundary

2009  Ten Years of World Bank Action in Transport: Evaluation

2008  Accuracy of Global Microirrigation Distribution Uniformity Estimates